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The Luckie School House

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I was driving home down Leeland and decided to turn up onto McKinney and, while taking a pic of the Eagle Bottling building, I went back to my car parked on Palmer and noticed for the first time an old red and white building. While taking a couple of pics of it, a woman named Mickey Phoenix came out and gave me a short history of the place. There was originally a schoolhouse built in the early 20th century on the site and it burned down and the current structure was built in its place in 1918. It was an elementary school in the HISD Colored system until it was turned into an administration building for the same system in the 40s. She knows it's named after Charles Luckie but knows nothing about him. Apparently it was the only Colored schoolhouse not named for the street it was on.

She bought it in 1992 and it was completely gutted, filled with water, broken windows and full of junk. She cleaned it up, replaced the plumbing, sewer, etc., restored the original cypress windows (some are there but boarded up) and has turned it into her loft-style home. The lot is 28K sq ft and she said the top floor was 3800 so the building would be 7600. It also has a large garage-like structure on it that served as the school system maintenance bldg. She's not really able at this point to bring it to its fullest potential so, although she loves it, she wants to sell it to someone who will preserve it.....for 1.2 million.

Would be a great HAIF clubhouse, no?

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An article about Mickey Phoenix and the Luckie Elementary School

Can Mickey Phoenix save Luckie Elementary?

A stone's throw from downtown, where the East End and Third Ward overlap, there's a hippie living in a school house that blacks used to attend during the days of segregation.

Her name is Mickey Phoenix. When I met her yesterday, she rose from her computer desk to greet me, and I realized she was wearing petticoats, because, as she said, "I always wear something that's at least 100 years old."

The former Charles W. Luckie Elementary School is 100 years old, although the building Phoenix lives in only dates back to 1918, when the original Luckie school house burned down.


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I found the HISD page, BUT it does not state all of the former addresses. Were there any elementary schools located in Downtown?

The former Booker T. Washington HS (later Lockett JHS) was at 303 West Dallas - That is in Downtown.

Also, what was the address of Sam Houston High School before it moved to Irvington Street in 1955?

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