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There was a fairly extensive article written on the potential of four new buildings in the CityWestPlace complex out along the Beltway near Westheimer. It also went into detail about how Westchase in general is really tight in terms of vacancy rates. Here are two scans from today's paper



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CityWestPlace Five-

22 floors

639,650 square feet

^^This would be the tallest in the CityWestPlace complex.

CityWestPlace Six-

16 floors

465,200 square feet

CityWestPlace Seven-

12 floors

306,900 square feet

CityWestPlace Eight-

16 floors

387,200 square feet

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According to the HBJ a major expansion is in the works.


Hi-lites are as follows;

DMJM, the original architectural firm for BMC's former headquarters, has been hired to design a major expansion of class A office space totalling 1.8 million square feet.

Building 5- 22 floors tall and 639,650 square feet. Will front the Beltway just to the South of the current tallest bldg.

Building 6- 16 floors and 465,200 square feet. Will be placed just to the West-Southwest of Bldg 5.

Bldgs 5 and 6 look almost identical to the 20 and 21 story towers on the site.

Building 7- 12 floors and 306,900 square feet. Located to the West across City West Blvd from the current campus. Will back up to the residential neighborhood.

Building 8- 16 floors and 387,200 square feet. Appears to be on the Northwest corner of City West Blvd @ Briar Forest (?).

Colvin Office Properties has really cool renderings for each tower in the print edition's Fall 2007 Office Leasing Guide. They also have an aerial view of the entire complex built out.

The HBJ article also states that a hotel could also be built at City West Blvd and Westheimer but they don't give any details.

:lol: I got mine in a minute before you.

:lol: I got mine in a minute before you.

And I posted two before... With renderings I scanned in. ;)

See: http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...showtopic=13596

Someone, please make with the merging!

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Any word on when they will start construction on these buildings?

Looks like the 22 story building would be next in line as building #5.

Nice brochure from their website.


We are just 2 blocks away and I tell you this area is booming in construction! Can't count em. Nice. :P

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It looks like there may finally be activity of some sort on the site, where buildings 5 & 6 have been proposed. Since it sounds like they're going for their own campus, these towers likely won't be the end product... Maybe this needs it's own thread (couldn't find one if there was one previously posted!)?


Phillips 66 has chosen the site of its new global HQ. The big winner: Westchase. phillips66site.jpg

Here’s the 14-acre site where Phillips will build its campus. It acquired the property, off Beltway 8 West between Westheimer and Briar Forest, from an affiliate of Thomas Properties Group. The company has officed at Pinnacle Westchase since leaving the ConocoPhillips campus in May. It’s working on the design for its HQ; construction will take 24 to 36 months after groundbreaking. Plans call for office space, conference and training facilities, and wellness and dining options.

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