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Houston History Road Rally


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For those who might be interested. I received this notice today...

Hey all,

Just a note to remind everyone that at 12:30 on Saturday, November 3rd, Houston Arts and Media will be having a:

Houston History

Road Rally!

All the information can all be found here - http://www.houstonartsandmedia.org/news.htm - but I'll summarize...

Gather your friends and your road maps and come compete against other teams to solve clever clues that will lead you to 15 or so historic Houston locations in the inner loop. You'll have to take a picture to prove you found it and include one of your teammates to prove you were actually there.

We start at and return to the Shady Tavern, 1206 W 20th St, itself a local landmark since 1939, where we'll be serving free food, and giving away prizes.

You can register your team online early for $25 (or $20 if you get yourself a HAM membership - recommended... ;) or $30 ($25 - ditto) on Rally Day. That's a per team price, and with up to 5 people per team, that's a real bargain for a day of fun!

So, grab your friends and come meet us at the Shady at 12:30 on Saturday November 3rd! Visit http://www.houstonartsandmedia.org/news.htm to sign up!



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Sounds like a blast. How about an official HAIF Team?, representing nothing less than the honor and dignity of HAIF and showing all these other wannabees how much HAIFer's know about Houston history and giving the rest of us something to cheer on?

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I am planning on going if my navigator is still willing. My first navigator (wife) CLAIMS to have an appointment. Navigator #2 was good to go last Monday. I'm taking my red '65 Cutlass convertible.

You going, Texian?


Yes, I signed up last Monday. I'll look for your car.


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