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California Pizza Kitchen is filing for bankruptcy and closing SOME locations as shown here:


From what i know, this location is always slow so i can only imagine it is in danger...

Luby's in the plaza remains open but rumors are with their bankruptcy and lack of business it may not be for long...

and with everything else on the south part of the plaza closed or moving, maybe it's time for a major redevelopment or move everything in the westheimer/post oak blvd plaza to this plaza and redo that? 

i know i have brought this up previously but wow, with CPK possibly closing it will be interesting to see what is in the future for Post Oak Plaza...



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Good news about Post Oak Shopping Center, but it dashes our dreams of redevelopment of Post Oak Plaza, apparently for the foreseeable future...


I look forward to the new K & Z's.  It sounds like it will be pretty cool.

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well i have an idea where DSW or Container Store might move to possibly.............?

today i walked to Marshalls at lunch at Post Oak Centre and man the place is very sparse compared to normal and there are huge signs everywhere in the store saying Big Discounts and Huge Clearance etc...so i asked the girl that works at the front if they were closing and she said "well.................i am not sure what the deal is..." and i said can you not tell me or something? and she just looked at me and smiled. So i said well i hope you aren't closing and she said "me too"...eek! I love me some Marshall's, especially one walking distance...

but yep looks pretty imminent and again, with the Post Oak Plaza closing, something will probably move in here from there. (I THINK Marshall's space is too small for Dick's Sporting Goods but maybe they could cram most of it into this space? but that is why i think DSW or Container would be more likely...)

I definitely want Whole Earth Provisions to find a cool new spot as well! love that place. 


adding that maybe Dick's Sporting Goods or DSW could move into the old Ethan Allen space!? that would work too! 

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in what is the craziest news ever for ME anyway is that seemingly overnight, California Pizza Kitchen not only closed but this morning there is this HUGE dumpster out front and not kidding when i say it is almost completely a hollow shell already! 


now just wondering if something will move in or will they knock it down etc!?


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Drove by this morning..the Levcor sign at the corner of Post Oak and San Felipe has California Pizza Kitchen covered up with i think it said: Big Changes in 2021 or something similar.

There were tons of vehicles at CPK with the building being nothing but a shell and crews ripping apart the concrete ground inside...that leads me to believe that they are going to use this building...anyone have any insight yet? i think it would be a cool place for Whole Earth Provisions to relocate...my first thought was Container Store but think it might be too small?


edit 10/01/20 to say wow just thought of this...how much you want to bet that Starbucks moves to the old CPK location?! that would be perfect IF indeed the westheimer/post oak location has to close due to the plans of that development/land. 

lots of windows, about the same size (although bigger)...and they could probably configure in a drive through there as well since it's on the corner!....

we shall see i guess but that would make more sense!


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drove by the plaza this morning and they were taking down the huge Luby's letters/sign on the building...

RIP Luby's and hello new Kenny & Ziggy's! 


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