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Job title/Salary Range help

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So I interviewed for a position with Ticketmaster called a Client Services Representative. Basically, it's customer service, but not to the general public. You service your clients, ie, box office managers/marketing people for the Astros, Texans, Cynthia Woods, Verizon Center, etc; basically any event facility that uses TM as their ticketing system. I would be the "professional" for them. If they need a different price on the ticket, or need a different sponsor on the ticket, etc, I change it. I basically have to evaluate how they run their business as well to see what type of products and services we have would best suite their needs.

Now, I give you the job description to see if you guys can help me think of a general job position, that fits what Salary.com provides. I'm trying to figure out how much I should request in salary.

The closest thing they have that I've searched for so far is a Client Services Representative, but for banking, which I think is totally different. The other job title closest to this that I can think of is an Account Executive, but it's not like I'm selling or trying to gain clients; that's someone elses job. Basically, if I don't majorly screw up, we're not going to lose the client. As long as I do a good job, we'll be fine. But it's not as if our entire relationship w/ the client rests in my hands. It's in the hands of everyone within the company, b/c on some level, they deal w/ them too and make sure their whole ticketing process runs smoothly. I'm more or less the one w/ the technical knowledge of the TM system they use.

So, can anyone help?

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Have you tried relationship manager or account manager/representative?
The relationships manager description came closest to what it is, but not exactly. Salary.com is just very basic Edited by lockmat
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