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Defunct Haunted Houses (paid entertainment)


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Anyone remember the old building near or in downtown...I think it was on Travis...it was painted black and turned into a haunted house...had a huge painting of Freddy Krueger on the front...anyone have pictures? links? remember the name? remember where it was?

There was also a haunted house on buffalo speedway where a little hidden strip center was on the right hand side just before you hit South Main...I think it had some night clubs next to it...

There was one out somewhere in a shopping strip...would've been around 1989-1991 or so....all I remember was trying to feel my way around and one room had a big spotlight and a loud train whistle making you think a train was about to run over you...I almost want to say there was a James Coney Island in the parking lot...

It seems like there was one near Pierce Elevated or 45 going over downtown where you could see a multi-leveled brick building with neon lights in the windows...maybe it was called the Haunted Hospital???

And of course, the first year of Fright Nights at Astroworld...(it was changed in later years to Fright Fest)...we saw Freddy Krueger in costume get out of a limo by Cyclone as he was escorted into the park on his way to make his special appearance at the huge haunted house they had set up in the Festhalle...someone got shot in there that night...it was one of the best darn things I've ever been to - that exact night at Fright Nights at Astroworld...the old putt putt course in the park was transformed into a massive graveyard haunt...the 80's were an amazing haunted house era in Houston!

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Its the outragious prices that are "scary". Right!

There was that big while building over on Fannin once that had tall columns in front. That was a pretty good "Haunted Mansion" as it was billed. I recall Linda Blair of Exorcist fame making a guest appearance there about 8 years ago. She barfed on everyone.


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"Phobia - The Darke Institute!" Off of 59 between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby.

I went to Phobia off 290 last night and did the Dark Institute and Clown one, both were silly.

You are wandering a maze of plywood halls with high school kids with mask on you.

They can't touch you, but a few blew in my ear. :lol:

So Scream World is just the same, and Phobia is ..

I guess I will try Nightmare on the Bayou.

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