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Valencia Place Apartments At 3131 W. Bellfort Ave.


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Right now, exiting South Main/90A @ Bellfort offers only a U-turn, but I'm wondering if they will link Main with Bellfort going toward 288 now. They tore down this fleabag motel that was at the Bellfort U-turn, and there's a lot of new townhome construction along Main, Omeara etc. With more residential development here, it might be feasible to make it where you'll be able to go straight down Bellfort from Main to the South Fannin METRORail Park & Ride. I live in this area and if they did that it would be a lot easier than taking the South Loop/feeder to Fannin.

This would probably be done for sure if they ever did anything useful with the AW site...

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Old thread but it seemed appropriate enough. Bellfort goes all the way through now, in case anyone was wondering. And on the southest corner there are 23 acres that are being developed.





Took these pics today.








There are two listings on har that are on this site. Both are for town homes that show pics of the finished townhomes across Main on Omeara. They are listed as unfuinished-Under Construction.





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Interesting. I've been curious about the area directly to the Southeast of this location, where buffalo Spdwy and Willowbend have been extended and now meet in the middle of what was once an old oil field. For a while there was talk of a new MPC called Buffalo Lakes, but I have seen or heard nothing about it in a while.

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  • The title was changed to Valencia Place Apartments At 3131 W. Bellfort Ave.

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