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Sunset Coffee Building Allens Landing


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when I went there on Monday (28th) it was flooded up to about a foot under the catwalks. I rode my bike out to the end and it felt like a pier.


the flooding had already gone down since Sunday, so the first floor was completely flooded, and probably the second floor was flooded as well. Didn't the build it with the expectation that the first floor would flood on the regular?


(this is Triton's photo from the previous page)

catwalk/pier that was above water on Monday on the right of building:


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18 hours ago, Triton said:

I remember how excited I was about this project in 2015 but it seems nothing really came of it. I rarely see anyone here, even though it was renovated. I guess it's just used occasionally? 

My fiancé and I considered it as a venue but the logistics just wouldn't work. We want a small wedding (around 100) but you could only fit around 80 people up top. They also make you rent each floor out and if you want to cater food and drinks that requires a permit. Not difficult things, just another headache to deal with and deciding how to hold the ceremony then the reception on the roof (for the views) just made it too difficult to mess with.

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