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Shadow Creek Ranch Getting Vigilant


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*Includes video

(8/27/07 - KTRK/PEARLAND, TX) - Pearland residents are trying to find a solution to their crime concerns after a man and his wife were robbed while getting the mail.

People in the Shadow Creek Ranch subdivision met yesterday to get out their frustrations and talk about what can be done to stop crime in the area. Two weeks ago a man and woman stopped at a community mailbox. Three men pulled up, held a gun on them, forced them to the ground, and robbed them. Pearland city Councilman Kevin Cole told residents the city is trying to hire more police officers.

"It's a two way street," said Cole. "Neighbors and residents have to do their part and police have to do theirs.

The people who were robbed were not hurt. By the way, we notice stepped-up police presence overnight in the Shadow Creek Ranch subdivision.


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They are on the wrong side of Pearland. Me and my rednecks are still around. Oh yeah it helps that in my little subdivision alone we have 15 law enforcement officers. Sheirffs Deputies, Houston Cops, and a Couple of DPS Officers thrown in for good measure.

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You and a hundred others. Clover Field is proud to be the orginating airfield for many of the towed banners around Houston. I swear sometimes when they are towing those things into the wind their groundspeed must be about 20 Mph. On the bright side we do get to see a few old warbirds from time to time as a couple of CAF planes are hangered at Clover. I know of at least one replica "Zero" and one replica "Kate" that are there and fly in the Tora, Tora, Tora shows at airshows.

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