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I stumbled across some of my Bangkok pictures today. I didn't take many because I really hated the place. But here's the few I took:


Wat Rakhang Khositaram


Suvarnabhumi Airport


Suvarnabhumi Airport


State Tower (second tallest building in Bangkok)


City Shrine (where the spirit {literal} of the city lives)


Communication Authority of Thailand Building. The yellow flag is a symbol of the king, not the nation, or the military junta currently in power.




Baiyoke Tower II -- Tallest building in Bangkok. 85 stories. 1,076 feet.


Sathorn House.

There are a few more pictures, but they're not very good.

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Man you get around.

What was it about the city you didn't like?

The dirt. The filth. The abject poverty. The scammers, con artists, pickpockets, thieves and other criminals every three feet waiting to sidle up to a white face.

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones where the entire village of rag-clad people throng around Brody, all their arms outstretched to touch him and thrust chickens and rugs in his face? Yeah, that's the scene inside the Bangkok airport, and outside any of the tourist attractions.

Oh, and having to pay TWO bribes on the way out in order to get my passport back from airport personnel so I could leave the country. I expect to pay bribes when I'm in the third world. But this was too much. I'll never ever go back.

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