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Had all the plants reached maturity, they could have produced up to 2,500 pounds of marijuana. It appeared marijuana from the buildings already was being sold, Brawner said. Police were on the scene until about 2 a.m. Thursday.

By 5 p.m. Thursday, the pot plants were spread across the concrete floor at the Sheriff’s Office to dry. From there, the drugs will be bagged as evidence and locked up until use at a trial. Afterward, they will be destroyed, police said.

Felony charges of possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance are pending, Brawner said.

Soo....you're trying to find out where it's going to get destroyed so you can find a place that is downwind of it?

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Brazoria County Sheriff's Dept is UNAMERICAN!!! Here we have a couple of hard-working Americans, filled with the can-do entrepreneurial spirit that made America great...and the sheriff wants to shut

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