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Grand Parkway Expansion

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Half of Segment B, from I-45 in League City to 2403 in Alvin, will have a construction contract awarded in 2025 with delivery by 2030. The remainder of the project, to 288 will be a separate project. 

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Any news about segment C?  Seems to be held up by some dispute between a developer and some organzation, both trying to get the parkway through their property. I thought the developer won (no great surprise there), so what is the hold up? Be a bit strange to have segment B, no C, and then segments D through I.

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I was trying to reference Twinsanity's post from 10/24/22 but blew it.     He was talking about the dispute between the George Foundation and the Signorelli Company.


Here is a link to the article about the dispute.    I don't have online access to the Chronicle but somebody here probably does.


Grand Parkway intersection fight

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"Texas Department of Transportation officials said work on segments of Interstate 45 in League City to south of Alvin is planned for late 2026 or early 2027, entirely funded by borrowing against future toll revenues."



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1 hour ago, cspwal said:

And they are busy upgrading TX-146, so once segment A is built 146 will magically become 99

That doesn't sound correct.  99 has a different owner and different standards (seeking to bar participating jurisdictions from building nearby feeder roads or alternative routes) than state highway 146, doesn't it?

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"Getting the Grand Parkway built between League City and Alvin will come with more than 200 additional acres of storm detention – among a handful of changes highway officials will detail this week in public meetings on the long-planned tollway segment.

Set for construction in 2027, at a cost of nearly $1 billion, plans for the tollway between Interstate 45 and FM 2403 are changing slightly from the proposal the Texas Department of Transportation approved in November 2016. Federal law requires the state to take the changes to the public for review, as they include needing additional land."




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