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Q: How do I post YouTube videos on HAIF?

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At the suggestion of user 102IAHexpress, it is now possible to post YouTube videos in HAIF messages. There are two ways to do this:

1. Click the "Insert Special Item" drop-down menu above the message entry space and select "Insert: YouTube." In the Content text box enter the video ID number. Then click OK. The appropriate code will automatically be pasted into your message.

2. Type the video ID number between "youtube" opening and closing tags. For example:


What is essential in both of these methods is to have the video ID number. When watching a video on the YouTube web site, that number is visible in your browser's address bar. It is the letter and number combination after "v=" but before any "&".

For example, if while watching a video on the YouTube site you have the following URL in your browser's address bar:

The ID number is wu_SORjrUa4

If you embed that ID using the "YouTube" selection from the Insert Special Item menu, you will get this:

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The feature is still there.  But you no longer need to add any special tags.  Just paste the URL of the video you want to display.


For example:






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