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Margaret Long Wisdom High School At 6529 Beverly Hill Ln.

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Putting kids, coming from any area not just Gulfton, from the ages of 10-19 together seems to be an absolutley HORRIBLE idea. I really don't understand the rational and how they think the social dynamics of this is going to work. Just because the children are more focused on education than their counterparts, that doesn't mean they are socially mature or not troublemakers. Plenty of bright kids are bullies, just look at the suburbs.

This is so sad: "The younger students already are planning their strategies for coping with potential bullies: "I'd just keep walking," 10-year-old Saul Bravo advised. "You don't want to get in a fight with the older kids. They can beat you bad.""

Margaret Long Wisdom High School 6529 Beverly Hill Lane.


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No way, you don't put that wide spread of an age gap under one roof. 6-7 together 8-9 together 10-12 together. 6-8 then 9-12 has been the norm forever. New Caney, does or at least used to have 6th grade all by themselves, then 7-8 across the street, then 9-10 highschool. I just see way too much potential for problems, and I am just as concerned as Katie, about this type of enviroment.

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  • The title was changed to Lee High School Opens As A Charter School
  • The title was changed to Margaret Long Wisdom High School At 6529 Beverly Hill Ln.

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