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945 Heights Blvd Protest

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Harry James Builders has purchased a fine old Heights Boulevard Victorian that is definitely restorable but they have already pulled permits for demolition.

Historic Houston and other concerned folks tried to offer alternatives but the builder is, as usual, unwilling to consider any alternative, even those that financial incentives for restoration.

Sunday, July 15 at 945 Heights Blvd, 2:30pm.

At least one TV station is expected to be there to cover yet another sad turn of events.

A crowd would be nice - please do stop by.

You can also write Harry and let him know how you feel HJ20@nextel.blackberry.net

or call 713.695.7007

ONE PER DAY - that is the current rate.

If your block isn't protected, please check our website for how to information.


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Doyle House Protest

Thursday, July 19th, from 5-6 pm at 945 Heights Blvd. (at 10th St.)

google map





from Save the Bungalows:

This Thursday, July 19 at 945 Heights Blvd & 10th, from 5 - 6 pm, join
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Thanks, sev. I'll make it a point to be there. I'm sick and tired of seeing all 20-some listings on HAR for the same house.

Hey, they got gaslog fireplaces. What are you complaining about? ;)

As for the protest, I suppose I could trudge the 1000 feet over to Heights. I love a good protest. Look for me. I'll be wearing my favorite shirt.


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from STB:

The protest planned for today will now also be a wake.

As is typical, the builder, Harry James, tore down the Doyle Mansion as quickly as possible after the public got wind of the plan.

PLUS, another historic home was demolished at 401 Heights Blvd yesterday as well.

Gather at 10th Street and Heights Blvd at 5pm today, Thursday July 19th.

Letter from Gilbert Perez, one of the main organizers, below:

Dear Friends,

Just in case you haven't heard, it saddens me to inform you that the Doyle Mansion was torn down today. In spite of all the pleads from the neighborhood, community, Historic Houston, several members of the Houston Heights Association, and many preservationists, Harry James Builders spat in our faces by demolishing a one-of-kind historic home in the heart of our "historic" neighborhood.

Another historic home was also demolished today on Heights Blvd. between 4th and 5th streets, that's two in one day. Though I don't know who is responsible for that one, it wouldn't surprise me at all if tomorrow we find out that it was also the actions of Harry James Builders.

In light of what has transpired today, we need to (now more than ever) come out Thursday the 19th (tomorrow) to let Harry James and other builders know that we are going to put an end to this repulsive act of insensitivity, ignorance, and greed.

Please don't let yet another builder have the last laugh. Come and join us tomorrow (Thursday the 19th) on the Blvd. in front of the land of where a one-of-kind historic home lived for over 106 years. Come out and bring your signs, noisemakers, energy and vigor to let the builders and others know that we are fed up.

Though we had a setback today , we must gather tomorrow in front of the corner of Heights Blvd. and 10th Street ( formerly The Doyle Mansion, 945 Heights Blvd.) and let our voices be heard so that we can one day be victorious!!!

See you there!

Gilbert Joseph Perez

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