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Ever given folklore much thought?

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While reading up on my heritage (Historian, W.T. Block website), I ran across a post I found really, REALLY interesting.

It was regarding a cemetary in Hardin County, Tx.: The poster visited an old cemetary and was questioning the position of the graves being north/south instead of east/west. It goes on to say the graves on a north/south axis were rumored to be of those who committed crimes, positioned in that manner so they could never see the sun rise or set.

Any of you ever hear about this?

Can you offer any others? I'm curious now.

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i've heard of stones/bodies facing east/west to see the sunrise or sunset, but nothing about criminals facing the other way...interesting

In many, but by no means all, early New England burying grounds the graves are positioned east/west. This east/west orientation is the most common orientation in other parts of the country and world as well. The earliest settlers had their feet pointing toward the east and the head of the coffin toward the west, ready to rise up and face the "new day" (the sun) when "the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised" or when Christ would appear and they would be reborn.


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