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Do any of you remember The Mr. Bill Show on Saturday Night Live back in the 1970s? I do. I thought it was funny, what that poor guy endured from Mr. Hands and Sluggo. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if someone out there is able to find and post Mr. Bill's photo.

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LOL how old are you? oooooh nooooooooooooooo!!

You mean mean how young! but he's cool cant help it! Still adds great fun and humor to this forum.


On old Mr Bill, I think most of us had his T-shirt. I wore mine until it crumbled.

No comparison to Homey the Clown althought that was funny as hell too. :lol:

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sorry i find myself not able to relate to a few things on here, lol i'm 27

biggthumpup.gif homie don't play that


That photo just cracks me up. That was one of the best skits on that insane show. I loved when he would bop people on the head and be ripping them off at the same time. The other skit where him and the other pal would rate films and "Give it 2 snaps & a circle" was a riot.

and the Buckwheat act was pushing it to the limit too!

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Mr. Bill is alive and well, well as well as poor Mr. Bill can be. He has his own web site. Mr. Bills Site

I was almost certain that someone would come up with something about Mr. Bill. Yes, my favorite episode was when he and Spot were running away from home. A car stopped, revved up the engine and the smoke from the exhaust pipe made Mr. Bill cough. Then it ended with Mr. Bill in that car going off of that cliff.

I haven't thought about Mr. Bill in years... back in high school, a friend and I would draw Mr. Bill cartoons on each others papers when we exchanged them for grading.

Those were hilarious! I wish I still had them.

Back when Mr. Bill was on, I actually went to Walgreens and bought some Play Doh and made him. I showed him to the guys at work. Then when I was driving home, I threw him out of the window and said: "OOOHHH NOOOOOO"!!!!

I once had a Mr. Bill shirt that one of my sister's friends gave me. My mom made that into a T-shirt quilt along with several other shirts.

I remember buying a Mr. Bill t-shirt back in 1981 at Parkdale Mall here in Beaumont. I wore it until it was literally no good.

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