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Let Your Geek Flag Fly - ApolloCon Returning June 22-24

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ApolloCon is Houston's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Conference, presented by the Houston Science Fiction Association (HSFA). It's a single, multi-day event for fans of speculative and imaginative fiction of all kinds, including literary, media, and interactive. You can attend all weekend, or just get a day membership.

ApolloCon features lots of programming (discussion panels, parties, speakers, special events, movies) on literary, media, science and culture topics, networking opportunities for clubs and individual fans, art exhibits, and sales of books and other SF/F/H items.

Some people will be in costume, just as many will not be. There will be Trekkers in uniform, and people who just like to read compelling literature. The room parties are always a big highlight for good conversation.

Of special note:

There is an ApolloCon writing workshop, run in the same manner as the professional Clarion workshops for aspiring writers. The deadline is June 1st to enter with your story or fiction sketch.

If you are an amateur/indie film maker, you may want to look into their Iron Director competition. Over 48 hours, you are challenged to create a full film, which will then be screened at the convention.

And don't forget continuing movie rooms, dealers room, the art show and show-stopping masquerade. Last year there was a sword dance by two barbarian women. Now where else in Houston can you get that kind of quality entertainment? TUTS? I think not. Texas Renaissance Festival? They have great actors, but how many of them have their own theme music um, stolen from "Xena: Warrior Princess"? I rest my case. Go to Apollocon.

If you're intrigued (or just intriguing), check out the website at http://apollocon.org

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Whoah, the jokes just write themselves! Android's Dungeon will be in the Dealers' room of course.


But an inaccurate snapshot, of course. The mix last year was at least half female, not even including the cosplay and Firefly contingent.

And thanks Editor - added to calendar.

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