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A Little Green Space For A Change!


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Parks are great and everything except when the land is taken. This is very unAmerican and it drives me nuts everytime I hear of a government entity doing this. I guess when they bump the Parkway through to 249 they will take also, because its "needed."

Sounds to me that Chance is truly on the WDC Dole as I have alway suspected.


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A big slice of the natural world soon will be available to residents as the George Mitchell Nature preserve hiking trail prepares to open to the public.


A grand opening and ribbon cutting for the two mile trail located off Flintridge Drive is set for late February.

The trail, designed for many outdoor pursuits including hiking, biking and birdwatching, is part of the 12,000-acre Spring Creek Greenway Project.

It is a joint effort between The Woodlands Development Company, Montgomery County Precinct 3, The Woodlands Association and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Recreational Trails Grant Program.

The partnership oversees the preservation of forest on both sides of the creek.

"On the development side, construction of natural surface trails, bridges, drainage improvements, trailhead parking and signage were added to the preserve," said Bob Bruce, manager of recreation facilities development for The Woodlands Development Co.

According to Robert W. Collins, special council to Precinct 3 Commissioner Ed Chance, the project took several years of planning.

"There will be nature trails in the park," Collins said. "We are working on a trail that heads off of Flintridge Drive and goes to Bedias Lake."


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Montgomery County plans

I am particularly happy about this tri-purpose facility, especially the nature center. I have not been over to Riley Fuzzel Rd park area lately, but it seems about time to give it another visit. I have set out on the creek before in a Kayak and it can be pretty tough going in the summer for lack of navigatable water. Now the water is high but cold to go out there. Much of the creek area is really wild, especially near The Woodlands.

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Right before my son was born in 08/2000 there was a little boy (2 I think) who wandered down to the creek. I had hiked the area many times with my FIL (it was fun but he has since passed). We live 1/2 mile from Spring Creek. There were so many helicopters flying above our house I called the news channels to see what was going on. I think he was gone for 2-3 days but they found him with his puppy who stayed with him. We actually went out trying to find him and I think the uncle found him by a low lying area of the creek.

It really is remote but I've never seen vagrants or drug dealers back there.

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