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This is a continuation of this thread. I know there's a lot of pictures, so I'm splitting them up for people who are on dialup (like me these days).


A small boat, typical of many Southeast Asian countries, but one of the few of this style I saw in Singapore.


Here's one way to liven up a boring parking garage: Add a koi pond.


Laborers. It's perfectly OK for laborers to ride in the back of open trucks, and the trucks are all marked with signs clearly stating how many people are allowed to ride in the back. The laborers come from poorer countries in the region, mostly Malaysia and Indonesia.


A typical street in Little India. There are discount telephone shops everywhere. My wife bought a nice new cell phone there.


Little India again. The color didn't come out as distinct as I'd hoped. The buildings are very colorfully painted in many sections of the city.



This is a Merlion (like a mermaid, but no maid -- a lion instead). It's the symbol of the city. This particular one is on Sentosa Island and is big enough that you can take an elevator to the top of its head where there's an observation point. Lasers shoot out of its eyes at night.


Pretty shutters. This is the Ministry of Information, Communiction, and the Arts. These are the government censors who make sure TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines don't get out of control. There is no free press in Singapore. You need a license from the government to start a newspaper. The building used to be the Hill Street Police Station, which makes me think of Hill Street Blues because I'm old.


MICA building again.

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Since everyone asks, this is what the average Singaporean woman looks like. This shot is on one of the subway lines. There are at least two competing subway companies, but they seem to work together, unlike in Tokyo where there are dozens of subway companies fighting to attract passengers.


The Arab section again.


River otter, shot in the dark. I'd never been so close to an otter, and who knew they meow just like a cat?


How neat, clean, and orderly is Singapore? This is a bathroom in the middle of the jungle. There is clean running water, antibacterial soap, toilet stalls, urinals, even an attendant -- but no walls or ceiling. The place was spotless and welcome. There don't seem to be many bugs in Singapore, and remarkably I didn't see any here, either. The only time I saw any were some freakish species of hyperactive ants that attacked my shoes one day, but were easily shaken off unlike Texas fire ants. My guess is that the bugs are kept in check by lizards, but I only saw one my whole trip, and it was pretty small.


They have owls.


One of my new favorite buildings. I don't know what it is I like about this. It feels like a combination of Western, Asian, and Middle Eastern influences with a touch of Ancient Rome.


It reminds me a lot of Heritage Plaza in Houston.


This is where you can see the classical influence the most -- with the statues. Also note the satellite dish on the left pointing straight up.


Peacock chicks hiding under a bush.

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Singapore is a great looking country. I would like to visit it one day most definately. Thanks for sharing.

PS: They have some nice looking women too.:)

I was disappointed in the women. I believed all the "Singapore Girl" hype before I went there. They're OK. A little generic Asian. But kind of shorter than many other countries. At least they have good dental care and nice hair. From what I've seen Japan still has the most beautiful women in Asia. But I still have many more countries left to visit.

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Sing33.jpgThat's the cleanest koi pond I've ever seen.Sing40.jpgThat's beautiful. I really like that.
For me, it's the colors. They're so well put together and blended. Edited by lockmat
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Speaking of Koi Ponds, does anybody know why the pond in front of Hong Kong City Mall here in Houston is a dark opaque blue color? You can't see the fish at all until they break the surface. It's really kind of creepy looking. I much prefer the one in the pic above.

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Speaking of Koi Ponds, does anybody know why the pond in front of Hong Kong City Mall here in Houston is a dark opaque blue color? You can't see the fish at all until they break the surface. It's really kind of creepy looking. I much prefer the one in the pic above.

I was there two months ago. Are you talking about the fountain? It seems they added some kind of color into it. The whole water setup was kind of run down and unpleasant, and had a ghetto feeling to it, don't know why they even bother turning the fountain on. The whole hong kong city mall wasn't even Hong Kong like or Chinese for that matter. It was all Vietnamese signs and mostly Vietnamese businesses in there.

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Love the color on some of those buildings.


The building with all the colored shutters is the government media censors' headquarters. It used to be a police headquarters. Before that it was used by the Japanese to torture confessions out of people during WWII.

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