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Thanks for the pix. Montrose. Most certainly one of my favorite Houston skyscrapers and landmarks. Like the Chrystler Building, although this design represents an era, i think it timeless. 200 years from now, unless there is a RADICAL change in architectural styles, it will still fit nicely into UT's look. I wonder how long it will remain the tallest in UT until surpassed?

Any thoughts?

m. B)

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Great shots!

Just wondering if you ended up getting bitched at by any of the rentacops on-site at any point during your photo series...

Only happened a couple of times, only Downtown though. Of corse, I was in the wrong at the JP Morgan Chase Tower, since it was the observation deck. However, at 1400 Smith, I was walking on the street taking a picture, and this woman tells me I can't. I'm like "Chyaah... u know what? Uh-Uh!". And she kept saying "You can't take pictures of the building" and so finally I was like This is a public road, no? I pay taxes, so you can't tell me what to do.

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