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Hello, My husband and I are buying the Lars Bang modern at 4135 Durness in Ayrshire. We found the house 9 months ago while driving around in the neighborhood. We called the number on the sign & found out it was not for sale. We followed up with a letter to the owner expressing interest in purchasing the property. They weren't interested in selling. We tried again at the beginning of this year--no luck. They ended up listing on MLS & we FINALLY took it Pending last week!
^ (shocked, stunned, happy) :o:mellow::)

We're not used to news like that.......

^i'll echo danax's sentiments...! so often we see neat houses like yours in the demo permit stack

thanks for finding the forum and keep us updated!

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They live in the house now and it's beautiful. Could be in Atomic Ranch someday. I've been hoping for them to share some pictures here, but they have small children and are very busy.


Just came across this discussion and must add my elation to the pot. I'm sure they'll share when ready; they seem like nice folks and fully capable of an A-1 job in restoring this gem.

I have fantasies of tearing down one of the "contemp" 1980s houses in my neighborhood and building a pavilion-type mod. That would shake things up around here! :lol:

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They seem to appreciate their privacy so no, probably not unless they come online and share it with us.

As for how we know who designed any particular building. Unless a home was well published at the time of its being built, it takes lots of research to figure out the architect and/or builder. We try to find original owners or their families. So much of it is lost to history. We are trying to keep that history alive or bring it back to life. That's what this message board and Houston Mod is all about.

Are there any updated photos of the house since the renovation/preservation??

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I asked Stephen Fox and he replied: "The City of Houston's building on Main and Stuart is where building permit type records are kept. I've been told they will do plan searches if you pay so much per hour. You might contact Randy Pace, the City of Houston's Preservation Officer, to see if he knows what sort of documents exist there and how easily accessible they are. Randy's e-mail is: Randy.Pace@cityofhouston.net" But don't everyone go start bugging Randy Pace all the sudden...

Also, some neighborhoods keep plans. Meyerland's are available to check out for a deposit. I'm planning on diving into that this summer.

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