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Some People Just Not Cut Out To Be Non-Homeless


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There's an interesting article in the Tampa newspaper. They've been following a homeless family's transition to regular life through the generosity of a local church. It's not working out all that well. Here's a link to the full story. Here's some choice quotes:


He smelled of beer and cigarettes as he stood shirtless in the hallway of the Tampa Heights four-plex, where the Couillards pay $700 a month for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

His cell phone rang. The Couillards have two cell phones.

"Soon, we'll have cable," Lee said, stepping inside to take the call. The door shut behind him. The place is a mess, he said when he returned to the hall. Connie would kill him if he let anyone in.

"Oh, Lee's at work," she said. Then Lee climbs onto the second-floor balcony for a cigarette. "He must've come home early."

Connie doesn't like all the questions, especially about her unborn baby's 13-month gestation period.

"I don't want to talk about that," Connie said, scowling, but then she did.

There was a baby, but he died in labor about a month ago at Tampa General Hospital, she said.

"The cord was twisted around his neck."

There wasn't a funeral. She doesn't know what happened to the infant's body. Tampa General has no record that Connie was a patient.

I think we should be able to call some people what they are: lazy.

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Reminds me of a person we knew in the neighborhood that kept getting busted for public boozing and his grandma would always bail him out again and again and again until she was so flat broke they seldom had enough for rent, bills, etc. He seldom would get a job and when he did he would screw up again within days or week at most. So he always had to live with her but was absolutley useless and never did his part to assist in helping her in any way, maybe take out the garbage once in a while. He was always a mess hygiene-wise, filthy torn clothes, seldom wore shoes always barefooted. He used to terrorize her and wreck the place like a gorilla. Were talking about a guy in his late thirties, she was in her 80's. She finally got so ill and passed away he got booted all was lost, house sold and he is now in some wino resort near Lake Houston. I tried to help him by taking him to appointments but he would get in the car hung over or smelling of booze. He never bought a car as he would always wreck them so his liscence was suspended.

Lord knows I tried to help but some people have their minds made up to f up. I would be surrprised if he were alive today :wacko::(

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