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'Genetic' fix for 'control freaks who need to interfere with how others live'

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Questions to discuss.

The need to make others live the same way as them, is such a behavior or tendency genetic or not?

Is it a disease? Is wanting control and power a disease?

If it is not genetic or a disease, is it culturally influenced?

Which cultures are more likely to encourage such a behavior than others?

Is such a behavior religiously influence?

Which religions are more likely to encourage such a behavior than others

Can such a behavior be classified under OCD (obessive compulsive behavior) if it is a diease

How many types of control freaks are there?

Can they be classified under ok and harmful types?

When does it cross over from ok to harmful?

The harmful types:

(the jerk control freak): those that name call and yell hurtful remarks to those different from them.

(the bastard control freak): Shunning, light discrimination or encouraging others to shun and discriminate.

(the hypocritical bastard control freak): Same as type three but manages to find all sorts of other legitimate reasons to explain their behavior.

(the asshole control freak) Those that use the positions of power to deny equal rights to those who are different, the worst form of discrimination.

(the assface control freak) Those that vote or try to get types one to five into positions of power so as to indirectly satisfy their own control issues.

What other types are there?

Which types are harmful and which types are not

Which types cause more harm than others?

How can we help people with these types of behavior?

Do these ppl want help?

Can they even be helped?

Can such a control issues be both genetic and influence? nature and nurture.

If so, how much are the percentages of each?

Do such control tendencies appear early in childhood, under what kind of conditions?

Do they try to hide it?

What are the signs of such a behavior? Do they come in waves of urges?

How many actions help satisfy the urge?

Feel free to discuss other related questions.

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