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Hooters coming to Bryan


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Hooters to open doors in Brazos County


Eagle Staff Writer

After years of rumors, speculation and a lot of wishful thinking by some people in the community, the famous Hooters restaurant chain will be opening its doors in Bryan within a year, a franchise vice president said Tuesday.

Officials with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission confirmed that the restaurant known for its hot wings and scantily clad waitresses has its sights set on Bryan and has started the process of applying for a state liquor license.

Looks like it is going in between University Dr. and Villa Maria on Texas Ave. This will be good for that corridor. Currently it is mostly mid 20th century shopping centers. Along with the Tejas Center, this should give a nice boost to that corridor.

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But amid the talk about Hooters coming has been the rumor that it overlooked Aggieland because of the restaurant's choice of decor. The way the myth goes, College Station wouldn't allow Hooters to build locally because the restaurant's signature color is orange, which happens to be one of the school colors of A&M's arch rival, the University of Texas.

"We've heard the rumor, but that's simply not true," said College Station's George, who has heard talk about Hooters coming to town since she started working for the city nine years ago. "A business has never been told they cannot come here because they use the color orange. We try to dispel that myth."

Herrick laughed when asked about Hooters' signature color. He was coy about how the restaurant plans to address the color orange inside the Bryan location.

"We are very familiar with the hatred for the color orange there," he said. "Let's just say we've got some special stuff planned."

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Looks like it is going in between University Dr. and Villa Maria on Texas Ave. This will be good for that corridor. Currently it is mostly mid 20th century shopping centers. Along with the Tejas Center, this should give a nice boost to that corridor.

Yes, its going in at the NW corner of Texas & North Avenues in the new North Park Plaza. I agree that it should really help spur growth along Texas Ave by increasing traffic somewhat to that area. Anything that pulls some visitors north of University should be helpful and help continue the direction the area is currently going in. I honestly think that the old Fajita Rita's location would be a little better if they were determined to locate in that area but that wouldn't really have benefited Bryan other than increased sales & property tax at that one location b/c it wouldn't pull people very far north across the city limit. Its been mentioned on this site before that others agree that the area along South College Ave, near the Old College Road intersection, would've also benefited from this type of development. With its existing eateries and bars and proximity to Northgate I think a Hooter's would've been a welcome addition. But, hey, I'm not going to knock this either...who would've ever thought it, a Hooter's in Bryan?! Plus, for every franchise that is successful in the city there are sure to be more to follow.


Its going in at the pad site on the left. I wish the center was as attractive as the rendering. The final colors are VERY loud but they should mesh with a Hooter's alright.

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The colors are too loud but perhaps the next time the center is repainted the colors will be more subdued. The main problem with the development along Texas Ave, between University and Villa Maria was the lack of depth of the lots. This location was one of the few large tracts of land that could accomodate more modern development.

This location will draw visitors north into the city and along with new development on the east side of town will hopefully open national retailer's eyes to the fact that Bryan can support more restaurants and retail.

I still hope that the area around South College and Old College will become an entertainment hotbed. While Hooters would have worked there, I have been thinking that a large Wing'n'More sportsbar would also be a great anchor to a mini-Northgate around where the outdated strip center is.

The developer of the defunct "Boonville Station" is reportedly under contract to buy Triangle Bowl. I can only hope he or a larger development group sees the big picture in the area and buys up the trailer park and large vacant lot on S. College Ave. near Carney's.

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