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Sugar Land Railroad Depot


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About 25 years ago some friends and I were touring around the outskirts of Houston. We stumbled across a picturesque little Mission-style railroad depot surrounded by miles and miles of...nothing. It may have been in Sugar Land. Undoubtedly, the area would now be completely developed and bear no resemblance to my memory of the place.

Does anyone know where the depot is (or was)? It's my understanding that this architectural style was popular with the Southern Pacific line. I hope someone had the foresight to preserve this beautiful little building.

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I think the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce building on Commerce Green is a relocated rail depot. I can't find any photos or info on the Chamber web site, however. Perhaps someone could verify/refute my suspicion.

I think in the 1980s, the rail depot was physically moved from its previous location (probably over by the Imperial Sugar Factory) to Commerce Green in the Sugar Creek Center office development to become the headquarters of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. You'll see a brownish-looking sign that says "SUGAR LAND" below the shape above the sign.

The address: 445 COMMERCE GREEN BLVD., SUGAR LAND, TX 77478-3591

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  • The title was changed to Sugar Land Railroad Depot

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