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HAIF Member Photos


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Let me get the pix for ya:



hehe forgot I'm the one in the middle and the other I'm on the left with the shirt that says "Normal people scare me" :)

this is my idol next to me...Nicole deboer (sci fi actress) in case you didn't know that. She isn't well known in the states or outside of her genre. But she is currently doing the Dead Zone on USA (as Sarah)

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Who is that?



Montrose1100 says it's himself.



I may have only met him once...over a year ago, while drinking but Montrose definitely did not look like that.


Y'all must not have watched much TV in the 70s (or perhaps weren't born yet). 


Oorrrrrr we're just better at being sarcastic than you are at picking it up ;)

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  • The title was changed to HAIF Member Photos

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