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Found 23 results

  1. Riverstone Place Retail Center at 18802 University Blvd in Sugar Land.
  2. Someone mentioned this in the development thread, and I can confirm this will be going up. Official announcement and construction will begin this quarter, didn't get the exact location.
  3. Figured I'd go ahead and start a new official thread on this. Coming Spring 2014 Midtown Superblock Park http://innerlooped.com/1653/midtown-superblock-first-look/ It's going to have underground parking too! There is a link to the full document on InnerLooped. • Includes a balance of program items that support the overall goals of the Midtown District • Includes over 140 underground parking spaces that support park activities, nearby retail destination and the Main Street rail line • Includes over 7,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space Renderings and info as of 5/2015:
  4. Has anyone heard if there might be an HEB coming to that area anytime soon? Grocery shopping out there sucks and I hate driving down the beltway to go to HEB. Thanks
  5. http://www.houstonlocalfoods.com/ grand opening tomorrow on westheimer and kirby in the old taco milagro location and this new Local Foods location will have an extended menu, FULL bar and open later until 9pm! cannot wait!
  6. By Olivia Pulsinelli – Assistant managing editor, Houston Business Journal 2 hours ago After Randalls announced the closure of its prominent Montrose storefront more than a year ago, a new tenant has been lined up. Minneapolis-based Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) confirmed to the Houston Chronicle that it leased approximately 63,000 square feet at 2075 Westheimer, the site of the former grocery store. More details, including the opening date, were not available. The Montrose Randalls, located in the Shepherd Square Shopping Center at the corner of Westheimer and Shepherd Drive, was one of three that the grocery store chain announced it would close in late 2018. Houston-based Wulfe & Co. built the Shepherd Square Shopping Center, one of its first inner-Loop projects, in 1989. Randalls signed a lease in the property, a 128,000-square-foot shopping center at 2075 Westheimer Road, and opened its fourth flagship store there. But the company's late founder, Ed Wulfe, told the Houston Business Journal in 2018 that the Randalls closure didn't come as a surprise. "They have been struggling as a supermarket for some time now and not producing sufficient sales," Wulfe said at the time. "This used to be one of their best stores in the city." Wulfe noted that the storefront would be a desirable piece of real estate for any number of uses — a liquor and wine store, a high-end furniture store, a fitness operation — and could be divided up to occupy several retailers. "You can’t find a 61,000-square-foot big box space that’s in the heart of the city," Wulfe said. In January, Randalls announced five other Houston-area closures, adding to the several closed in recent years. Some other former Randalls stores also have been given new life, including a Cypress store becoming a location of Star Furniture & Mattresses.
  7. Didn't know if anyone was privy to what, if anything, will be added to Gulfgate. There is still the huge empty land between 610 and Donaraki. Also there appears to be some kind of construction action in the parking lot in front of the Marshalls.
  8. Camden Property Trust will build on two blocks in downtown. Phase one begins in Spring 2015 which will include a 12-story high-rise. Phase two begins in Spring 2017. Total of 518 units. #31 on the new development map. http://downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2013-12-19/131218_Current_Projects_11x17.pdf
  9. https://realtynewsreport.com/2020/01/09/redo-underway-at-the-1001-fannin-tower-in-downtown-houston/
  10. gto250us

    Rice Hotel

    JFK spent his last night on earth in the Rice Hotel in Houston. Does anyone know what that room is used for now that the Rice has been converted to lofts? Does someone live in it, is it a museum or a storage closet?
  11. Pardon my ignorance, but what and who is the Wulfe Company? Who are these people. I see their signs on almost every downtown/midtown vacant lot. What are they supposed to be?
  12. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2014/01/27/downtown-landmark-getting-new-address-multimillion.html
  13. HEB has land purchased for its 4th Cypress area location. The store will be built on the northwest corner of Spring Cypress and Grant Rd. The site is adjacent to a Cy Fair ISD elementary school. The store will be 99,000 square feet. The store will be a full functioning HEB, which means it will feature a pharmacy, gas station, full service bakery, deli, meat and fish market, beer and wine section and a healthy living department. No word yet on if the store will have a Café on the Run which is the HEB restaurant in some stores. Construction will start early 2014. HEB has its Cypress and Fairfield Markets off of 290 as well as the Jones and West store in the Cy Fair area.
  14. Has anyone been following the goings on @ Pearland City Council regarding proposed HEB @ Pearland Pkwy & 518? HEB goes before council tonight for the umpteenth time. Why does HEB need to scrap the PD in place and get a general business zoning designation? The exsisting PD allows for a grocery store at that site. Plan and simple, if HEB wants to build a store at that site today they could go forward immediately with permitting process. It seems that HEB wants to circumvent the rules the city has in place so they can do things "their" way. Pearland Planning and Zoning sent this project to City Council with a unamious vote of 5-0 to turn down this zone change stating that - PNZ has spent time and $ creating the PD so developers & retailers who come to this location adhere to certain guidelines, architecture controls, green space, setbacks.... We are not voting against HEB - we simply want them to play by the rules that are currently in place to ensure this last major undeveloped corner in the City of Pearland is developed in a manner that will serve the city for generations rather than a grocer on the hard corner in the short term.- So what happens if HEB buys the +/- 23 acres on the hard corner and does not build a store at that location. Or, if they buy the land and build a store in say 2, 5, 10 years down the road? The whole tract & the future increased ad valorem tax generation is at the mercy of HEB and their internal timeline - This is not in the best interest of the City of Pearland. This issue seems to be lost on those who have not delved more than skin deep on this issue. No one is saying we do not want HEB. To the contrary most all interaction @ City Council starts with the disclaimer "This is not a vote against HEB.... and then an ensuing argument of why the PD is in place and why it should remain in place" In fact that is correct. No one is voting "against" HEB. They are voting for City Council to enforce the current regulations that are in place to protect the best interest of the citizens of Pearland. I guess we will read about it tomorrow.
  15. Does anyone know what is being built at the pad site beside the HEB gas station on Pin Oak?
  16. Has anybody heard or seen anything about this development. I went to the website www.kings-harbor.com and it looks to be something pretty decent looking. Along the lines of the Sugar Land and Woodlands town square but with Lake Houston as a back drop. That should make it stand out a bit from the others. They should put some harbor so boats could dock at the entrance. That would make it really appealing. I've always wondered why Clear Lake hasn't done anything like this yet. I would figure being so close to the water would make it a worthwhile proposition. Anyway the developer of this Kingwood project is the same group that recently purchased Town & Country mall and plans to turn that into a mix use project.
  17. 1000 Main becomes second downtown skyscraper to change hands this summer By Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal Updated: 8:00 p.m. ET Sept. 18, 2005 One of the city's newest skyscrapers was acquired last week for what is believed to have been the highest price per square foot ever paid for a building in downtown Houston. Reliant Energy Plaza, located at 1000 Main, was bought by KanAm grundinvest Fonds, an institutional investor out of Germany. The seller was a partnership led by HAUS-INVEST Global of Germany, which had held an ownership stake in the building since August 2004. The other former owners are from Houston: Pinto Realty and Century Development, which developed the building in March 2003 and will continue to manage and lease the property. More Here: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9395712/
  18. I notice that the Silverlake Randall's in Pearland is currently undergoing the new lifestyle remodel that has been talked about recently. I must say that I really like what they've done. I was a long-time Randall's fan but like many people, was turned off by what the stores had become under the Safeway regime. I notice that the new look has brought about better products, better customer service and more customers. I'm sure they had to make some changes with all of the competiton currently surrounding them as well as the planned HEB and Kroger stores. Surprisingly, I think they just might be able to compete as an alternative to the huge superstores.
  19. Houston Chronicle Oct. 25, 2006, 5:28PM Coffeehouse closing upsets customers Landlord elects not to lease site to Diedrich franchise By TARA WHITE Chronicle Correspondent Jeff Grant is furious that Diedrich Winlow Coffeehouse, 1901 Westheimer, is scheduled to close Nov. 6 after conducting business in that location for 10 years. Grant, a loyal customer, has contacted everyone in his e-mail address book and has stood in front of the coffeehouse almost every day for weeks to protest its closure. The property owner hired a 24-hour security guard and police were called because of his presence, but he is not budging. Grant is not the only person upset about the closure of Diedrich, which serves about 3,500 customers each week. Hundreds have signed petitions to keep it from closing. Dirk Smith, owner of the coffeehouse and president of Magna Cum Latte Inc., the Diedrich Coffee franchise in Houston, said his customers are upset because they know the business is being forced to close. Smith said it is closing because T-Con Properties chose not to lease the property to him. Said Bradford Schmalfuss, vice president of T-Con Properties and landlord for the space, "We have the right to lease with anyone we want to." Schmalfuss also said T-Con had no obligation to lease to Smith because the company's original lease was with Diedrich Coffee's corporate office, which chose not to renew. The property will be leased to The Upper Hand Salon, which is located at 1905 Westheimer next to the coffeehouse. The lease becomes effective on Nov. 7. Rachael Gower, who owns the salon with her husband, Brian Williard, said they plan to use the space to expand their salon operations. Smith said he does not understand T-Con's decision. "Our coffeehouse has brought thousands of people to the Winlow Center," Smith said. "I have never paid the rent late. Bradford told me on several occasions I was the best tenant he had." A letter dated May 11, addressed to Schmalfuss from Diedrich Coffee's corporate office, confirms that Diedrich Coffee did not plan to renew the lease. But it states that corporate officials asked Smith to negotiate a direct lease with Schmalfuss. E-mail correspondences between Schmalfuss and Smith indicate that Smith and Schmalfuss agreed to move forward with the lease. Schmalfuss sent Smith a draft of the lease agreement by e-mail in late May for Smith and his lawyer to review. Negotiations moved forward until June 9, when Schmalfuss sent Smith an e-mail stating that T-Con would not proceed with lease discussions because it planned "to take the center in a different direction." Smith said he was shocked by the e-mail, as he had returned only a day earlier to his home in California after a special trip to Houston. Schmalfuss requested the trip because he wanted Smith to discuss parking issues with the Upper Hand Salon. "I jumped through hoops for him to make sure everything was going smoothly," Smith said. "I don't know what happened in those 11 hours to completely change his decision." Gower said some have blamed the Upper Hand Salon for the closure of Diedrich Winlow Coffeehouse. "We absolutely did not push anyone out," she said. "As small business owners we would never do that because we know how hard it is." Smith plans to fight T-Con's decision until the day Diedrich closes, but he is also looking for a new location and wants to find a temporary space from which his employees could work. He said employees also have the option to move to the two other Diedrich Coffeehouse locations in Houston, at 4005 Montrose Blvd. and 1008 Bay Area Blvd. Grant said he will continue to do everything he can to keep the coffeehouse open. "People have business meetings here. College students come here to study. Parents feel this is a safe place for their children to hang out after school," Grant said "I am going to keep speaking out because I know people love this place."
  20. It's going in at the former Sony/Lowes theatre @ N. Hwy 6 & West Rd., in the Kroger plaza. It's called "Studio Movie Grill," an outfit from Dallas. They're currently hiring, due to open in May. They say they feature leather chairs and stadium seating. There are plans for a ten-week, weekday, daytime movie series for parents and kids this summer, but otherwise it's the usual "no one under 18 without an accompanying adult" movie grill thing. No telling beyond all that, but they do apparently have Nathan's Hot Dogs on the menu, so that alone might be the real treat!
  21. Pinecroft center might finally get some new tenants...
  22. I was at Carillon Center in Westchase on Westheimer and noticed a new restuarant/lounge that's about to open across Wolfgang Express. I looked through the windows and it appears pretty swanky and hip. Does anyone know more about it, such as what type of food will be served? Is it going to be a bar or a just a restaurant?
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