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Found 21 results

  1. Does anyone know anything about the vacant building located at FM 1464 and the Westpark Tollway (formerly Alief-Clodine)? It looks to be an old restaurant or club...there's a patio area outside with, believe it or not, a basketball hoop. It's right next to what used to be railroad tracks, makes me think it might have been a "Westfield's by the railroad" type of place.
  2. I obtained this info at the meeting of the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority this evening. The project extends the Westpark Tollway westward from its terminus at the Grand Parkway (SH 99) to Fulshear. It will have the same design features as the existing adjacent section: four lanes of frontage roads (two each way) and four tolled main lanes. There are three phases Phase 1: Grand Parkway to FM 1463, 4 miles. Phase 2: FM 1463 westward, they said 4.15 miles at the meeting, not sure exactly where it ends since 4.15 miles would go into Fulshear and I don't think it goes that far Phase 3 (future): through Fulshear to James Lane west of Fulshear Phase 1 Only 2.2 miles of tolled main lanes will be built, to west of Spring Green road, due to financial and environmental constraints. Frontage roads will be built for the western 1.8 miles Bids opened in December, lowest bid $63.9 million by Webber Total project cost $116.3 million including right-of-way and administrative costs Bonds sold last week at a rate of 3.86% interest, well below the budgeted value of 5% Construction should be underway around March or soon after with February 2018 completion Phase 2 Expected to start in December 2016 and complete in June 2018 Construction estimate: $37 million Total cost: $69 million This appears to be frontage roads only Main lanes beyond the first 2.2 miles will be built when funds are available and environment clearance is received. FBCTRA is currently maxed out on its borrowing ability, so more main lane work may not start for 2-3 years.The favorable interest rate and low bid price for phase 1 will probably allow main lane extension to proceed sooner rather than later.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct forum, so please, redirect me if it isn't. What type of park/development is being developed on the east side of Hwy 6 and Westpark? Is there already a thread for this? I was really jazzed, thinking it was a park, until they mowed down like 3 or 4 really big oak trees. Now I am confused and a bit angry. Any thoughts?
  4. Lot clearing has begun on the SE corner of Westpark Tollway at Peek. Any idea what's going in? I found this... looks like maybe a Stripes on that corner, but I can't tell for sure: http://www.loopnet.c...ay-Richmond-TX/
  5. "The County is currently discussing the extension of Westpark Tollway west from the Grand Parkway to intersect with Interstate 10 west of Katy. No schedule has been discussed for this extension." http://www.westhouston.org/toll_roads.htm
  6. Does anyone know what is being built on the NE corner of 99 and Westpark tollway - I think this area used to be called Grand Corner.
  7. I just drove out 1093 today and it looks like they have broken ground there either to extend the tollway or widen 1093 - anyone know what the plans are?
  8. I am curious about how lower Galleria (mainly the area surrounded by Fountain View, South Rice, Bellaire blvd and Westpark) will look like in 10-15 years. Do you guys think apartments in this area will be demolished and new townhomes and condos will take their place? The location is perfect, but area is full with low income apartments . Is it a good idea to buy some land or an apartment complex right now before the gentrification takes place?
  9. Everyone's all down on the fact that The Westpark Tollway can't be expanded. That's not true. If they were to put all the electrical lines one ontop of eachother and move them all the way to the edge we could fit commuter ril tracks and more lanes of highway; You statte this as the reson the NW tollway can't get built. I sat wrong. If you move the electricity vertically or put it in 1 superwire it solves that. NOw teh soloution that other cities use is double-decking. COuld use it one The Westloop, North Freeway, SW Fwy, and Westpark Tollway.
  10. Hi, Can anybody give me a list of the good subdivisions within easy reach of Westpark Tollway - and the ones to be avoided? We are looking to rent a good sized 4 bedroom single family home for $1400 or under so the likes of Cinco Ranch look to be out of the running... The acceptable homes I have found on HAR seem to be in places like Mission Bend, Westgreen Park or Memorial Parkway. Although I can place them on a map these names mean nothing to me as I don't know the area - I would appreciate any tips! Thanks!
  11. Will the Westpark Tollway have an entrance ramp from Highway 6 to WT eastbound? If not, why was this busy interchange left out? http://hctra.com/engineering/pdf/westpark_map.pdf
  12. Does anybody have pictures of The Westpark TOllway? Along with that have any pics of developments along The Westpark?
  13. The title and description pretty much says it all. How much longer will we have to "detour" all the way out to Gessner to get on the highway?
  14. Wow, finally got on the Westpark Tollway from Alief into West Loop, and the connecting flyover 59 is one heck of a view to see all of Houston. We really are a garden city. That flyover is pretty dang high and kinda scary when you realize its so thin a strip of concrete. Still breath taking nonetheless.
  15. I passed by the Westpark tollway within the past few days at both rush hours and noticed a steady stream of traffic. That compares to the scattered vehicles that seemed to be normal just a few months ago. I've also been told by people who live on the corridor that traffic has increased substantially in the last few months and inbound AM traffic is now backing up on the eastern end, particularly at US 59 and also at the terminus near Loop 610. The single lane of traffic underneath US 59 seems to be the big problem. If this is true, we can probably look for the tollway to become jammed up in the future, especially when it is opened up all the way to the Grand Parkway. Has anyone seen or heard evidence to corroborate my suspicion? If true, this would definitely be good news for HCTRA since the tollway was looking like a loser for its first 6 months.
  16. I received a newsletter in the mail from Aguirre & Fields engineers, and the headline is that the firm has received a contract to develop the full schematic for the interchange at the Westpark Tollway and the Grand Parkway. The graphic shows a full stack interchange with all 8 connectors, and the Westpark Tollway continuing west of the Grand Parkway. The article says the original design had only four connectors. This clearly suggests that there are plans to extend the tollway westward. This also suggests that they're expecting a lot of traffic. Also, it appears that FBCTRA is sticking to traditional, good-quality design and not trying to build things on the cheap like HCTRA's Rube Goldberg interchange at Beltway 8. Still, it makes me wonder. The Westpark Tollway is a minimal service facility and can't be expanded. Now plans are in the works for a high-powered stack at the far west end. No information on when this could be built, but I'm assuming it would be in conjunction with construction of toll lanes on the Grand Parkway, whenever that may happen.
  17. I read a write-up of the expansion project in the chronicle. They will eventually expand the current 11 lanes into 18 lanes. This will entail 2 new Regular lanes, 2 new frontage road lanes and a 4 lane tollway to replace the high occupancy vehicle lane. I am trying to understand this. I am assuming there will be an extra lane on each side of the freeway. Are the "frontage road lanes" the feeder lanes? And on the 4-lane tollway, I guess this is going to replace the current HOV lane, which has been a joke I think. Since they are adding the tollway, I assume it will be similar to the current Sam Houston or West park? Also, does anyone know if it will be a pay toll like SH or a completely mobile toll like the new West park? I am also assuming there will be many more entrances/exits on the toll than there is currently on the HOV. Speaking of the new West Park toll, how far does it currently run east/west and when is it projected to be completed and reach Grand Parkway? I would love some feedback from anyone else who might have a good idea on what the plans are.
  18. The other day I decide to take the Westpark tollway from Hwy 6 into town. So I'm driving into town taking in some new views of Westchase & Uptown, it looked really big at about Gessner. I then took the 59 entrance ramp and the view was awesome!! You could virtually see the entire inner loop. It looked HUGE! The angle is ripe for some killer photography. Anybody noticed this?
  19. HCTRA Wants To Terminate Westpark Contractor's Contract Tue Oct 26, 9:39 AM ET Local - KPRC Click2Houston.com Members of the Harris County Toll Road Authority say they are tired of waiting for the Westpark Tollway project to be finished. Members of the Toll Road Authority plan to attend the Harris County Commissioner's Court meeting Tuesday to request permission to end the contract with Jones Construction, LP. Officials said the company took their equipment and walked off the job over a contract dispute earlier this month. Toll road representatives said the company was six months behind their scheduled completion date on the section of road between Rogerdale and Ranchester. Officials said they would also ask the court to seek other methods to complete the contract.
  20. This was in today's Chronicle. Does anyone know where this ramp is? I haven't seen a HOV ramp between the tollway and Southwest Freeway under construction anywhere. Also, once this ramp is finished (if it really exists), does anyone know how outbound buses to the Gessner Park and Ride will get from the Westpark Tollway to the park and ride considering there is no westbound exit from the tollway to Gessner? Oct. 18, 2004, 1:00AM CONSTRUCTION WATCH Tollway connector ramp for Metro is delayed Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle A ramp needed for Metro buses to use the Westpark Tollway will not be finished this month as originally planned. The connector from the tollway, the first segment of which opened May 1, to the Southwest Freeway HOV lane remains under construction, said Metro's Mike Leonard. He estimates the completion date will be sometime in late November or December. "There appeared to be drainage issues that had to be resolved, which changed the original date," Leonard said. The Metropolitan Transit Authority started a commuter bus June 1 from the new Westchase Park & Ride to downtown. Buses have had to travel on city streets, however, because the ramp from the tollway to the HOV lane remains under construction. Westpark, built by the Harris County Toll Road Authority, has experienced several construction delays that have left motorists frustrated trying to find completed entry and exit ramps. The contractor building ramps to Beltway 8 walked off the job earlier this month after mediation failed to resolve a monetary dispute with the county, stalling that section.
  21. Are there any plans to extend Westpark Toll past Grand Parkway.....if so, where will it eventually end?
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