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Found 20 results

  1. I know a thread for Westbury Square was started but I think I might have been a bit late getting to it. In that thread I mentioned yesterday that for the first time I went back there to visit a coffee shop that just started up a couple of months ago. Yesterday was really the very first time I stepped foot back on their turf. It's weird to see it now, when you remember many things about it then. Today it looks almost like a ghost town to see whats left, yet I believe the coffee shop might bring some extra life back into it! If you wish to stop there for a visit, here is a phone # 713-728-JAVA W
  2. Houston OK's contract to design new library for Westbury, Meyerland area https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/development/2019/11/20/harvey-damaged-library-to-get-$14-million-replacement/
  3. Hi all, I'm moving in to Post Oak Manor next month and I had been very concerned about whats going on just behind the neighborhood...then I ran across this: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 960x768 and weights 88KB. I think this is great, and I really hope it creates a natural barrier between Main and the new tollroads to the south. Does anyone know what the current project status is? Also, any useful info about Post Oak Manor and Willowbrook / WillowBend would be great. Does Post Oak Manor have an active Civic club? Thanks
  4. The old Johnston Middle School, JMS, was renamed to Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School a few years back. The school opened in 1959 making it 62 years old. Any word on a demolition and rebuild? Major remodel or renovations planned?
  5. Aldi Is Coming to the Former Westbury Centerette http://swamplot.com/aldi-is-coming-to-the-former-westbury-centerette/2018-02-01/
  6. Memories for the area just out side the loop in zip coeds 77096 77035 & about 1/3 of 77025 I remember before the walmart south Poast Oak & 610 was built in the late 80s to early 90s there use to be a golf course there. Where the Krogers South Post Oak & West Bellfort is now there use to Beldens which is now at Chimeny Rock & North Brasewood. Behind the Beldens use to be a drug store do not remember the name they sold hamburgers. Where the Cabana Carwash is now there use to a putt putt miniature golf Next to Beldens just south there to use to a AJ Foyt car dealer there Right af
  7. Houston Mod invites you to join us this Sunday, March 23, for a Mod of the Month open house event from 2 - 4 PM. Two vintage 1950's modern/contemporary style houses, situated southwest of downtown Houston are featured. They are both in need of new preservation-minded owners. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event. The next MODern Market will be held in fall 2014. 4520 Oleander Street, Cranford Pla
  8. Inspired by the Westbury thread here, I googled like crazy to find photos.
  9. While talking with my mother tonight about Westbury back when all was new, she mentioned something about a street of houses near Westbury Square that had a "gingerbread" theme to their exteriors. She thought it odd for the times. Anyone else recall those homes or the street they were on?
  10. Found this in a 1965 Westbury HS yearbook online. Geez, almost seems like a bad joke now.
  11. A friend sent me this link. It's the Westbury High School class of 62-65 web page. When you go to the "Tana's Reminisce" page you will find a ton of great historic Houston pictures and trivia, not just Westbury. Worth taking a look at. Warning: turn down your speakers before you click the link. It's one of those pages that automatically starts blasting music. Westbury High Web Page
  12. The Westbury Community Garden project is well underway! With the help of sponsorship by Leadership Houston Class XXVIII, the Westbury Civic Club in cooperation with the Westbury Area Improvement Corporation is breaking ground on Tuesday, February 23rd for a two acre community garden in historic Westbury. The Westbury Community Garden Website Leadership Houston is bringing construction and fundraising resources to bear and will be constructing the June Holly Garden Educational Pavilion and Habitat Area to augment Phase One of the Westbury Community Garden, being brought to reality through the
  13. When I was a small child in the late 1970's, I took swimming lessons at the YWCA near or on S. Willow. It was called the Peden Y - and I loved it. I also took tumbling classes there...and as I recall it was partically housed in a ramshackle house like structure. I enjoyed running around the building - and I recall that there was a bar area with a soda gun that from time to time actually worked. I recall sneaking off behind that bar area to try to snag a soda. It closed when I was child - and I never understood why. Later my parents joined the ELKS lodge - and our family would go there to swim
  14. We are planning to buy a house somewhere in these neighborhoods (Westbury 1 or 2, or maybe 3; Parkwest; Maplewood South). My preference would be Parkwest, because it is pretty & zoned to Parker (we have little kids). But we could be in a nearby neighborhood and magnet in to Parker or Kolter. My question, for residents there, is whether there are other differences that might not be readily apparent. Are there more kids in the neighborhoods zoned to the better schools? (Fewer kids in Maplewood South, for example, than in Parkwest?) And the fees in Maplewood South are higher... do you get mor
  15. I just found this site and what memories it cultivated. I went to Andy Anderson Elementary School and we moved from Westbury after 6th grade(1968). My family lived at 6018 Cartagena and Westbury Square was a family favorite. Like other postings, my friends and I practically lived there in 1968. my friends and I would ride bikes there and hang out. That was the year I decorated my bedroom on my own. Between Cargo Houston and the Electric Paisley, I shocked my parents by going psychedelic.The black light and black light posters, the incense and the 45 records blaring through my one speaker recor
  16. Scrolling through HAR listings, I saw this great, almost untouched mod in Maplewood/Westbury. The dining room has an "oriental"-themed 1950s mural, cool asian-esque screen things, and scalloped, gilded facades over the windows (Sorry, I don't know how to describe these things or what they are really called). The kitchen light fixtures with stenciled stars are truly fab. And though the stove may be a pre-1950s model, in my experience they work really well. I'd love for something like this to show up in the inner-loop, but surely somebody doesn't mind the semi-burbs! And it's cheap! $199 thou!
  17. From Houston Press Best Of Houston 2007 Best Hidden Neighborhood (2007) Westbury This Southwest Houston neighborhood has had a bit of a bad rap, some of it connected to relocated Katrina victims. But, despite the catfight at Westbury High last year, a lot of that involved the victims as victims, not as perpetrators. Other
  18. Anyone know the resale value of a home in this area that backs up to Brays Bayou? Ever hear of any major flooding in this area? Do homeowners over there have a hard time resaling with profit especially those along the bayou corridor? Also, what is the avearge market time for these homes? Should one be concerned if a home has been sitting to long in this area? Lots of questions . . . but I need lots of answers. Thanks for ANY info you can contribute.
  19. I'd like to get some feedback on the future of Meyerland specifically, and the inner southwest near the loop in general (Woodside/Woodshire, Meyerland, Willow Meadows/Bend/Brook, Westbury). We purchased a home in the area within the last few years, and from our viewpoint (at least in Meyerland), there has been a lot of money reinvested in the ranch houses (of course with a few teardowns and McMansions). It seems that a lot of young professional couples are moving into the area to support this change. On the flip side, however, many articles have referred to the demise and deterioration of
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