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  1. I often ride down Stanford as my last leg going home and have passed these cheap stucco townhomes, I finally turned left on W. Pierce to check out the front and saws these collapsing townhomes right next to them. I don't think anyone ever moved as I think they instantly received water damage to them. They are now falling apart, the roof collapsed on the front portion. I wonder which shitty company built these water traps? In my riding around inside the loop I see hundreds of these cheap townhomes who have seen lots of water damage because of cheap construction and fly by night builders. The townhomes next to the new BBQ place on Leeland have major water damage and are undergoing major repair. DON"T BUY STUCCO TOWHOMES. This is not the climate for stucco. Move to Phoenix, Tuscon or any other desert climate if you want stucco. Brick, Hardie plank, or concrete will last for years.
  2. There are several “Notice of Variance Request” signs up near Sampson/York and Garrow St. covering all or part of five blocks (as indicated in my crudely marked map below). From my understanding, this is property owned by Lovett/InTown Homes, so I would assume that there are townhouses going in here. Anyone have any additional info on this?
  3. By Matt Dulin | 2:36 PM Apr 9, 2021 CDT | Updated 2:36 PM Apr 9, 2021 CDT A Houston homebuilder is planning to bring as many as 87 townhomes to a former Union Pacific property in the Washington Avenue corridor. Billed as White Oak Station, the development is a project by the builder City Choice Homes and Happen Houston, the broker for the property, which has similar projects across the Houston area. "It is super preliminary at this point, but we'll be looking to bring a high-end product tailored to the area," said Michael Afshari, an adviser with Happen Houston. White Oak Station will likely offer designs and finishes similar to those from its Heights-area Park at Northwood development, which is in the process of building out, he said. The site is currently up for consideration for a subdivision replat by the Houston Planning Commission, which deferred a decision on the application April 1 for two weeks to allow for further review. The 4.5-acre property sits at the southwest corner of Hicks and Studemont Streets, putting it near the Lower Heights development and adjacent to two multifamily communities, CoOp at Summer Street and Broadstone Summer Street. https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/development/2021/04/08/townhome-development-proposed-near-washington-avenue/?type=article&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=newsletter_article Edit: This is the place that I've been taking pics of on Hicks St. I didn't know what was going on but suspected that Union Pacific was probably removing the train tracks for possible sale and then I found this in Community Impact website.
  4. 200 unit building (150 apartment units, 50 townhomes) Someone mind posting the full article? https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/04/22/houston-developer-to-buy-land-near-washington-ave.html
  5. Has anyone else noticed the new townhomes being built in Sunnyside and even Southpark? In Sunnyside they are off Bellfort and in Southpark they are sprinkled around. Looks like the neighborhoods are changing..
  6. PENDING PROJECTS At the end of the line Stubborn area to develop now looks primed with cheap land that's close to the Medical Center By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle DRIVE around the southern end of Metro's nearly year-old light rail line just outside the South Loop, and what emerges are overgrown tracts of land surrounded by a hodgepodge of warehouses, apartments, AstroWorld and even pumps from an old oil field. But observers say the area is on the cusp of a development explosion because of its cheap land and proximity to the ever-growing Texas Medical Center. "The area's been slow to develop," said Bob Parsley of realty firm Colliers International. "But we're beginning to see an overall acceptance in the marketplace for being south of 610." Indeed, home builders, industrial developers and land speculators are jockeying for still-vacant parcels just beyond the Metro terminus, fueling a land rush in this long-neglected area. Houston developer Frank Liu, who's building new homes nearby, owns about 60 acres surrounding Metro's Fannin South station, the last stop on the city's 7.5-mile light rail line connecting downtown with this area just south of Reliant Stadium. While he's not yet ready to tip his hand, Liu controls enough land in the area to create a sizable community where folks could live, work and shop. "The great thing about that piece of property is that it's so close to the rail stop and so close to the Medical Center," Liu, president of InTown Homes, said. "You just can't go wrong." These open spaces and still-low land prices are attracting developers whose options for development closer in are limited. "Land costs are just a fraction of what they are in the Medical Center," said David R. David of Warehouse Associates, a real estate firm building warehouses in the area and attracting more medical users than ever before. The company has leased space to a DNA lab, surgical center and a dialysis facility. In 2001, when the company built its first project there, medical firms didn't want to move south of the Loop, which was then seen as too far from the Medical Center. "We're seeing more demand for our sites," David said. "Today, I think we're a politically acceptable location for medical support." Jumping on bandwagon Other local developers have quickly caught on to the growing acceptance of this area, which, if it was noticed at all, was associated with a stretch of crime-ridden apartment buildings in the western corner. A group of investors has put together around 200 acres south of West Bellfort and east of South Main where it plans to develop a master-planned residential community. The project, which could spawn 1,000 homes, has been dubbed Buffalo Lakes. "We were attracted to the area primarily because of its proximity to the Medical Center and Reliant Center," said Joel Scott, who manages the partnership and is a principal in Terramark Communities, a Houston-based real estate development firm. Road work is tackling a long-standing obstacle to development. Buffalo Speedway, a major north-south thoroughfare that ends at West Bellfort, will likely be extended south to Holmes Road, improving access to Scott's project. Not waiting around Other developers haven't needed much convincing. A smattering of residential and commercial projects have been sprouting up among all the vacant land. Dozens of $200,000 townhomes line the streets near Link Valley, a neighborhood off Stella Link that used to be known by the nickname Death Valley. And Chancellor Properties recently completed Villas at Coronado, a 344-unit apartment complex on the Lakes at 610 just south of West Bellfort. The new project is around 80 percent occupied, according to O'Connor & Associates, a research firm. Apart from his planned development near the rail stop, Liu has started building townhomes in a project called Lake Pointe across from the apartment complex. The patio-home development built around a clubhouse, jogging trail and swimming pool will include 219 units when complete. Since the end of February, 77 units have been sold. The majority of buyers are professionals from the Medical Center, said Emily Wang, a sales consultant for Liu's company InTown Homes. "They're first-time buyers, mostly," she said. But it will be a while before development hits the area surrounding the end of the line. Liu is still formulating a plan for his acreage near the Fannin Street station. He said it will ultimately contain a combination of uses that will play off the light rail system. "Houston has always been a society of cars," said Tony Patronella, a real estate broker with Southwest Realty Advisors who has brokered many of the land deals in the area. "This will be the first time a subdivision is planned directly because of the light rail." http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/printstory.mpl/front/2931497
  7. Couldn't find this topic, merge it if needed.
  8. I know I've seen this somewhere but couldn't find it, merge it if necessary. Work has started on this project on 406? Marshall St in Westmoreland portion of Montrose right next to Spur 527 and W. Alabama. http://mastersonoaksatwestmoreland.com/ http://houston.culturemap.com/news/real-estate/05-07-14-new-townhouse-community-centered-around-a-300-year-old-oak-tree-houstons-nature-development/#slide=0
  9. I've spent the last 30 minutes looking for a contractor that provides turnkey solutions for Building a deck on top of a townhome. I'm sure I need an engineer stamp for the load and architect for the design. Does anyone have recommendations for Design / Build Contractor that handles small projects like this?
  10. New townhouse community being built at the intersection of San Felipe and Revere. Will be 10 four story townhouses ranging in size from 5,000 square feet to 7,800 square feet and start at $2.2 million. Going up right across from the Winfield Gate townhouse development which started construction some time last year. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Project-aims-at-ultra-rich-wanting-to-live-smaller-4676395.php
  11. Hi, I have been in the market for a home for about 2 years now. Most of what I found was a pick and choose of different qualities with each house. This is fine but I wanted to flirt with the idea of the costs of designing and building a townhouse on a piece of already purchased land in say First Ward. I know that in 2015 people mentioned it could cost somewhere around $150 per square foot. Would you this is accurate these days? Are there any major issues to be aware of when doing this. I know these builders get construction discounts when building multiple townhomes on a piece of land but this would be a single house. Any insight on the costs would be great!
  12. There are 15 townhomes planned where Sudden Impact stands (the portion of the property that sits behind the planned West Gray Plaza). The area is bounded by Valentine/Victor/Helena, and the planned West Gray Plaza to the south (as well as West Gray St).
  13. What happened to the townhomes on the corner of Fuqua and Telephone Rd. ? They are an eyesore!
  14. Noticed both notice of variance signs, and reasonably sized plots of land being cleared along the northwestern edge of the East End, mainly near Kennedy St. There is one lot on the corner of Jensen and Kennedy, Just south of the Buffalo Bayou and across from Guadalupe Park (currently being renovated), which is being cleared, along with the stretch of Kennedy St. between McAlpine and St. Charles being removed. Wonder if multiple decent sized lots could be connected for some form of multifamily development? Not a lot of info on this one that I am aware of. Anyone have a clue? Further along Kennedy St., 2 blocks, first one bounded by Kennedy, Live Oak, and Nagle (To the north are the Silos), and the second one bounded by Nagle, Kennedy, Middle, and Freund, have variances signs up. Both of them are referred to as "East End by the Bayou", with Asakura Robinson as the point of contact. Any idea what this is? I imagine townhome communities, just didn't know Asakura Robinson did that kind of projects. Further down on Nagle (near Fox St.), 2 lots have Urban living signs up. While not extremely shocking, it is a bit surprising given that there isn't much there quite yet. Finally, where Kennedy dead ends, there is another relatively large lot being cleared, just south of one being sold by Pinto. Does anyone know anything about these developments?
  15. 21 townhomes starting at $1.3 million+. "Embassy-like" security. Being built off of San Felipe just East of Kirby by Rohe and Wright. Looks very similar to their wildly successful Cheyne Walk (London-themed) development on Sunset Blvd. near the Sunset Clinic.
  16. According to Swamplot two apartments complexes were ask to vacate right across the street from the Huntingdon. Maybe Mr. Linn brought the properties.
  17. Looks like some more townhomes. I'm sure some of y'all have already spotted the demolition of the site. Was walking by the development to see what was up with it and found the website for it. http://www.pelicanbuilders.com/project_WestMainCommons.html It's literally right next to the large Willow Creek development. It seems pretty basic, but it's certainly going to be better than what was there before.
  18. An old house and a couple old warehouses were recently removed from the lot bound by Capitol, Nagle and the new light rail - there was a variance sign up but I didn't notice it today. The house at the corner of Capitol and Delano was not demoed. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.750267,-95.348348,3a,90y,29.52h,90.47t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1st7zT4oZ3lrTd05a79HW98g!2e0!6m1!1e1
  19. I saw today that The Parks at Boulder Creek has started moving a lot of earth and excavating for foundations for the midrises planned. This is the lifestyle center for Beltway 8 and Pearland Parkway and it should be Woodlands Town Center/Market Street-like in its scope. The plan calls for: Midrise office towers (8-10 stories) 300 acre park Upscale shopping (Williams-Sonoma, Virgin, Banana Republic, Restoration are a few names that I've heard tossed around) Townhouses Lofts Restaurants a small waterway (i've heard) Discreet parking in garages and backs of property. This is planned for both sides of Pearland Parkway and looks huge in scope. It is not a Big-box power center. Rather, it seems to be a real attempt to make Pearland a destination living, shopping, entertainment area, away from the 518/288 mess, that has gotten a little out of hand. This one looks to be quite well conceived and interesting. Go Pearland!
  20. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/06/river-oaks-to-get-ultra-luxe-townhomes.html
  21. Variance is up for approval before the planning commission Jan 31. Plans are up on the planning commission website. Big project. Might this be the beginning of the end for all the crud along Shep/Durham between I-10 and 610?
  22. I'm looking to buy a townhouse (hopefully for under $200,000) in one of the established townhouse communities in the Galleria / West Houston area. ("Established" because I don't want to deal with builders or developers.) I'd appreciate any feedback, good or bad, from people who are familiar with the townhouse communities in this area -- from the Briar-sphere (Briargrove, Briarwest, etc) to Bering / Augusta, to Wilcrest / Kirkwood / Dairy Ashford. Which developments have HOAs that are tyrannical, divided, or broke,which have the higher owner-occupancy rates, and so on. Since I have been thinking like a buyer, rather than a renter, I'm noticing that several townhouse complexes which I used to consider "nice" are now looking a little rough when it comes to the physical plant. Paint is peeling, wood trim is rotting, shingles are loose, etc. Could this be a sign that HOA dues aren't getting paid because of the recession? I would welcome any thoughts or feedback.
  23. Does anybody know what developer/builder is responsible for the new townhomes going up at Alvin A. Klein near Kuykendahl?
  24. Can 17 high-end homes really fit on 1.6 acres? Yikes I guess like this... http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2009/10/26/story2.html?b=1256529600%5E2314111
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