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Found 20 results

  1. I'm not sure if there's a current thread on this or not, but it looks like they are moving forward with toll lanes on 288. I hadn't heard about this - much less hearing it was delayed. Anyone have any idea what the design is going to look like, particularly coming into downtown & the med center? http://blog.chron.com/thehighwayman/2015/10/texas-288-toll-lane-work-expected-mid-2016/
  2. Has anyone driven this yet? I would imagine this will greatly improve the lives of people in the area between 59 and 288. This seemed to built fairly quickly. How does it tie into the beltway? Is there a ramp? Just wondering.
  3. HCTRA is planning to replace the Beltway 8 Ship Channel Bridge with two Cable-stayed suspension bridges. Public Notice attached from the Coast Guard is attached. Has this been mentioned already? Couldn't find an ongoing topic. Public notice - bridge application - 091815.pdf
  4. How do they plan to squeeze a freeway into the right away on South Post Oak (between Bellfort and Willowbend Blvd)??? I've been trying to find some schematics because I'm curious as to how they will do it without tearing down every business along that route.
  5. This will be slightly more convenient for drivers at best, but it's taking property out of an area that is improving due to the light rail. Seems like such a contradiction. As usual putting the highway through a minority neighborhood. Try putting it through piney point village or west university and see if it would go through. This is sad an unnecessary.
  6. https://hctra.co The primary purpose of this site right now is an information dump. I put some of my opinons on the front page, but I may remove them. The information about Texas Tag is important though - more proof that HCTRA is being run as if it were a profit seeking entity, rather than in service to the residents of Harris County. I am open to rational debate. I also accept submissions for the site. I am not opposed to the basic idea of toll roads either, but I think HCTRA has been actively abusive to their customers, and privately, I believe
  7. Surprised no one has shared this yet. Click2Houston Looks like it's to settle an absurd amount of Admin Fees for not paying tolls.
  8. So they're opening the new 249 toll road this Sunday. My question is, who paid for the old section of the new toll road where the signs have been posted for years stating "Future Toll Road" around 2920? Are we going to be charged to drive on a toll road that was built with TXDOT funds?
  9. HCTRA's annual report for FY 2013 was recently posted on their site https://www.hctra.org/about_reports/ Observations * Overall traffic count up 4.9% to 428,307,389 (1.173 million/day) * The Katy managed lanes showed the biggest percent increase in traffic count at 20.2% followed by the Sam Houston Tollway Northeast (18.6%) and the Ship Channel Bridge (10.8%) * The traffic leaders remained the same as last year: Sam Houston Tollway north (IH 45N to US 290) at 203k vpd, Sam Houston Tollway South (IH 10W to US 59S) at 197k vpd, and Sam Houston Central (US 290 to IH 10) at 161k vpd * The West
  10. Lot clearing has begun on the SE corner of Westpark Tollway at Peek. Any idea what's going in? I found this... looks like maybe a Stripes on that corner, but I can't tell for sure: http://www.loopnet.c...ay-Richmond-TX/
  11. HCTRA recently posted its annual report for FY 2012 (ended February 29). https://www.hctra.org/file_download/182/TollRoad_FY2012.pdf Some highlights: * Toll revenue was $519 million, a 7.9% increase over FY 2011. Total revenue was $566 million, an increase 13.9% over FY 2011. * All toll facilities saw increased traffic except Hardy Toll Road South (down 0.4%) The Katy Freeway Toll lane traffic increased 13%. * The HCTRA section of the Fort Bend Parkway halted its four year traffic decline with a 2% increase over FY 2011. Traffic remains 13% below the 2008 peak. The Fort Bend Parkway appears to
  12. http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Tolls-set-to-go-up-in-September-3703675.php I don't have any issue with this, the tolls need to keep pace with inflation like anything else. No way we're going to get any nice new roads without paying for them. Predictably, there's outrage in the Chron's comment section. To the whiners I say, "if you don't want to pay a toll don't use a toll road". Nobody said it's mandatory . . .
  13. Does anyone know what is being built on the NE corner of 99 and Westpark tollway - I think this area used to be called Grand Corner.
  14. Found this on a surveying website: http://gmont.com/the-woodlands-research-forest.htm If this is true, we would have heard something about this, right?
  15. Interesting read. http://www.ctchouston.org/blogs/christof/2...-a-blank-check/ The one that stands out to me the most is the eastern extension of Westpark. It would be elevated, so it would rise about the homes on the south side of Westpark. Then again, that's probably what folks there would prefer over a train. This follows the news reported by Chron a few days ago of a bill passed by the Senate that would allow HCTRA to be TxDOT's implementer of tollways in the Houston area. It's in the same bill that put the 2-year moratorium on private tollways.
  16. Harris County will help pay off a 26 million dollar loan for land the Houston Texans use for parking and their bubble practice field. The Harris county convention and sports corporation is unable to pay because the hotel/motel funds are lower than expected. Now the county will step in using funds from the Harris County Toll Road Authority. Should toll road funds be used for this?
  17. College Station, TxDOT consider Hwy 6 toll roads http://media.www.thebatt.com/media/storage...gepublisher.com Because of construction and subsequent traffic, Highway 6 is being used as a north and south route for local traffic, instead of regional traffic, said Kevin Fogle, transportation planner for the city of College Station. As a solution, there have been talks about adding toll roads to Highway 6, said Bob Colwell, public information officer of the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). "Making toll roads will help us to do projects faster," he said. Colwell said adding toll roads co
  18. toll road proposal draws fire "The sum would apply to three tollways totaling more than 80 miles: 15 miles along U.S. 290 from Loop 610 to Huffmeister, 53 miles of the proposed Grand Parkway (Texas 99) from the Katy Freeway to the Eastex Freeway (this would include the Segment F-2 in the Spring area that is under contention), and 14 miles of the Sam Houston Tollway, extending it from the Eastex Freeway to U.S. 90."
  19. (from the most recent TxDOT TTC meeting:) MR. BEHRENS: Agenda item number 5 will be a discussion item where we will be talking about possible rule amendments concerning the approval of connection of another entity's tolled or non-tolled highway to our state highway system. Amadeo will make that presentation. MR. SAENZ: Good morning, commissioners, Mr. Behrens, Roger. For the record, Amadeo Saenz, assistant executive director for Engineering Operations. And as Mr. Behrens said, this discussion item is to get some feedback from the commission as we begin to develop the proposed rules dealing wit
  20. (as seen in TxDOT's minutes of the July TTC meeting); d. Montgomery County - Consider a proposal from Montgomery County to construct, under a pass-through toll agreement, improvements to FM 1485, FM 1488, FM 1314, and FM 3083, and tolled direct connectors from SH 242 and SH 105 to I-45; authorize the executive director to negotiate a pass-through toll agreement with Montgomery County Commissioner Johnson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Andrade, and the commission approved the following minute order presented by Finance Division Director James Bass: 109734 FIN On April 26, 2004, Montgom
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