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Found 9 results

  1. I thought that due to rising interest rates, this year would see appraisals take a breather. Ha!!! My 6,600 sq ft lot value went from 495k to 594k. This is the biggest increase I can remember since I bought in 2000. Looks like improvement values went up about 12%. The land value is now higher than my 2022 appraised value meaning that the best I will be able to do at a protest is get about $20k net off the appraised value after taking into account the cap. Of course this is probably HCAD just throwing everything they've got at appraisals in anticipation of some legislation from Austin this year. But man. This was a huge increase.
  2. Oh, the tax man is going for it this year. I had a successful protest last year and had my improvement value reduced by $60k. This year, my improvement value went up by $71k. Lot value went from $396k to $429k. General trend I noticed was that if you had a successful protest recently, HCAD took it back and then some. Otherwise, improvement values seem to go up by around 10-15%. I am in 77008 in an original bungalow on a 6600 sq ft lot. Comps are pretty much non-existent. I had success with a fair and equitable protest because a bunch of similar properties got big reductions before I did my protest. I may have to go with the house falling apart approach this year. Of course, if the legislature caps increases at 2.5%, it may not be worth the effort to protest as I would have to hit it out of the ball park to beat the cap.
  3. Property tax appraisals are out. Generally, in the Heights, the appraisal for dirt on 2/3 lots (4,300 sq ft) went down from @350k to @261k. Appraisals on full size 6600 sq ft lots stayed flat at 396k. Appraisals on oversized lots (8,700) went up from 459k to 522k. My appraisal was flat on my 6600 sq ft lot, but taxes will go up because of the cap on previous year's increases. I have found it to be just about impossible to find comps to bring to HCAD to protest because there are very few sales of roughly original sized bungalows. The few comps I have found are right in line with the current tax appraisal. And I replaced my HVAC. So, I can't use pics of my 15 year old HVAC unit anymore.
  4. I got my notice today and got hit for the third straight year with a 10% increase. I did not argue the last two years because I really had no argument. I am looking for my position now! Any thoughts? Oil and gas, property tax cap, looming pension fund obligations . . .
  5. Here we go again. It looks like this year, HCAD is putting a substantial bump on improvement value while only modestly bumping land. I will just be trying to stop the tide as all the comp sales around me have been well over HCADs assessment of my 2015 market value. My only shot will be to bring in estimates for my beat up foundation and AC unit. But I need to get them to come down over 90k to touch the appraised value. I am looking at hitting the cap for at least the next three years. Of course, I will be happy with the equity when I go to do an addition in a few years. But, in the meantime, can we get some new playground equipment at Love park with all the piles of taxes we are paying?
  6. Wow is all I can say. I got my appraised values yesterday, and HCAD was very aggressive this year in trying to get appraisals to meet purchase prices. I saw an over 50% increase in one of my properties in the Heights, another was well over 40%....I think the long time residents of the well maintained shacks, who have been fighting all of the new construction to keep valuations low may, as of this year have finally, lost their battle. I have seen increases in every single year I have owned, but they have all been reasonable....6%, 8%9%- but 40%-50% is pretty tough to handle, no matter who you are. Granted the 10% homestead cap will help many of the old-timers stick it out another year or two, but if they are seeing 50% increases as well (based solely on land values) it wont be long until they are forced out and the builders will complete the clean sweep of the area.
  7. The land value for my house increased by 25% from 2012 to 2013. (all the 6,350 sq. ft. lots on my side of the street went from 181,600 to 227,000). The house directly accross the street from me has a land value of 123,750 for 6,250 sq. ft. lot. Now it is a weird line... they are technically in Brookesmith and I'm in Woodland Heights... but how can Harris county say my land is worth ~100k more than the house directly accross the street? Thoughts?
  8. Go to http://www.hcad. org and type your owner name to check your assessed value. Many homeowners will see a reduction or stagnant assessed value. From the Chronicle news article.... Of the 860,000 homes that have been appraised, 45 percent saw a reduction in value, 39 percent were assigned the same value and 16 percent saw an increase in value, Robinson said. (Jim Robinson is the Chief Appraiser.) http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6324473.html
  9. Good Afternoon, hope your day goes well ! Can someone please clarify or confirm if a new home from ground up sell price ranging from $500k and up can significantly increase property taxes even though all other homes on that block are much older, smaller, and cheaper? So I am assuming no need to approach HCAD about reduction in property taxes since the value of the block is going from old homes to new and expensive homes ? Thank You "make it a great day"
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