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Found 11 results

  1. For the past 25 years Texas Southern University has been a joke. The school has no real admission standards (no ACT or SAT required for entry), its administrators are constantly caught up in verifiable scandal, and the school is constantly in financial trouble. The article below id further evidence of this. The alumni who have gone on to succeed after graduation have probably done so IN SPITE OF, rather than because of the value of a Texas Southern University Degree. Barbara Jordan would be outraged and probably hanging her head low right now. I challenge all TSU alumni, administrators, faculty, students, and Houstonians in general to show some pride and demand better from this institution, otherwise I'm all for a "hostile takeover" by U of H or another state school. Drastic times call for drastic measures. ______________________________________________________________________________ Jan. 26, 2007, 12:58AM Perry orders regents to fix TSU finances 'Not happy' with the officials, governor gives them up to 45 days to plan By POLLY ROSS HUGHES AND MATTHEW TRESAUGUE Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle AUSTIN — Startled by the depth of Texas Southern University's multimillion-dollar financial woes, Gov. Rick Perry has ordered its board of regents to start making "tough decisions" to fix the problems or resign. "It can't be a Mickey Mouse deal," Perry spokesman Robert Black told the Houston Chronicle on Thursday. "It can't be a Band-Aid." In private meetings last week, Perry demanded that TSU's regents come up with a concrete plan within 30-45 days to start fixing problems plaguing the university's finances this year. Next week, the terms of three of TSU's nine regents expire, giving Perry the opportunity to name new members. Perry also plans to announce a blue-ribbon panel that will develop a long-term plan for TSU, including defining its academic mission. One fear, which the governor's office said it hopes to avoid, is that TSU would be merged into another university. Houston Democrats Sen. Rodney Ellis and Rep. Garnet Coleman underscored the importance of protecting the historically black university and keeping it independent. They noted its long history in shaping Houston's black middle class. "TSU is in the neighborhood where I grew up. It isn't just an institution I represent," Coleman said. "It's more than that. TSU represents some of the best of black Texas and black Houston." Ellis said he is a graduate of the university, along with political notables including the late U.S. Reps. Barbara Jordan and Mickey Leland and lawyer and former U.S. Congressman Craig Washington. Ellis, complaining that Texas' two historically black universities have been underfunded since their inception, said he hopes Perry's actions will prove positive for TSU. "I'm glad he's stepping up to the plate," he said. "Let's hope he's correcting that historical wrong." Yet, with TSU asking the Legislature for millions in emergency funds and financial help while its money matters are "in shambles," Black said, lawmakers are apt to lose patience. "It can't be the same old, same old. They're going to have to make the hard decisions to correct these issues," he said. . . Read the rest of the article here.
  2. Docomomo US Diversity Tour John Chase, FAIA, Texas Southern University and the Third Ward Houston Mod invites you to join us Sunday, October 13, 2019 for a walking tour of the Texas Southern University Campus at 2:30 PM and Self-guided driving tour of the Third Ward Walking Tour Start South side of TSU East Parking Garage - 3711 Cobb Street (enter parking garage from Tierwester Street, north of Cleburne Street; fee $1/hr up to $3 max; usually free on Sundays) Martin Luther King, Jr. School of Communications (1969) John S. Chase FAIA (1925 - 2012) was from Baltimore, Maryland. After serving in WWII, he earned a degree in architecture from Hampton University in Virginia. In 1952, he earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Texas, becoming the first African American person to do so. He soon became the first registered African American architect in Texas. Unable to find work, he started his own firm, specializing in the design of churches and houses. His early work was inspired mostly by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian ideals. He moved to Houston to accept a position at Texas Southern University, the beginning of his involvement with the campus. Through his office in Houston, he designed a number of buildings for the TSU campus, where the largest collection of his work can be found. John Chase’s legacy extends beyond his own work. As a founding member of NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects) in 1971 and throughout his long career, he continued to advocate for and support minority architects. Texas Southern University Campus Walking Tour: Come join us and tour the heart of the TSU campus and view the buildings designed by John Chase that established a new direction for the campus master planning and architecture in the 1960s. We will start at the East Parking Garage (Smith & Company 2006) and walk south to the Thurgood Marshall School of Law (John S. Chase 1976). At the entrance to the central campus plaza, we will pass by the newest campus building, the Library Learning Center (Moody Nolan 2019). The tour extends west to the first campus building, Fairchild Hall (Cato, Austin, Evans 1947), home to the University Museum (founded 2000). Prominent art pieces by internationally renowned African American muralist painter John T. Biggers and sculptor Carroll Harris Simms are on display in the Museum and on the campus. Following the TSU Walking Tour, we encourage you to take the Self-Guided Driving Tour of the Third Ward (map will be available online). On the tour you will see buildings designed by John Chase including churches and residences. Additional prominent Third Ward sites designed by other architects are also highlighted.
  3. http://texasleftist.blogspot.com/2014/04/msnbc-coming-to-texas-southern.html “NOW with Alex Wagner” will broadcast live at 3 p.m. CT from Texas Southern’s University Plaza, near the Tiger Walk, just in front of the Sterling Student Life Center. MSNBC hosts and contributors will also be onsite for meet and greets with fans from noon to 7 p.m. local time. Growing Hope is a MSNBC initiative that invites viewers to engage with the brand and share their hopes for change around issues that impact their communities. The “Growing Hope” series will include live events, online activations and special on-air programming. By sharing hopes online, at events, and through social media, the MSNBC audience can grow together as a community with the power to make a difference. The MSNBC space was one of the most popular at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans last year, remembers TSU Associate Vice President Eva Pickens. “People from all walks of life were tweeting their hope for America, then running to take pictures as their statements showed up across the reflection pond. It was very interactive and exciting to see. Of course, we expect hundreds of thousands to show up at Texas Southern as well. We are definitely inviting everyone and planning for a huge audience.” They just did a cut-in from campus in an earlier news show as well.
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking about returning to Houston after 10 years in NYC. I'd like to leave my current career and get my MUP. The only accredited school in Houston appears to be TSU. Does anyone know anything about this program? I'm aware of TSU's less than stellar reputation, but since this is the only program in Houston, does it hold some weight? Additionally, is there anyone who has a graduate degree from another school in Houston that is now practicing Urban Planning? Any insight is appreciated.
  5. TSU beat Alabama State yesterday, 11-6, winning the SWAC Championship. This is their first conference championship since '68. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/7335661.html
  6. My daughter is attending texas southern university as an incoming freshman this year.we spent the week of orientation with her and was suprised the school was right in the middle of the hood.i think its third ward.trying to get some general info about the area,the university, etc.while we we traveling the city that week,we would tell people we were visiting from Nap(indianapolis)and in return they would ask us why we were in houston.my wife said our daughter enrolled in TSU and the people would literally frown at us.somebody let me know whats up.
  7. I found this on YouTube. There are modern day interviews, as well as clips of interviews from the 1960-1963 period, with video footage of the old Weingarten's on Almeda, and a news crew interviewing citizens in front of what appears to be Foley's downtown in the same time period.
  8. I have wondered for years what were the origins of the immediate TSU area. My question is concerning the nieghborhoods not the campus per say. Maybe someone that is knowledgable of Houston history can divulge? I have noticed when driving around there for many years that the boulevards are wide and the homes are mostly 2 story brick situated on nice steep little hills. (Hill to me because most of Houston is flat) I thought I read somewhere in a chron story or book that in the 1930's & 40's it was mosly wealthy Jewish families that were barred from living in River Oaks. Yes, they had their share of racism too. The article said that most families had maids and when the older owners passed away they just gave thier house to the maids or butlers. Just quoting so dont hate me. Peace! Sticking to the topic, if anyone has photos or the story of that area. I never have referrred to "Wards" because that term is so misleading so please give me the name of the neighborhood instead. Any input would be most appreciated. Peace, love, kindness... friends...
  9. I've seen this house on the news several times, but i also swear that i've driven past this house before though i can't seem to recall where. Anyone know where this house is?
  10. Hey everyone, Wife and I somehow managed to get an accepted contract on a hot piece of property that as far as I can tell is greatly undervalued. Comps for the neighborhood Vogel 10 Acs are tough to find. Anyone on here willing to throw out a good list price suggestion and why? Any feedback on the home would also be greatly appreciated as well. I plan to install a fridge, work on the landscaping (flowers, pressure wash), a few very small sheetrock repairs, might replace carpet, etc.... If you like the home and would like to purchase it after I close on it then I would also love to talk to you as it will hit MLS again right after I close. Thanks everyone for your time and help. Scharpe St Guy Property We Just Got A Contract On
  11. Does anyone else find it peculiar that everyone around this woman and trying to protect this woman, who is a "pillar" in the black community but, without a doubt, has used her power for EVIL, are trying sooooo hard to tell everyone to please not judge her yet, until all the facts have come out. I think the local news media has pretty much got all the "facts" straight on this one so far, is there something they are missing. She keeps "borrowing" school money to pay for upgrades and maid services around her house. Have you seen that house. NICE ! Does anyone think this is a Witchhunt or is she guilty as sin ? Opinions ?
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