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  1. Someone please tell me more about this project. This would be for the Texas Medical Center at the corner of Main & Holcombe, where the Bank of America building sits. http://www.slideshare.net/QingjingZuo/smilodon-rendering-collection-20154-47319504
  2. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated April 9, 1911 and came across a social section of local events and happenings. One article caught my eye. Now, back in 1911 I don't think South Main (Boulevard) went very far. I'm pretty sure they meant Old Main Street Road. I actually don't know, just an educated guess. I guess "South Main Blvd" would have started on the outskirts of Downtown extending to the Rice campus. Anything past the Rice campus would have been OMSR. There's a map somewhere on HAIF that shows South Main Blvd. not going further than the Rice campus. The article: There was an unusual gathering last Thursday at Samuel L. Hain's farm on South Main street, where Florence Lillian, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Archer took dinner with her great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Hain and her grandfather Sam K. Hain. Those present were her great-grandfather, Henry Clay Hain, aged 82; great-grandmother, Mrs. M.C. Hain aged 77; Mrs. M.M. Archer, 83 years--
  3. The one along Holly Hall crosses freight tracks owned by UP or Houston Belt & Terminal, but the frequency of trains is very low and almost never during the daytime. At night, small trains drop off and pick up cars at the Grocers Supply Co. distribution center on Holcombe, which is where the line currently ends, but that is the only user of the tracks of which I'm aware.
  4. I can't believe we don't have a thread for this! (or do we?) Here are a few photos I took yesterday. http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/gallery/1237377429/gallery_3613_2_91212.jpg http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/gallery/1237377429/gallery_3613_2_195305.jpg
  5. Lockmat discovered this development from a link that TheNiche posted in the "Dome over Houston" thread. Europa at Houstonian Lakes, a 500-acre master planned community. LandQuest development group (or L Star, they've recently partnered with Starwood development) is the developer. http://www.enzoinv.com/brochure/brochure.htm (pg. 20-23)
  6. Parkwood is at OST and Cambridge, just west of the VA Hospital. I understand that it's owned by Baylor, and is a large brick garden apartment complex with over 100 live oaks on the property, hardwoods, good square footage, and very reasonable rents (try $690 for 1233 sq. ft. 2 BR + den apt.) Most of the residents work in the Med Center, obviously. Many of them are post-docs and researchers, lots of Asian families. Lots of the families planted gardens there. Residents were given notice on September 1 to vacate by November 1. It's going to be demolished. Anybody know the history of this place? I think it was built around 1948. Who designed it? What's going up instead? I assume all the live oaks are history, they are already cutting them down on the VA's eastern border. If you want any free landscaping (crepe myrtles, wisteria, rubber trees, etc. ), now's the time to dig 'em up. Any good suggestions for apartment alternatives in the area?
  7. We didn't have a thread for this campus and building. Within time the surface lot will developed. The building's address is 1977 Butler Blvd.
  8. 9-Story hotel going propsed at the corner of Lehall Street & Bertner Ave in the Texas Medical Center. There's a rendering on the current Planning Commission Agenda.
  9. Does anyone know about the Charles Weber & Rice University saga? Apparently, Charles Weber was holding onto some valuable pig farm land that Rice wanted. Eventually, he caved in and sold to the university. Map Showing Rice Institute Property. The accompanying map shows the Rice Institute location, three miles from the center of the city on Main Street Road, the road leading right alongside the property from the South End, Southmore and Kenilworth Grove additions. The map begins at Eagle avenue. The white squared marked “Dupont” and “Charles Weber” are small pieces of property which the trustees could not secure. The Weber property having been occupied as a home and truck garden for a number of years. In the northern edge of the 102-acre tract there is a large grove of stately forest trees, while the lower portion of the sity-seven-acre tract is dotted with the large forest trees. The stream winding through the proper is Brays Bough, which will give through drainage. This stream, in addition to furnishing drainage is acceptable of terracing and landscaping. Altogether the location is ideal in every particular. Nether Proof. Lovett nor the trustees are ready to make any announcement as to the character of the buildings or educational policy, but they are all busy with these matters. Bought Land for $1000; Sells it for $56,000 An indicator of the expansion of Houston land values within the last 47 years was given Wednesday when Charles Weber and wife sold a tract of land lying opposite the Rice Institute on Main street boulevard for $6000. The tract was less than three acres and was the last of 10-acre plot bought by Mr. Weber in 1872 for $1000. The 10 acres have brought $56,000 to the owner since his original purchase. The tract across from Rice Institute was bought by R.W. Franklin, who acts as trustee for other interests. The land will not be used for furthering private enterprises, according to Mr. Franklin. The deed to the three acre tract was filed Wednesday in the district clerk's office. Record Price Paid For Main Street Acreage By The Rice Institute. Seven acres Were Purchased Yesterday From Charles Weber for a Consideration of $50,000. Seven Acres Bring $50,00 Charles Weber, a truck framer out Main street road, south of Houston sold, sold seven acres of land adjusting the site of Rice Institute for $50,000 cash. The processional at Rice's formal opening ceremonies almost had to be rerouted at the last minute for what Porcine reason? Thanks to our generous clue, all the contestants realized the answer had something to do with pigs. Despite answers ranging from runaway pigs to disparaging comments about Rice women, the real answer lies with farmer Charles Weber, who owned the last 10 acres of what would become the Rice grounds. Weber, whose pigsty lay adjacent to the processional route, refused to sell his parcel of land until the proverbial 11th hour.
  10. I was browsing the newspaper Jewish Herald-Voice dated December 12, 1940 and came across an article about a lady hosting an open house. The address is an historic, cool, address so I wanted to post it. She lived at 6926 Old Main Street Road, which puts this at modern-day 6926 Fannin Street, which is now the current-day TECO power plant across from the UTHealth BioMedical Tower. Mrs. Emmy Levy Golden will hold Open House on December 17, 3 to 6 p.m. at her home, 6926 Old Main Street Road; honoring her children, Mr. and Mrs. Leon C. Levy. No other invitations are being issued except through the press. Mrs. Golden recently returned from an extended trip to California.
  11. I was looking for information regarding the Greenwood Sanitarium located on South Main Street (actually on Old Main Street Road) and came across this small, unknown dairy farm called Duerig's Farm. It appears that the farm was owned and operated by William J. Duerig. I found all these newspaper articles and ads in The Houston Post dated 1913 - 1918. While the articles never mention South Main Street, or Old Main Street Road, I don't think South Main extended towards the Greenwood Sanitarium before the 1920s. "Main Street" would actually be Old Main Street Road. Tractor Demonstration Titan Tractors - Olive Plows This successful tractor will be demonstrated on the Duerig's Farm, out Main street, near Greenwood's Sanitarium, Sept. 5 and 6. Come and see the results of years of experience in tractor building. W. Roy Reid & Company 525-527 Preston Avenue - Houston, Texas. Titan Kerosene Tractor - A Grade Prize Winner - See It In Action - Free Demonstration. Thursday and Friday, September 5 and 6, at the Durig Dairy, near Greenwood Sanitarium on Main Street Road. It appears that the farm was owned and operated by William J. Duerig. Woman who taught first night school in Houston Twenty-Three years ago will herself graduate from night school. Third Row, Left to Right: I. Hergeron, F. Sheridan, Allen Murray, W.J. Duerig-- Those finishing in the bookkeeping department will be as follows: Mrs. Nora Whaley, Mrs. Bertha Young, Lawrence J. Bergerson, William J. Duerig-- It looks like William J. Duerig had a home at 1404 Crawford Street. Dallas Man Held Up. Made to Deliver by Highwaymen on Clay Avenue. Fralia is stopping at the home of W. J. Duerig at 1404 Crawford Street, while in the city.
  12. My very first science fiction convention happened at this place back in 81 and it was such a blast. I met every player in Star Trek there as well as a slew of writers I always looked up to. I was 11 at the time and shortly after I heard the hotel was knocked to the ground. I remember liking the inside but all I can really remember was the roof was green. Anyone have any pics that'd like to share?
  13. I was looking for information regarding the Meyer Estate on the side of the South Loop and discovered that the Rice University Fondren Library that has a few physical boxes of archives regarding the Meyer family. One box contents says: Photos of the Loraine and George B. Meyer house on Holcombe Blvd. Overview The George Meyer Family Photos and Memorabilia contains family photos, photos of the Loraine and George B. Meyer house on Holcombe Blvd. in Houston, a catalog of the company business, and a resolution on the death of Joseph F. Meyer. Dates: 1916 - 1967. Does anyone recall this property? I am looking for photos, or an address. Thanks! http://archives.library.rice.edu/subjects/1114?&filter_fields[]=published_agents&filter_values[]=Rogers%2C+Karen+Hess
  14. I found this Houston Chronicle article dated July 22, 1962 that detailed the new Texas Heart Institute. Unique Heart Center Planned Construction of a unique 10-story, $6 million Heart Institute as an addition to the joint facilities of St. Luke's Episcopal and Teas Children's Hospitals has been proposed by the board of both hospitals. The institute, preliminary plans of which are new on architects' drawing boards. Would be devoted exclusive the medical and surgical treatment of the heart, education and research. Dr. Maynard Martin, administrator of St. Lukes and Texas Children's who has been designated to be the institute administrator, said "it will be the only facility like this kind in the nation, probably. Leopold Meyer, president of Texas Children's Hospital said, "Construction on the hospital will cost $6 million, with further funds necessary for equipment". Preliminary drawings for the institute were prepared by Staub, Rather, and Howze Architects who in association with Rustay and Martin, and Caudit, Bowlett and Scott have planed for the expansion of the north side of the joint hospital facility and the construction of a parking garage now underway. Edit: Looks like the new hospital was a direct replacement of the old. It's in the exact same location, next to the original St. Lukes Hospital.
  15. I was browsing the Houston Public Library Digital Archives and noticed a Hermann Hospital building that I was unfamiliar with. Thought I would share. November 1941.
  16. I was reading the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated August 25, 1975 and came across a business ad for First Professional Bank located at 6424 Fannin Street. I then found a picture of this historic old bank medical in the Texas Medical Center. Looks like the Prairie View A&M College of Nursing took place of the bank. Very cool! Anyone recall this bank? It's fairly recent so maybe some HAIFers went there?
  17. I was looking for the two renderings of this proposed development by Lyme Properties. Does anyone have this in their archives? Thanks- Lyme launches large life sciences project By Jennifer Dawson – Houston Business Journal Nov 14, 2004 A national developer of life sciences properties plans to construct a 500,000-square-foot building near the expanding Texas Medical Center. This will be the first Houston project for Lyme Properties, which is based in Hanover, N.H., and calls itself the third-largest life sciences property developer in the country. Lyme has acquired two acres for the project at 1911 Holcombe Blvd., between the Ronald McDonald House and The Spires high-rise condominiums. Preliminary plans call for 350,000 square feet of medical office space, with the remaining 125,000 square feet earmarked for research and lab operations. The building will also include parking, and have roughly 25,000 square feet for a restaurant. The Lyme building is currently in the design phase, so the final concept may be tweaked a bit over the next six to nine months. The firm has been interviewing architects and contractors for the local development. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2004/11/15/story3.html
  18. I was browsing some Texas race track forums and someone mentioned: https://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/26900-old-aerial-pics-of-race-tracks/page/2/ If you go to Playland Park and then pan north/northeast, you will see a little 1/10 mile oval track behind what appears to be a building and located to the east of South Main as it gradually turns. That was another test track and the one on another thread that describes Larry Schild and I testing our midgets. It became a Go-Kart track and was converted to Go-Kart racing as Quarter Midget Racing began to die in Houston. I think I remember the 1/10 mile oval track, as a Go-Kart Ride track in the 1960s. Didn't it belong to someone formerly involved in Quarter Midget Racing? Possibly a racer named Johnny? He would have been about your age, and possibly later operated a road course Go-Kart ride facility farther out South Main, past the South Loop Freeway. I went to Historicaerials and spanned South Main in the 1950s and 1960s and discovered a small oval race track located on South Main Street near Hiram Clarke Road. I assume this was what the poster in the Lonestarspeedzone thread was talking about? Also could have been horse stables as well? Very, very cool find!! Oddly enough, Google Earth could not locate this track, only Historicaerials. I guess they were different satellites. Well, it actually looks like Google's time frame is a bit different. The track was non existent, on Google, in 1953 and was disappearing in 1978. Image credit: https://www.historicaerials.com/viewer In 1978 the track was swallowed by an empty field. You can see part of the oval track still there. I believe that's also the McClendon Triple Drive-In Theater across Hiram Clarke located at 11991 South Main Street. That's massive!
  19. Link to article. Wow, not only am I getting a 1.1-million-square-foot teaching hospital within walking distance of my condo and a connection to N. Macgregor via Cambridge, but I'm also getting a 315,000-square-foot facility just down the street! I was hoping for more verticality, but I can live with it.
  20. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Institutional Facilities Master Planning Services - MP2030/JSW https://www4.mdanderson.org/procurement/bids/index.cfm?pagename=viewBid&id=6398&name=Request for Qualification&historic=yes
  21. Here is something recently mentioned on Swamplot. Does anyone know anything about this project? http://www.kirksey.com/project/buffalo_lakes_master_plan Page 10 of this PDF http://www.ridemetro.org/ProjectsPrograms/PDFs/90A_Media_Briefing_020711.pdf shows rail going through the project.
  22. I was looking at a few HAIF threads combined with looking on historical satellite images, and I found this obscure race track. In this 1944 image, you can see an oval track near the intersection of Main & Holcombe. The oval track is located off Old Main Street Road. This could be a horse riding stables as well. Or a small test track for other speedways in the area. There were several around. My research turned up this: https://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/26900-old-aerial-pics-of-race-tracks/page/2/ If you go to Playland Park and then pan north/northeast, you will see a little 1/10 mile track behind what appears to be a building and located to the east of South Main as it gradually turns. That was another test track and the one on another thread that describes Larry Schild and I testing our midgets. It became a Go-Kart track and was converted to Go-Kart racing as Quarter Midget Racing began to die in Houston. In this image, you can see the 4 oval race tracks Left: Houston (Bellaire) Speedway Bottom: Unknown on OMSR Middle: Arrowhead Speedway Top: Unknown on OMSR
  23. I was looking at a few HAIF threads combined with looking on historical satellite images, and I found this obscure race track. Looks like, in present-day, this is located at Kirby Drive & NRG Parkway. Makes me think this was having to deal with the Astrodome design/festivities. In the year 1944, you can see the race track was grown-over with grass. I'm thinking this was active in the 1920s. I wonder if this was a test track, or related, to the Arrowhead Speedway a few miles away. This could also be apart of a horse stables property. A horse riding track? I also didn't know that a portion of Old Main Street Road turned into Kirby Drive. I thought it was a Fannin Street swap? Arrowhead Speedway shown at the top of the image located on Old Spanish Trail near South Main Street. In this image, you can see the 4 oval race tracks: Left: Houston (Bellaire) Speedway Bottom: Unknown on OMSR Middle: Arrowhead Speedway Top: Unknown on OMSR
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