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  1. Someone please tell me more about this project. This would be for the Texas Medical Center at the corner of Main & Holcombe, where the Bank of America building sits. http://www.slideshare.net/QingjingZuo/smilodon-rendering-collection-20154-47319504
  2. U.S. grants Lexicon $1.9 million for antiterrorism research By: BURTON SPEAKMAN, Villager staff 01/05/2005 Lexicon Genetics Incorporated (Nasdaq: LEXG) was awarded a $1.9 million grant for the discovery of drug targets that could provide resistance to ricin poisoning from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases for a one-year initial term. "Lexicon's proprietary gene knockout technology, coupled with our comprehensive system for analyzing the physiological effects of genes in mammals, can provide the Army with important information in its effort to combat the harmful effects of bioterrorism and biological warfare agents," said Arthur T. Sands, M.D., Ph.D., company president and chief executive officer. According to the Centers for Disease Control, ricin is a water-soluble poison made from the waste produced during the processing of the castor bean and can be produced in pellet, powder or mist form. The goal of the program is to ultimately identify target agents and to develop protective drugs, Sands said. Lexicon will complete the testing for 250 genes within the term the grant. Genes will be tested to evaluate their potential to block the body's reaction to ricin, he said. This technology does not work in the same manner as current treatments for either diseases or poisons. Current treatments work to eliminate toxins or infections from the body, Sands said. Drugs developed through this gene therapy will keep the toxin or infection from reacting with the agent it uses to damage the body. "Any agent - whether it be a poison or a virus - must use an agent to interact with the body," he said. Currently it is unclear what kind of reaction ricin produces that infects the body. Another advantage to gene treatment is that toxins and diseases can mutate, making current treatments invalid, Sands said. This would not be the case for drugs that affect the target agent. "Genes within the human body don't mutate," he said. "This could be the beginning of a whole new class of therapy." "We believe the methods we will be using to find host factors for ricin resistance could have broader applications for other toxins or infectious agents," Sands said. This is one of the initial steps that could bring the new therapeutic treatments to wider use, he added. The grant from the U.S. Army is the first grant that Lexicon Genetics has ever received, Sands said. Burton Speakman may be reached at bspeakman@mail.hcnonline.net.
  3. Can't believe I haven't posted this yet, Aggie Park is a redevelopment of the area between Kyle Field and the Corps Quad. It will include a lake, grand promenade leaded up to the east side of Kyle Field, and an event center for Ring Day. Construction camera: https://app.truelook.com/?u=ma1629835378#tl_live The Gardens: https://gardens.tamu.edu/leach-teaching-gardens/
  4. Former Bryan Air Force Base to be transformed into multimillion-dollar research hub and education center over next few years (May 2, 2016) Other links: Multi-million dollar research facility to anchor Riverside Campus hub Full steam ahead for RELLIS RELLIS Campus is an exciting project for Texas A&M, this community Texas A&M System breaks ground for first RELLIS facility RELLIS Campus showing signs of its commitment to the future
  5. Do we know what's happening with TAMU's old Institute of Biosciences and Technology building? When Innovation Plaza was announced, I believe this was covered. Medistar grabbed it right?
  6. Was visiting my niece in College Station today, she is a junior and asked if I would come up to visit her. She wanted to show off the campus. Unfortunately we picked the hottest day of the year to be walking around. Not may trees on this campus unlike Rice University. Lots of new construction in and around the campus. I haven't been to College Station since '86. Came across them installing a tower crane for a new parking garage and saw the base of a second crane. She and her Architectural Engineering in Urban Planning boyfriend wanted to show off the new Zachry Engineering building.
  7. Texas A&M has been awarded a very large governmental grant to create one of three national bio defense centers. Good news for Texas and Texas A&M http://onehealthplusbiocorridor.com/
  8. Stumbled across this on PGAL architecture's website. https://www.pgal.com/projects/texas-am-university-at-galveston-academic-building-complex-phase-1
  9. Planned development continues in the east side of Bryan. University Dr will be extended east, once it crosses Boonville Rd, it will be entirely within the City of Bryan city limit. http://www.kbtx.com/content/news/Residential-commercial-Oakmont-neighborhood-coming-to-Bryan-in-2017-389239961.html From City of Bryan website: http://docs.bryantx.gov/planning_development/P&Z/2016/10-20-16/SR-RZ15-03.pdf
  10. I was cruising through Scotch's imgur album of Kyle Field pics and saw this. It looks like there is a basement component (or another pool) to the expansion off the old weight room area. This place was pretty nice when they opened it in '95, still would be if they kept it up. It's going to be a palace. Long way from Deware Field House.
  11. Apparently one of the options coming out of the Populous Group design study. I don't have any more information...
  12. Some people were talking in another thread about the current "arms race" going on amongst major universities. Some of us are fresh out of college (or maybe still in school) who have seen the arms race first hand, others are older and have watched from a different perspective as their alma mater jumped into this ongoing competition for the finest facilities. What are everyones feelings on the arms race? Is it good for the schools? Which Texas school is winning this race?
  13. This construction was on west campus. It looks to be student apartments.
  14. Below is a link to a facebook page that concerns a recently released print concerning the UT vs. A&M football series played at West End Park, 1908-1911. The narrative information reveals that the 20 live-action photos of the games are the earliest known images of live-action football being played in Houston, and that the panoramic view of West End Park at the top of the poster is of the 1910 game which set a state record of 10,000 for attendance at a football game. The complete view of the ball park brings it to the public eye for the first time in a century. Here's the link: http://www.facebook....ackandwhitegold
  15. A&M center talks tabled by regents http://www.theeagle.com/stories/092206/am_20060922004.php By HOLLY HUFFMAN Eagle Staff Writer Texas A&M University System regents postponed public talks about the future site of the Health Science Center after hearing a presentation from Bryan city leaders urging the board to move the facility north. The regents had planned to discuss naming a 150-acre site near the George Bush Presidential Library as the new home for the system's growing Health Science Center. The site was recommended by Health Science Center President Nancy Dickey. But the item was pulled from the agenda late Thursday, just hours after regents heard a proposal from Bryan Business Council Executive Director Dennis Goehring, who asked the group to consider building the facility in Bryan. Regent Erle Nye described the city's proposal - which includes an undisclosed Bryan site that the city does not yet own - as "very interesting." But he said it was not what prompted the panel to delay the discussion. Nye said the item was withdrawn from the agenda because board members had yet to come to a consensus on one site. He said that the meeting was running late, and the agenda had been worded incorrectly, which means regents could have discussed the item but would have been prohibited from taking action on it. "The city [of Bryan] is very impressive in their approach," Nye said, noting that regents would select a site based on "what is ultimately best for the students, for the university and for the community." The Health Science Center is planning to double its enrollment, which is why the facility is in need of a new home. Nye, chairman of the regents' buildings and physical plant committee, said the system had been searching for a new location for about nine months and had looked at about six sites during that time. "Some made news, some didn't," Nye said of the locations. In May, the regents heard a presentation on three potential sites - the land Dickey is recommending off George Bush Drive, 53 acres off Earl Rudder Freeway South and the 130-acre Bryan Municipal Golf Course. The city of Bryan offered its golf course as a potential site during its first attempt to lure the A&M facility to Bryan. At the time, Dickey expressed concerns about the site, saying it was in an "economically depressed neighborhood." Nye said Thursday "at least two or more" sites were under consideration by the Board of Regents. He declined to name them but acknowledged that one location was in Bryan. Dickey could not be reached late Thursday for comment, but Nye said she appeared interested in the Bryan site. Goehring said he thought the meeting had gone well for the city and was not surprised to learn regents postponed discussion of the George Bush Drive location. "For the first time, they had the opportunity to see what we could really offer to the system in terms of acreage and facilities," Goehring said, declining to give further detail on the proposal. "We wanted to present a plan that really complemented what the Health Science Center wanted to do. We have all the same objectives; the only difference is a few feet. "It is a very good day for the city of Bryan," he said. Nye said he hoped the regents would make a final decision by the end of the year and stressed the importance of a quality decision over a quick decision. He likened the process to purchasing a house. Buyers looking at several lots compare various aspects, such as the quality of surrounding schools, the property tax rate and neighborhood hazards before making a decision, he said. The Board of Regents is going through a similar, albeit much more complicated, process as it tries to determine which location is the best fit for the facility. The outcome will affect the Health Science Center for years to come, he said. "We simply haven't gotten to the point where we're ready to make a decision yet," Nye said. "It's important we get it right."
  16. Historic Military Walk Being Restored Texas A&M University press release August 4, 2009 Military Walk, the history-laden passageway in the heart of the Texas A&M University campus, will soon be brought back to life – and on an even grander scale than when thousands of Aggie cadets trod on it daily decades ago. Located in the central area of campus, Military Walk links the Sbisa Dining Hall area and the northside residence halls to the Rudder/Memorial Student Center Complex on its south end. Along the way, it passes along several historical campus landmarks, such as the Academic Building , Fish Pond and the YMCA Building . Work is scheduled to begin on the $4 million restoration project later this month. When completed, it is expected to become a major focal point for Aggies – cadets and others – as well as for faculty, staff and visitors. Military Walk evolved from its original use into a street, which was closed in 1971 and redesigned as a walkway. Current plans call for the walk to be redeveloped to appear similar to the way it looked before 1971 and to once again become the site of academic processions, such as those held during Academic Convocation, and military marches by the Corps of Cadets. The project is expected to be completed next spring.
  17. Both of them were third in the standings going into the last event, 4x100 race. Men held onto a big lead and women had an AMAZING comeback. Men's race Women's race (Awesome last leg!) Go state of Texas, congrats A&M!!!
  18. Is that a test question? Houston Community College www.hccs.edu UT School of Nursing son.uth.tmc.edu/ Prairie View A&M U College of Nursing www.pvamu.edu Texas Woman's U College of Nursing www.twu.edu/nursing/ Lone Star College has nursing schools in North Harris (near Bush Intercontinental Airport), Cy-Fair (Barker Cypress & 290), Kingwood, Tomball and somewhere else San Jacinto College has three nursing schools www.sanjac.edu Houston Baptist U (59 & Fondren) There's more if you google 'em.
  19. MSC Renovation Architectural Renderings "New contruction will take its inspiration from the original MSC's building lines and geometry." Texas A&M Unveils "New Look" MSC "It won't be long until one of Texas A&M's most recognizable facilities undergoes a dramatic makeover. A transformation is about to begin on the Memorial Student Center. Wednesday, students and faculty got to see what the finished product will look like."
  20. Yeah, I knew news broke last night, but Elsa Murano has resigned from her duties as A&M University. I think it was a coup within the University system, but...? What do you think of it all?
  21. The Campus in 2020: Improve Campus Accessibility Access to campus by pedestrian, bicycle and automobile is a challenge currently. Poorly distributed parking areas make parking on campus a daily challenge. A bus system loops through the communityImprove Accessibility and back to campus, but is not a preferred mode of travel for students despite the inconvenience of finding a parking space. Student proposals included increasing the number of parking garages and locating them closer to the East and West Campus cores and along the light rail loop. Read the rest here: http://www.tamu.edu/vision2020/groundwork/170.php WoW! Light Rail in BCS!
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