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Found 12 results

  1. Any updates regarding this shopping center? It's located at Stella Link & South Braeswood. The shopping center has been doing very poorly over the years. Lots of vacancies and no remodels. Looked around on DMRE's website today. Looks like the property was sold. 9.70 acres. Future housing or a major retail redevelopment? https://dmre.com/property/stella-link-and-braeswood-9-70-acres/ Old site plan.
  2. 5.51-Acres at Linkwood near Buffalo Speedway. Minutes away from the medical center. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3511-Linkwood-Dr-Houston-TX/24016643/
  3. What is happening across the street at the former Wells Fargo at 4018 S. Braeswood?
  4. Not exactly sure which office building complex this includes. Johnson Supply at 10151 Stella Link included or is it only the office at 10301 Stella Link? This would make for great multifamily residential.
  5. Found this rendering w/board the other day. Looks like a big improvement! Actually sort of reminds me of the Beldens Shopping Center, the Chase bank on the corner.
  6. Memories for the area just out side the loop in zip coeds 77096 77035 & about 1/3 of 77025 I remember before the walmart south Poast Oak & 610 was built in the late 80s to early 90s there use to be a golf course there. Where the Krogers South Post Oak & West Bellfort is now there use to Beldens which is now at Chimeny Rock & North Brasewood. Behind the Beldens use to be a drug store do not remember the name they sold hamburgers. Where the Cabana Carwash is now there use to a putt putt miniature golf Next to Beldens just south there to use to a AJ Foyt car dealer there Right after AJ Foyt closed behind where the Meyerland car repair is there to use to be a place that sold 4 wheelers & dirt bikes it burnt down Right next to the Meyerland car repair is now a Day care to use to be a restaurant do not remember then name they use to serve home style food the drinks were served in mason jars South Post Oak & West Bellfort right next to the chase bank use to be a cafeteria do not remember the name About 150ft down from the cafeteria there use to a small green auto repair shop it was torn down but the foundation stayed till about 5 to 7 yrs ago There use to a BBQ restaurant on Omeara about 1 block from south main next to the ghetto carwash now it is a place where they park ambulances West Bellfort at the rail road tracks between Cliffwood & Stella link there is a big warehouse it is now used a band rehearsal where you rent space I have no idea what was there originally Murworth & Buffalo speedway where the town homes are now there use to be a strip shopping center with Loma Lind mexican restaurant Stella Link & 610 where the discount tire is now there use to be a Jack N The Box Stella Link where Work Force is now in the same shopping center there use to be a Crown book store one time in the mid 80s I was with my mom we were just out to leave my mom working out the fronu door & a mexican guy was be chased by the police mom was only about 5 to 7 ft from this guy Willow Bend on the Wast side of the train tracks where the baseball field about 5 to 7 yrs ago their use to be a place that sold plants there still is a old brown metal building that still stand Craig Head & Willowbend right next to the train tracks next to Carolyns bar there to use to be a Firestone South Main & Willowbend there use to a golf course wierd thing about it it was so close to the street bet a few times people driving by got golf balls through there window
  7. Couple interesting things I saw on My Stella Link walk yesterday. First: The Zone Sports @ Main Link Business Park http://thezonesports.com/ And Second: Woodshire Village Estates between 610 and Braeswood. Stella Link always makes me think of A Streetcar Named Desire
  8. I was driving around the Med Center today and decided to go check out Linkwood and the surrounding neighborhoods. I'm not sure all of the exact neighborhood names, but the area I'm referring to is south of S Braeswood, north of 610, and Stella Link and Buffalo Speedway run between the three different sections (with Linkwood being in the middle). The homes seemed older (streets old too), with not a lot of street lighting. There were some very nice, new homes and some awesome older mods. Linkwood Park seemed nice, but there were a chunk of older apartment complexes right around it. Longfellow looked like a nice school. I guess I'd like to get any resident's opinions on this area. In particular: 1. Is Longfellow a good school? What about Pershing middle school? 2. How is crime in these neighborhoods? When looking on Houston Crime Maps, I see that home break-ins seem to be the more popular crime in the area. Do the nearby older apartments cause any problems? Would you feel safe walking around at night? I could tell by just driving around, it seemed empty during the day and was wondering what police response times were like in this neighborhood. 3. What is your overall opinion of these areas? Are there a lot of kids around here, or older residents? 4. Do these homes flood? Overall, I was impressed with Braeswood and the bayou (very pretty along it), but am not sure what to think of these hoods. There were a good chunk of yards not well kept, everything seemed older, and it felt like a place my grandparents would live as opposed to younger families. Thanks for your help in advance.
  9. I'm very interested in learning more about the old 'Westwood' subdivision which lies just south of the Loop and west of Stella Link. I grew up in this neighborhood in the late fifties and early sixties and attended Shearn Elementary School from 1959 to 1964. I have so very many fond memories of my childhood there but have not visited or had any contact with the area for well over thirty years. I currently live in Southern California and have heard and read reports that the area had fallen on some pretty tough times in the past three decades. I do not know if my old neighborhood avoided the problems associated with the general area or not. I lived at 4118 Omeara Drive, and I recall that Oboe Drive bisected Omeara right where our house was located. I believe that most of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the fifties. They were small tract houses but had a lot of nice features - a lot of windows, hardwood floors, tile bathrooms and kitchens, nice yards, etc. I also remember that there was a UTOTEM Store near the corner of Omeara and Stella Link and a Weingartens further north near Braes Bayou. Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who knows about this area - where it's been, where it is now...and, where it's going. Westwood was truly a wonderful and secure little world back in the fifties and early sixties with a lot of young, upwardly mobile families (still at the height of the Postwar Baby Boom). Jeff C in Apple Valley, California
  10. THE 'WOW' FACTOR New branch library has contemporary cool cachet By CLIFFORD PUGH Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle When John Middleton recently led a tour through the new John P. McGovern Stella Link Branch Library, a high school student enthusiastically compared the entrance, with a wavy gold plastic awning that floats over large glass doors, to the hip Ikea store. Middleton smiled. That's what he was hoping to hear. "We wanted a 'wow' factor," says the Houston Public Library's project manager for design and construction. Coolness is elusive, as companies can attest. Apple has it right now; Microsoft doesn't. With the new $5.6 million Stella Link branch, library officials have captured a cool cachet by busting the notion of what a library should be like. In the old days before the Internet transformed information-gathering, libraries were often dimly lit places where beverages were banned; and if you spoke above a whisper, a librarian would quickly "shush" you. But now, with competition from bookstores where comfy chairs, coffee bars and wireless Internet access invite lingering, libraries across the nation have to keep up or lose their relevance. In Seattle, the $165 million Rem Koolhaas-designed central library
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