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Found 16 results

  1. A recent community impact article mentions some possible developments for the old TI land...let's just say I know something about this and an verify some things going on over there... I was never here[ninja]
  2. Huge project registered with TDLR. Glad to see this!
  3. Has anyone heard of this place? Had a job applicant’s resume cross my desk with this in their education section. Never heard of it, googled it, looks like it’s in an office building, 100% acceptance rate, I assumed a for profit diploma mill, but it’s nonprofit, accredited, and seems to even have dorms on floors of the building. Odd.
  4. Hello, It's been a long time since I posted on HAIF, but i have what might seem like a silly question, so i apologize in advance. I was involved in a discussion with a lady about Main Street and if the entire stretch of Main, all the way until where it becomes a freeway, all the way past the beltway is all the same (MAIN). Her claim was that the Main st in Stafford is a different Main that runs through the downtown core of Houston, even though it is technically the same roadway. My question is: Is it still Main St south past 610? Because I noticed that once you cross BW8 heading south into Missouri city, the signs just say US90 for a few miles, then once you enter Stafford (such as @ 1092/Murphy rd), it splits and the signs say N. MAIN on one side and then S. MAIN on the other. So my ultimate question Is this all the same Main? ( main st stafford and same one that main st downtown?) Because its weird that people refer to it as just 90 along the freeway stretch like it's not still Main, then in Stafford, it picks back up and becomes "Main" again until you pass Murphy road. Just need some clarity. Thanks
  5. I know they bought the property next door which was Macaroni Grill to run as a seafood restaurant for a while, but what was the actual Gringo’s location originally? Edit: I meant Stafford
  6. https://youtu.be/lAAZD79KMos My father seems fairly sure this pony ride was near South Main and Braeswood, which was the location of Kiddie Wonderland. But when I look at online photos and video of Kiddie Wonderland, the setting of this movie does not match. This movie shows a large, rectangular event space with small grandstand and high fences, whereas Kiddie Wonderland had a smaller track with lower fences. The movie background is mostly undeveloped, also not consistent with Kiddie Wonderland. Does anyone know where this pony ride was? This was the 1969 Chevron picnic. Yes, that's me on the pony.
  7. Lakeland Estates Apartments by Fairfield Residential at 630 Colony Lake Estates Dr. in Stafford, TX.
  8. Talk about magical and mystifying. This temple is unbelievably gorgeous. Each of the 33,000 pieces is carved out of marble and limestone and improted from India and Italy. It only took 22 months from conception to opening, which is hard to believe if you've seen it. 109 sculptors/artists worked on it. The detail in the carving is incredible. A true gem right here in Houston and apparently it's the only open temple like this in the US. It's called Shikharbaddha Mandir. http://www.swaminarayan.org/globalnetwork/...ica/houston.htm The pictures don't do it justice. You HAVE to see it.
  9. My in-laws are thinking of moving to Stafford to be closer to the grandkids in Houston. They are moving from out of state and we live inside the loop, so I don't know anything about Stafford neighborhoods. Is anyone familiar with the area? If so, where would you suggest looking? I did a quick search on HAR and there is a fair amount of stuff that fits their criteria, so it appears that we have a lot of options. They want a safe, consistent neighborhood (and by that I mean a neighborhood where all of the houses are basically well cared for - no partially gentrified areas for them!). Any ideas where to look? thanks!
  10. I went to first grade at a school called Jefferson when I lived in stafford in about 1963. But I cannot find the school now. Anyone know where it is?
  11. I moved to Sugar Land when it was Sugarland, but way after segregation. I was told that the old part of town with numbered streets were the white houses and the part of town with lettered streets were for black residents. With this in mind I recall the old M.R. Wood School on Avenue F, which I thought had a very nice design. It apparently has now either been torn down or rebuild beyond recognition. I realize that it probably needed to be enlarged, but I'm sad that another of our old buildings have been lost. Question #1: Where is the former "Sugar Land High School"? From 1950 to 1953, Ken Hall rushed for 11,232 yards for Sugar Land High School. Where is that school today? Question#2: Are there any older existing schools in the area? It seems they all have been torn down. I know both Sugar Land and Mo City each have an old auditorium, but I think that's about it. Of these 3 cities, Stafford is the oldest established town, yet, I have never seen an old school that serviced it. Question#3: Do either Mo City or Stafford have areas which were once segregated and where are they located? Question #4: Does anyone know the history of the large house facing South Main (90A) near Present Street? Question #5: Does anyone have a photo of the old M.R. Wood School they could post? Any information or memories you'd like to share would be awesome. Thanks.
  12. Oasis Medical Office under construction - 6/6/2006 (Stafford) - Oasis Medical Campus at 11929 West Airport Boulevard in Stafford announced that the Oasis Medical Office Building is now under construction. The nine-story $61 million, 193,000-square-foot medical office building is located on West Airport Boulevard near Kirkwood Boulevard, Highway 59, and the Sam Houston Tollway. [Fort Bend Star] http://www.fortbendstar.com/bj0606/Oasis%2...onstruction.htm
  13. According to the U. S. Census, Fifth Street had 2,059 people in 2000. It is within Stafford's ETJ. Stafford is surrounded by Houston, Sugar Land, and its small ETJ pocket. Why hasn't Stafford absorbed Fifth Street? Does it not want additional residents? Also, remember that Stafford has a municipal school district (as in a school district controlled by the city) that formed in 1981 after a vote to secede from Fort Bend ISD (for Fort Bend County residents) and Houston ISD (for the few in Harris County) in 1977 was found constitutional. Fifth Street is still within Fort Bend ISD. If Stafford annexes the area within its ETJ, FBISD will lose more territory. EDIT: I checked the FBISD zoning maps. Fifth Street is divided between the following high schools: * Dulles HS (Sugar Land) * Marshall (Missouri City) Fifth Street is divided between the following middle schools: * Dulles MS (Sugar Land) * Missouri City MS (Missouri City) Fifth Street is divided between the following elementary schools: * Dulles (Sugar Land) * Glover (Missouri City) * E. A. Jones (Missouri City) * Quail Valley (Missouri City)
  14. I just recently heard that the Stafford School District might be going downhill because of some new hires in prominent positions. Is there a way that can be done to bring this to light? From what I understand a new principle to a school there came in bringing in her own agenda and is basically bullying teachers to the point where they want to leave so she can bring in her select teachers in. It just infuriates me how I'm seeing a good school district has the potential of suffering greatly because of a hire who simply didn't go through the proper channels and the kids are going to pay for it.
  15. I heard about that stafford doesn't collect city tax. what is the average home property tax per $100 value in this city? I plan to purchase a modest house in the area and rent to some one else for about 10 years. After that my parents will retire in there. Will the place be nice for them to live in, regarding the neighborhood safety, and affordability? The reason I am considering stafford is that it has lower tax rate with small town atmosphere and lower crime rate comparing to its neighboring Houston at least for now. Am I right on this move to stafford?
  16. Stafford is a city mostly in Fort Bend county but it also has a little portion in Harris. Stafford was a part of Fort Bend ISD and Houston ISD, but it split off in the 1980's and formed the Stafford Municipal School District. My youth minister lived in Stafford but he left and went to Ohio..
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