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  1. Architect - https://www.ovarc.com They have done several RV Resorts.
  2. HBJ reports today that ExxonMobil plans to build a new very large campus in Spring (west of I-45 at the point where the Hardy Toll Road intersects with I-45). The plan is to consolidate pretty much everything except for the downtown operations. Also reports a rumor that at least parts of the Refining & Marketing HQ operations may move from Virginia.
  3. There could possibly be a new HEB going up on the northeast corner of FM 2920 and Gosling road in Spring. There has been talks between HEB officials and Bridgestone Mud officials on the nearly 11 acre tract of land before the company purchases it. The main concern with the tract of land is the detention pond that takes up a good portion of it. HEB wants to minimize the size of the detention pond for the store's parking lot. There is no word yet on the size of the future store or it's amenities. There will be a gas station and car wash. I found this new location a bit odd being that the nearest HEB at FM 2920 and Spring Cypress is only 3 miles east of this tract of land. Another new location just opened last year at Kuykendahl and Creekside. A new store will also open at Boudreaux Rd. and Champion Forest Dr. next year. This Texas born grocery chain is definitely growing at a rather fast past.
  4. We are Gay couple moving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Houston. We have 3 boys (4-5-8 years old) two are black. I'm Native American and my husband is European. What do you all think about The Woodlands & Spring Texas for a place to buy a home and settle down? Do you all think that those two areas are nice, safe or open minded and tolerant? ---Travis & Stephen travisbernard.hunt@gmail.com
  5. 21423 Aldine Westfield Road, Humble TX 53.98 acres sold by NewQuest to HEB This is a triangle shaped area intersects FM 1960/Treaschwig Rd/ Aldine-Westfield Road. http://www.newquest.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/53.98_Acres_FM_1960.pdf Currently the land is being cleared, but no signs or web info on the project. Very old farm buildings demo'ed plus old trees. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2016/05/25/heres-what-h-e-b-is-cookin-up-in-houston.html Article above details the sale, but I do not have access to a sub so I am not sure the details.. I read somewhere else there was no immediate plans to develop even though the land is being cleared.
  6. Skanska has purchased 14 acres in North Houston across I-45 from Springwoods Village and Exxon Mobil. They plan on developing the land into a million sqft office development. Could be up to 3 office buildings.
  7. Earlier this week noticed signs up for a new WalMart market on the SE corner of Spring Cypress and Kuykendahl, across from the old Albertsons/Driver license center. Seems odd, only 1 1/2 miles from the 2920 supercenter, but it is in between two Krogers and should pull from the HEB at 2920/Spring Cypress. Has anybody heard anything about this? Can't find any information about dates or layouts but I might not be looking in the right places. I'm hopeful that this might be the impetus to transform the stretch of Kuykendahl between Louetta and S-C.
  8. Looks like the Exxon-Mobile campus has sparked more development; this time a 10-story building for Southwestern Energy. Per the article, the building is to be located at the corner of I-45 and the Hardy (which is probably just a generic location for SWV itself). http://www.bizjourna...ds-village.html
  9. After the Spring High School stabbing, it is possible that more affluent families will leave Spring ISD for good. I know the demographics have been changing for a while but this will do it even more.
  10. From the pdf: http://www.pinnaclealliancefund.com/downloads/news-1948129322.pdf
  11. On the planning commission agenda is McKenzie Park. Their website is barely up. The only info is on their home page: It will be just NE of Gosling and the Grand Parkway http://goo.gl/Wkatg
  12. Located at the northeast and southeast corners of FM 2920 and Kuykendahl Road, Spring Town Center is strategically located at the heart of vast residential growth in Houston, Texas. Situated approximately four miles west of Interstate 45, FM 2920 is a vital artery leading to the Tomball area, as well as other developments in northwest Harris County and Montgomery County. There are 115 residential developments in the immediate vicinity of Spring Town Center, and Kuykendahl Road provides access to the highly successful Woodlands
  13. This thing has been here ever since I was a kid but I've never known what it is. I thought it might be AT&T related because they have trucks with their logos parked inside the fenced area. Anyone know?
  14. I didn't know they entered the Houston area already, can't wait to try it! Zaxby's 8103 LOUETTA ROAD SPRING, TX 77379 http://zaxbys.com/home.html http://www.zaxbys.com/locator/MapDisplay.aspx?storeid=35501
  15. From MSNBC http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33197382/ns/business-food_inc/ This reminds me of some of the updated Schlotzsky's which have free iMac internet stations. I'm not sure I can overlook the food selection at BK for a nicer atmosphere though.
  16. Hello everyone, This post is probably going to be quiet different than others in this area, in the aspect that I was born and raised in Houston. My wife and I have been searching for a home for the past 6-8 months on HAR in Memorial High School zoning north of I-10. The problem is we are not finding anything that we can afford (below $300K), so I am hoping someone here could possiblely lend a hand. I have looked at the zoning line maps on SBISD, but sometimes these maps don't include all areas. My question for y'all is if you know any pockets in this area? Maybe a place where the zoning line is through a neighborhood or where one side of the street is Memorial and the other is a different school. If you know of anytthing or have any advice, please let me know. If you dont want to post it here, I understand, please email me or PM me. Thank you in advance, Blake rbwamsley@gmail.com
  17. little bird told me the comp is going away 23221 Aldine Westfield Rd wonder if HEB is gonna take over/move up the street?
  18. This young man is a student at Spring H.S. http://cnettv.cnet.com/never-give-up...-50...79.html http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=5010928n
  19. Great discussion of the Klein and Spring areas (and surrounding areas) and the german immigrant farmers who founded them extending back into the 1820s. http://www.raleightavern.org/PayneGermans.htm
  20. Here's the first one: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=U...mp;t=h&z=18 (It's just south of that Chase? building) Second: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=U...mp;t=h&z=14 (I think. I'll have to take a closer look when I drive by it today) It might be located just north of the label on the map, 'nrh frwy.' One company working on this is ML Deer. You can see their sign from the freeway. Their website has no details. Maybe someone else who has seen this can get a more specific map if I don't get to it before 5. http://www.mldeer.com/ Anyone know what's goin on at these places?
  21. This happened Saturday. I remember seeing this woman in the halls at Klein High School. She smiled a lot. She graduated in 2000, a year behind me. Her maiden name was Sabrina Tolentino. The suspect also was in that graduating class, but I don't remember him. Her truck was found in the Kohl's parking lot on 249, and she was found in a ditch 15 miles away fully clothed. The kidnapping apparently happened at 2 in the afternoon. His prints were on the duct tape on her head. He says he's had no contact with her since graduating high school, and while they knew each other it is not clear what recent dealings they have had or why he would have done this. http://www.khou.com/news/local/brazoria/st...s.4bbe2a45.html This story is getting some national airplay. I saw it covered on Fox News.
  22. The Spring Independent School District (ISD) covers areas in unincorporated Harris County and a VERY small portion of Houston. Spring ISD serves many communities, including Spring, Olde Oaks, Ponderosa Forest, and Bammel. Spring ISD has two high schools, Spring and Westfield. Westfield, which is divided into two campuses (one 9th and one 10-12), is overcrowded. The school's poor academic performance caused property values to drop, so Spring ISD built a new high school called DeKaney High School. DeKaney, named after former Spring ISD board member Andy DeKaney, will open in fall 2006. DeKaney will relieve Spring and Westfield High Schools. Spring ISD will also open two new elementary schools (Jenkins and McNabb) and one middle school (Bailey), all of which will feed into Spring High School. : EDIT: The previous phrase about the elementary schools is not correct, actually So, what else should the district do to improve?
  23. The Cypress Creek Fine Art Association (CCFAA) is going all out, Texas-style, with a benefit barbecue for the newest fine arts museum in the greater Houston area, the Pearl Fincher Museum, also known as the Museum of Fine Arts, Cypress Creek. The association will be hosting "The Art of Bar-B-Que" on April 22 at 6815 Cypresswood Drive, adjacent to the Barbara Bush Library. The museum, slated to open in early 2007, will bring the resources of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston into the heart of the northwest Harris County and provide immediate accessibility to community residents. It will feature an exemplary interactive multimedia education center creating a model program whereby the resources of the major art museums of the world will be just a short drive away. "The Art of Bar-B-Que" is a casual event that will be held from 6 to 10 p.m., featuring live music by the Johnny Dyson Band and barbecue catered by Shirley Acres. "We are anxious to rally the community for a cause that will bring culture and creativity to people of all ages in our community," said Bill Franks, chairman of the Cypress Creek Fine Art Association. In the fall of 1995, representatives of the Harris County Library - Cypress Creek Branch, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum and the Friends of the Library met at the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center for the purpose of discussing future plans for the proposed Barbara Bush Library. Since that time these groups have continued to collaborate in an unprecedented community effort to bring fine art exhibition within easy reach of the residents of northwest Harris County. The geographic area serves more than 500,000 people, and the closest major museum facility is a one-hour drive away. The library facility is located at the heart of a civic and community center complex that houses the 30,000-square foot Barbara Bush Library, which opened in 2002. It is a prime piece of property that includes a 63-acre park, an active community center through which some 120 nonprofit organizations offer cultural, educational, social services, and a bustling county courthouse. "The children of our community, inclusive of all of the children in our community, regardless of social status, deserve to be allowed to see and be close to, the renowned works of culture and art, both ancient and modern, from all around the world," said Franks. "I am proud to say that place will be here, at the Museum of Fine Arts at Cypress Creek." "The Art of Bar-B-Que," to be held at the location of the new museum, adjacent to the Cypress Creek Community Center complex, is free of charge for all children under the age of 2, $10 for children under 12, and $25 for adults. Tickets may be purchased by contacting Susan Diehl at 281-586-7823. Patrons will enjoy barbecue, an auction and the opportunity to view winning art works by students from Klein, Spring, Cy-Fair, Aldine and Tomball High Schools, area private schools and home-schooled students who participated in the student art competition. Winners' artwork will be published in the Lullaby Book, another fund-raising project of CCFAA. Charter Memberships for the Pearl Fincher Museum will also be available. Invited guests include Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jerry Eversole; Dr. Peter Marzio, executive director, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and Pearl Fincher, whose family generously provided funding in her honor for the museum project. For more information on "the Art of Bar-B-Que," visit www.mfa-cypresscreek.org.
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