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  1. 8210 Long Point Rd - 3.33 Acres of Commercial Land in Houston, TX https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/8210-Long-Point-Rd-Houston-TX/24886646/
  2. I was looking for old skating rinks in the Houston area and found a Facebook group of people who used to visit this place. When did the Carousel Skating Rink located at 9190 Old Katy Rd. open? When did the skating rink close? Any memories here? I assueme this was in the 1970s? The Facebook group had a lot more pictures if anyone wants to see more..
  3. Looking at The Bellaire Texan magazine dated July 8, 1964 and saw a few advertisements for Spring Branch Stables. Wild West Rodeo Saturday 8:00 P.M. Spring Branch Stables Rodeo Arena At 1961 Ojeman Road (One block west of Bingle Rd. off Long Point Rd.)
  4. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/9200-Katy-Fwy-Houston-TX/17632259/
  5. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/3721563.html The investment group would like one more traffic generator to go with Edward's Cinema. Curious who they have in mind.
  6. When I was shooting progress at the Gateway at Spring Valley project, I noticed a sign for a building of similar size called 1001 Campbell just across the road. Couldn't find much about it online. Most refers to a project being developed by Lincoln Property, but with a different design. This is the only one I see at present with the rendering on the sign: https://www.vts.com/spaces/1001-campbell-1001-campbell-rd-3rd-floor-suite-300
  7. There are three generations of psychiatric/behavioral hospitals here at 2801 Gessner Rd. From my research the story is as follows: In the mid 1990's a hospital named Spring Shadows Glen Psychiatric Hospital ran the place until the staff got into criminal trouble. The lawsuit claims Spring Shadows Glen Psychiatric Hospital is accused of perpetrating a "scheme to defraud by allegedly falsely diagnosing patients with multiple personality disorder caused by their alleged participation in a secret satanic cult." In 1997, or soon after, the hospital was shut down. https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/criminal-charges-filed-recovered-memory-case In 2003, when Menninger Clinic first moved to Houston, they filled the vacant space at 2801 Gessner. Once Menninger got situated in Houston and had their 50-acre "Mental Health Epicenter" built at 12301 South Main they left the space at 2801 Gessner. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Nationally-known-Menninger-Clinic-moves-to-Houston-2108195.php In 2012, Aurora Behavioral Healthcare bought 2801 Gessner and opened the Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. Aurora Behavioral Healthcare, LLC (SHS) based in Corona, California, is one of the largest privately held psychiatric hospital companies in the country, serving thousands of patients every year. https://www.houstonbehavioralhealth.com/about/about-signature-houston In 2022, as of today, Menninger still a doctor with an office at 2801 Gessner. Dr. Elizabeth W. Newlin. https://www.menningerclinic.org/staff/elizabeth-newlin
  8. Long Point was one of those streets that features a lot in my life in the 70s. I don't remember much about the strip between the railroad tracks and Antoine. I noticed the other day that Empress Chinese restaurant is still there. Looks about the same as it always has. Ate there once in the 90s. Next door was Speedy's where they had a game room and a go-kart track. From Antoine to Wirt was always a string a cruddy apartments. Mom always advised us to lock the doors through there. I think she figured Sissy Spacek's babysitter and her two youngest were prime targets. Weiner's at Wirt and Long Point is pretty much where daily life started. I had to use historicaerials.com to figure out that the shopping center on the northwest corner was completely torn down. Once upon a time there was a Palais Royale there. I went to school at Long Point Baptist from K through 3rd. There was a huge field on the north side of the property were we all went crazy at recess. I think most school administrators, teachers, and parents would have a heart attack at the mere thought of how scattered we could get out there. The only time anyone showed concern was when a classmate was rooting around in the trees and leaves at the far fence and uncovered 5 copperheads. That scared most of us out of there for a little while. But we had to go back. The trees were way too enticing. Many a recess I had to sit on the side because I wouldn't drink my milk. Hated plain milk then and still won't drink it. Usually the lure of monkey bars and chase would convince me to down that warm stuff so I could head out. I remember one of the teachers there saying war was God's way of controlling the population. Based on that I guess we'd be in a real fix these days. The only teacher's name I can recall is Mrs. Courtney for kindergarten. That was in the 2 story building in front of the church proper. Every day we had to unstack our cots and take a nap. Afterward was punch and cookies neither of which I found thrilling. Warm punch and bland cookies. Still, they beat the ice cream scooper of boiled spinach from the lunch room. The uniform was gray pants and white shirt for the boys (with a clip-on green plaid tie for chapel) and the same pattern green plaid skirts and white blouses for the girls. I still have a scar on the back of my neck from 2nd grade. The library was a room on the 1st floor. We never got to spend enough time there so I remember soaking in the titles of books. Looking back I think most of what we were reading or using for classroom material was from the 50s and early 60s. Down a ways at Long Point and Pech was the Kmart center. That's where my tennis shoes came from. They were in a bin about the middle of the store and part of the process was digging around for my size. Mom was no fool in that regard. As quick as I outgrew pairs there was no reason to be extravagant. The lighting was always dim in there. The place may have only been 10 or so years old at that time but it felt like a cast off relic to me. There were a few stores in the slightly younger strip built on the same lot. Furr's Cafeteria was one of our eating out mainstays. Most times you could find my school's music teacher playing piano for the diners. Talk about a real touch of class for a mid range cafeteria. There was a record store in the corner near Kmart. I was always freaked out by the life size Molly Hatchet display of the creepy looking dark knight on horseback, I think, they kept there. I was convinced MH had to be really sinister to look like that. It wasn't until a summer in college that I actually heard a song from them - Fall of the Peacemakers on a 70s rock station in DC. I had to laugh at myself for discovering they weren't so evil after all those years. The now defunct post office on Hillendahl was where we got all our stamps. At the corner of Pech and LP is the old cemetery which still belongs to the family that once held a lot of the land that became Spring Branch. I've always liked the rock paving they used there. There must be a name for the stuff. Across the street was the Ridgecrest strip center. There was a home furnishings/electronics store there. The Ridgecrest Barber shop was the backup place if I wasn't going to get my hair cut at Northwest Mall. There was a jewelry store at Norcrest and LP. My youngest sister knew their daughter in high school. I think one or both of the parents was killed in a robbery. Maybe that was the teenager that owned her own house on Mooreberry by Northbrook HS. At Moritz and LP was Alfies Fish n Chips. Their logo was a happy guy's head in a stocking cap and flowing scarf. I think part of the original building is still there but has been changed radically. Then right before you got to Bingle was the big bull. Judging by the aerials it has been there since '68. It's a tire store now but was a Mexican restaurant then. The building it fronts is unremarkable which only makes the bull stand out all the more. When it's gone I don't think I'll be able to drive through there anymore. Had my first Blizzard at the DQ just south of LP on Bingle. Cool old school DQ with the covered parking in front. Next door was a skate board park. The DQ is something else now and the Young World day care has been razed. West from there was the Scoggins and Kay women's boutique. Funny how my older sister said she missed it when it finally closed though she never shopped there. There was also a gas station where LP veers left andSpring Branch Drive goes to the right which was an entertaining back route until I got a car with run flats. I think the guy who ran in serve in Korea based on the flags. The station goes back to the 50s in the aerials. Now it's dust. So are the homes I never really knew much about on the lots behind it. There is a strip center at the corner of Campbell and LP 9101 Long Point. Back in the 70s it was occupied by a small, even compared to places like the Kroger (Kroger means better meat) on Kempwood, Lewis & Coker on Memorial, or even Continental Minimax in Town and Country. As an aside all three of those stores seemed cramped and dirty back then. Anyway, I haven't been able to find an old enough listing online to show me the name of this store. I do remember it was the place where I could usually convince mom to spring for Fruit Sripe gum. They also had toy warships that were die cast metal because the things were meant to last. They had small inset wheels on the bottom so that carpet became the perfect off-color ocean for your fleet. Closer to Blalock the old mainstays like May's Fried Chicken and the Hoover repair shop have disappeared while Southern Garden apartments remains. The place was not particularly nice then though not as awful as say the Red Apple or Mount Vernon. Randall's had a decent store at Blalock. The manager was always courteous and the store clean. My first memory of mom asking my youngest sister or myself to get toilet paper are there. She would not say it out loud. Always a very low whisper to go get TP. Oh man, the dirty looks we'd get if we made the mistake of saying toilet paper in a normal voice anywhere away from home. I still remember the teenager lying face down and bleeding in the ditch at Oak Tree apartments. Came out on the short end of a fight between the gels (jells?) and either the jocks or the kickers. I think every kid except me hunted crawdads in the ditches of Spring Branch. The old center at Bunker Hill remains. The pad building has been some sort of fried whatever dispensary since the beginning of time I think. To me the place is classic LP. Relics of the building boom of the 50s that created neighborhood life out of farmland. A lot of it is crap but some of it is charming. As the area re-gentrifies I'm sure much will be razed. If you never saw a movie at the dollar theater or ate at Stockman's you missed out. Also there right before Gessner was a great DQ. Definitely better than watching mid century razing was watching the cars change out over time at the used car place in the same center. If I had the money I'd buy the Royalgate Apartments at 1711 Gessner just to be able to look at them any time I wanted. LP and the surrounding area has a lot in the way of unremarkable buildings that no one would care about should the bulldozer and wrecking ball take them away. But scattered across the landscape of my first years are some real gems. Here is a partial list. 1) 9101 Long Point 2) 1610 Campbell 4) Elizabeth Ring Library 5) 8810 Long Point - formerly Golden Age Retirement Home 6) 1663 Blalock - Ragsdill School where I learned to swim. It looked better when it was red. I really miss Charlie's Burgers (dozens and dozens sold) just a couple doors down 7) Get inside one of the apartments at 9733 Neuens. Was in one a few years ago. A trip back in time to when it was new - that well kept up. Very funky fixtures. 8) the old Der Wienerschnitzel building at Knoboak and Gessner is worth it just for a laugh 9) the Nothing Over $1.15 at Westray and Gessner 10) Dig the roof line at 1636 Gessner - reminds me of my brother's neighborhood (Westbury - and yes, the Westbury UMC is gorgeous enough to convert a soul or two) 11) Mister Car Wash - oh yes. Everything else is just a car wash. 12) Memorial High School - a beautiful place to go to school before the later add ons. I loved going to school there just because you could breathe, you could see more than just school buildings. I told my wife that the library in the Breakfast Club reminded me of MHS's. 13) Memorial Church of Christ on Echo Lane. If Westbury can save your soul. Then this church and Memorial Drive Presbyterian are heaven. Does anyone remember the little house where they had chickens and such on Echo Lane? 14) 730 Marchmont. I lust after this house. Lust!! 14) Mr. Fortenbach's house at the corner of Piney Point and Taylorcrest. Dad once left tire marks all over his motor court. Get a couple scotches in the old man in those days and there was no telling what he'd do. He could intimidate state troopers out of tickets and tell how he once turned brown suede combat boots to black spit polish over night in ROTC. Never did buy that one. Sorry for rambling. Got to thinking about driving the family down LP on New Years Day and finding Spring Branch Memorial Hospital about a third demolished. I was born there one dark and stormy night in 1970. The window to the room is burned into my memory. Mom drove her '68 Delta 88 until '77 and I saw the small dent in the trunk from where someone rear-ended my parents that night on the way to my delivery. For symmetry my sister dropped me on the sidewalk at our house on Cindywood the day I came home. It was a strange feeling to see the place where I was born in that condition. The hospital, like me, had seen better days. Next they'll be tearing down the Ring Branch Library, or me.Though at least there'll be no more visits to scary Dr. Sedotal, who looks like Esther Wolf's son Dr. Wolf in my fevered brain (frizzy hair, shirt open to mid chest and gold chains but minus the shotgun). I better get out here before I start talking about life in Memorial and moaning over the loss of the "haunted mansion" at Strey Lane.
  9. Since we Don't have Subforums for various "Villages" or Spring Branch, so I'll be putting these here for now. In 2017 the residents of Spring Branch ISD passed a Bond Referendum. A couple of those projects will take place at Stratford High School. The current proposal calls for a demo of the existing auditorium and replace it with a new one. Other minor renovations include changes to the front entry and common areas. Developer: SBISD Architect: PBK Estimated Completion: 3Q 2021 Bond Info: https://www.springbranchisd.com/about/bond-2017/campus-bond-work/stratford-high-school This one is still going through various options. After that point, whichever option they choose will go into further refinement. SBISD Presentation (June 27th 2019): https://resources.finalsite.net/images/v1563393350/springbranchisdcom/lfxeynq4jeahqydlyc5t/2019-06-21_PAT06_FINAL_email.pdf Images from presentation:
  10. Is it time to add Spring Branch as a location? There's a lot happening in the area!
  11. Noticed Salata is opening up in this strip center.
  12. The previous owner purchased it from the school district in 1995 and remodeled in 1996. Does anyone know who was the original architect?
  13. Noticed an MRI replacement registered with TLDR. Building is located at 8333 Katy Freeway.
  14. Think I'm reading this right? DMRE sold 5.46 Acres that closed on 2/21/2020. I see a demo report for an industrial building at 1128 Silber. Possible multifamily coming? https://dmre.com/property/1128-silber-5-46-acres/
  15. https://sbmd.org/trailsurvey/ Link to 200+ page report (which I've only glanced through) TLDR: 10.75 miles of new length. About 7 off-street trail. First 2.4 mile segment construction to start next year Signature bridge to go over White Oak Bayou:
  16. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/sarnoff/article/Former-medical-center-being-resuscitated-for-4870863.php#/0
  17. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/10/new-office-building-to-rise-in-hot-submarket.html
  18. There is a permit application from March 5 for a winery at 1220 Lumpkin Rd, on the boundary of the Spring Branch Management District and just outside the Memorial District. The permit is issued to Todd Brendan LLC which has a company mailing address at 2901 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, the same as Nice Winery. Anyone have the scoop on potential plans the winery's new space? Would love to follow this project.
  19. This thread was originally created June 28, 2019. I'm reposting / reupping this because this post and other content from me are no longer available on the forum. An archive link to this thread is coming. 7202 Long Point Road in Spring Branch, Houston. From Google Street View, November 2018:
  20. I drove by and noticed it was demolished. Anyone know what the plans are for this site? 2500 North Gessner Drive, Houston, TX 77080
  21. Since we Don't have Subforums for various "Villages" or Spring Branch, so I'll be putting these here for now. In 2017 the residents of Spring Branch ISD passed a Bond Referendum. A major project, Memorial High School, is on the eve of a proposed high school reconstruction. In the first phase, several wings of the existing building will be demoed as well as existing tennis courts. The courts will be moved across the street to the east to make way for a 4 story expansion building and plaza. The other work consists of minor patchwork renovations which signals that this won't be only phase. I'm sure they will probably rebuild the entire school piece by piece. . Developer: SBISD Architect: Stantec Estimated Completion: 2Q 2022 Bond Info: https://www.springbranchisd.com/about/bond-2017/campus-bond-work/memorial-high-school SBISD Presentation (May 30, 2019): https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicItemDownload.aspx?ik=44562189 Animation walkthrough: Images from presentation:
  22. Since we Don't have Subforums for various "Villages" or Spring Branch, so I'll be putting these here for now. In 2017 the residents of Spring Branch ISD passed a Bond Referendum. One of the projects is a renovation/reuse of spaces in Spring Woods High School. Plans call for changes to the Dining Commons, a refreshed outdoor plaza stage, and changes to the library. Developer: SBISD Architect: PBK Estimated Completion: 3Q 2020 Bond Info: https://www.springbranchisd.com/about/bond-2017/campus-bond-work/spring-woods-high-school This is supposed to be under construction, but we are still waiting to see photo updates on the website SBISD Presentation (March 4, 2019): https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicItemDownload.aspx?ik=44002225 Images from Presentation:
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