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Found 14 results

  1. I never paid attention to the name of this place a long Bellaire in Southside Place. Does HAIF know of an architect for their campus consisting of a church and school? I wonder how many acres the site sits on? I'd imagine that's a high dollar parcel! Did anyone attend the St. Mark's Episcopal School or Church?
  2. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated September 28, 1966 and came across a business ad for Allbrittons Cafeterias located at 3835 Bellaire Blvd. "Where your calories are counted." They also had other locations as such: 3835 Bellaire Blvd. 905 Waugh (off Memorial) 2900 Weslayan 4120 McKinney Did anyone ever eat here? Was this located in the Bellaire Triangle by any chance?
  3. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/09/10/former-palace-bowling-lanes-to-be-redeveloped-as.html
  4. Don't forget Randall's & Whole Foods on Bellaire Blvd, plus the Randall's on Weslayen. The grocery market in the West U area is already saturated; when the "super Kroger" opened, it took a lot of business away from the Weslayen Randall's. The new HEB will probably put the nail in the coffin for the Weslayan Randall's, as it is the oldest grocery store in the area, and was designed to 1980s standards.
  5. Anchored by Randalls. Vanderbilt Square at 3003-3191 W. Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77025 https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3003-3191-W-Holcombe-Blvd-Houston-TX/16840844/
  6. Public hearing to be held at the Southside Place City Hall Council Chambers, 6309 Edloe Ave., Southside Place, Texas, on Tuesday, January 29 at 7pm. Southside Place wants allow 45 townhomes (3-1/2 stories tall) to be built at 3747 Bellaire Blvd. (the corner of Bellaire Blvd. at Auden/Braes -- the former location of Shell Oil Research). They are seeking to rezone the property from LIM (Low Intensity Mixed Use) to PD (Planned Development) and also would like to break the building height restrictions. Houses and townhomes in that area have been limited to 2-1/2 stories in the past, but the developer (5177 Builders, Ltd., dba Lovett Homes) wants to make these new townhomes 3-1/2 stories high. People in the area, including the residents of the 3800 block of Gramercy which is located behind the Shell Oil property, have raised a number of concerns. While people welcome the land being developed and new homes being built, they question the number and height of the proposed units. Residents are worried about increased traffic; overcrowding at the two neighborhood schools Mark Twain Elementary and Pershing Middle School; overtaxing of the existing infrastructure (electric, water, sanitary sewer, gas); safety issues (for the Southside Volunteer Fire Dept. and Southside police); not to mention the aesthetic appearance of 3-1/2 story tall buildings crowded next to the busy street of Bellaire Blvd. There also concerns that as to what might happen later on to the middle parcel of land (where the main Shell Oil building and water tower are now located) and the land parcel next to the Old Farm Ditch (which is currently a parking lot and some service buildings). What happens now with the corner property might very well determine what happens later for the rest of the Shell Oil property. People who are interested in the future of this property and the neighborhoods of Southside and Braes Heights should attend the meeting.
  7. The Location is 4211 Bellaire Blvd which is the site of Black Eye Peas http://static1.squarespace.com/static/537f8331e4b08eeb11e2760f/56e849788259b579288af0b6/56e84aa08259b579288afd40/1458064034641/1.jpg?format=750w http://static1.squarespace.com/static/537f8331e4b08eeb11e2760f/56e849788259b579288af0b6/56e84aa0e707eb0a43fd44f2/1458064035060/2.jpg?format=750w http://static1.squarespace.com/static/537f8331e4b08eeb11e2760f/56e849788259b579288af0b6/56e84aa18259b579288afd45/1458064036081/3.jpg?format=750w
  8. http://swamplot.com/apartments-or-maybe-more-to-replace-the-black-eyed-pea-on-bellaire-blvd/2014-06-17/
  9. hey everyone...i just wanted to get some of your input on the housing changes that have begun in the past decade or so in Bellaire. Twenty years ago, the houses were quite "cookie-cutter" one story homes. Today, these homes are being bulldozed at a high rate and are being replaced with larger, more "modern" two to three story homes that cover alot more area of the original lots. living there, or just observing, what is going to be the fate of Bellaire in the next decade? what do you think about the issues that could come into play here, such as ecology or the skyrocketing prices?
  10. METRO’s 402 Quickline Bellaire route now has a new bus station, extending service to residents of the city of Southside Place and the city of West University. The new Stella Link station sports the same modern look as the other eight along the route, and is equipped with the same amenities, which include landscaping, public art, digital next-bus arrival information and improved lighting. The nine-mile express route offers a speedy trip on Bellaire Blvd. from Ranchester to the Texas Medical Center Transit Center, with limited stops aboard uniquely marked hybrid-vehicles equipped with added amenities. The 402 Quickline Bellaire launched June 1, 2009, and is one of several Signature Bus Services METRO plans to roll out in the future. The cost to ride is just $1.25 – the same as other local routes - with free transfers to local buses or rail with a METRO Q Fare® Card.
  11. The Blair House apartments are now. Blair House is an eyesore in that area; empty space would be an improvement, but greater high-end residential density is even better. I'm surprised this got through the P&Z people and city council. HCN article
  12. Southside Place is a small city bordered by Houston, West University Place, and Bellaire. Southside Place had 1,546 in 2000 and at the time was the 14th wealthiest location in Texas based in per capita income. Southside Place is residential north of Bellaire Boulevard (a section bordered by Bellaire Boulevard, University Boulevard, Virginia CT, and the houses along Auden Street. It is mainly commercial south of the Boulevard (bordered by Bellaire Boulevard, Gramercy, Virginia CT, and the Bellaire Railroad tracks. Southside Place is in Houston ISD. Areas north of Bellaire Boulevard go to West University Elementary in West University Place, and areas south of Bellaire Boulevard go to Twain Elementary in Houston. All areas of Southside Place are zoned to Pershing Middle School in Houston. Areas west of Stella Link are zoned to Bellaire High School in Bellaire (as far as I know, only an apartment complex is in this area), while the rest of Southside Place is zoned to Lamar. Southside Place has two shopping centers. New Plan's Braes Heights Shopping Center (it includes Dan's Vitamin House, the Star Fire Grill, a shoe store, an Antone's, and several other things). There's also a shopping center that includes some chiropractor and a bank. Southside Place also has a CVS, an auto-repair shop, a Little Woodrow's, a bowling alley, and a Black Eyed Pea. Southside Place also has a water tower that serves the city of West University Place. Also, be careful to not get ticketed for speeding in Southside Place. I heard the cops are anal about speeding there.
  13. There was a Howard Johnson's restaurant on Bellaire, it was on the spot where Moellers Bakery is located now. (In front of the old Palace Bowling Lanes)
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