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  1. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston post dated January 10, 1906 and came across an article about a new roller rink about to open. A New Rink Building Being Erected on Main and Lamar. To Be Ideal Structure Messrs. Beach and Bruce Are the Proprietors and Will Be Ready by February 1. Roller skating in Houston is to have the additional stimulus of a new rink, built especially for the purpose. Work has already been begun preliminary to the erection of the building, which will be locate don the southwest corner of Lamar Avenue and Main Street, and, according to the contract, it will be ready for use within eighteen days from yesterday. On the 1st of February the new rink will be formally opened to the public. Messrs. Monta Beach and R.L. Bruce have associated themselves together in this enterprise, and they plan to make it one of the nest arranged structures of the kind in the South. The total coast of the building and equipment will ne $5000 and it will be built in pavilion style. In outside dimensions it will measure 75x150 feet. The superstructure will be wood and the building will be roofed with metal. The walls will rise twelve feet from the floor, and there will be an open space of several feet for ventilation between that and the roof. All around there will be placed two tiers of seats and the center floor will be space for skating. The skating surface will be a floor of hard maple and will be made ideal for the purpose. When skating is not in the season it may be used as a dancing pavilion, it is to skating. In fact, the erection of the proposed structure means the addition of another amusement hall to the city and it be hailed with delight by the young people.-- September 20, 1906: Houston Roller Rink Cor. Main and Lamar Will open for the season Monday morning, Sept. 24 Three Sessions Daily (Except Sunday) Thayer's Band Afternoon and evening Everything new but the title.
  2. Does anyone know where the park in the picture below was? it says Colonial Park Houston Texas. I know there is a Colonial Park in West U (Bellaire) but I found out that area was outside of the Houston City limits until some time around the 1940's, this picture looks like way before that time frame so It can't be that park or am I missing something. http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t118/Vago_Pachuquero/1012398_1397846847134865_884869356_n_zps168be647.jpg
  3. But one thing strikes me, if Luna Park was once called "Colonial Park" then it would show up in the directories for that period wouldn't it? I recall it being also named Venice but not Colonial. So may questions.
  4. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated January 13, 1922 and came across a business listing for Winter Garden Roller Rink at Fair Park on Harrisburg Boulevard. From what I recall, there is also another famous park called Fair Park. I believe that was located in Dallas, and houses Houston's Monorail that was tested at Arrowhead Park. Admission - 20 cents
  5. I was looking at the Houston Public Library's Digital Archive and came across a 1930s/1940s photograph containing skaters at the Tim Shadowens Skating Rink. Caption is: Tim Shadowens was the son of Dr. Thomas Shadowens, noted African-American doctor in Houston during the 1930s and 1940s. I'm not exactly sure where this skating rink was located. Any help? I can see a basketball goal in the photograph. Sounds like this rink was located inside of a gym/overall sports arena?
  6. I was browsing the newspaper Jewish Herald-Voice dated February 29, 1940 that had an article regarding a night out. Junior Hadassah News A regular monthly meeting of the Houston Chapter Junior Hadassah, was held on Tuesday, March 25, at the home of Miss Harriett Reingold, president. There was discussion on the Kiddie's Style Show, which will be held in the near future. A skating party has been planned for April 3rd, to be held at the Luckie's Roller Skating Rink, 1805 Main. Those interested in attending, please call Florence Reicheck, J. 2-7121. Admission is only 30 cents per couple.
  7. I also remember us going skating at a roller rink (1962-64) that I think was on IH-610 west of Gulfgate Shopping Center/Mall. Was there such a place in that vicinity? Or in this case, has my memory failed me? Chet Cuccia
  8. I was browsing an east end newspaper dated January 1, 1970 and came across an article about skating centers. Did anyone ever go here? I'd love to see some pictures or here any memories about this place. I also noticed a lot of these skate centers are called "Ranch". Interesting! Maybe because the venue was big and shaped like a ranch stable? Looks like J. Norman Malone was the owner of both the Skate Ranch at 1107 East Broadway St. and the Skate Ranch at 10750 Almeda-Genoa Highway. The Skate Ranch, located at 1107 East Broadway in Pasadena, phone 473-0343, and the Almeda Skate Ranch, 10750 Almeda-Genoa Highway, phone 941-7000, are the placed to go when are you in need of good, clean healthful, recreation. They have afternoon and evening seasons.
  9. Just saw this label on Ebay. Cook's Roller Rink located at 1355 Sheffield Blvd. Phone: GL. 3-2790. Do we know what decade this would have been? 1950s is my guess ? Anyone remember this place?
  10. I was browsing the newspaper South Belt Press dated August 17, 1977 and found a few business ads for Kirkmont Skate Ranch located at 10800 Hall Rd. Looks like Russell Thomas, S.R.S.T.A. Professional was the owner/manger and August 17, 1977 was their opening date-ish. Did anyone ever skate here? I wonder if there are any inside pictures of this place.
  11. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated February 14, 1923 and came across this ad for Rollaway Skating Palace located at Washington Ave. & Heights Blvd. I believe there was also another Rollaway Skating Rink on South Main. Couldn't find any addresses, just article mentions.
  12. I was browsing the newspaper Texas Jewish Herald dated October 25, 1934 and came across a business ad for South Main Roller Rink located at Bellaire (now Holcombe) and Main. Phone number: had, 0251. Is this a new skating rink that we never knew about? There are other South Main skating rinks: Gateway Roller Rink At 8370 South Main St. Gateway Swim And Skate At 8510 South Main St. Rolls-Away Roller Rink On South Main St. Here's an ad in The Texan dated June 8, 1944. A decade later. A little simple, but effective.
  13. I was browsing the newspaper The Citizen dated May 26, 1948 and came across a business ad for Gateway Roller Rink located at 8370 South Main St. - "Where O.S.T. Meets S. Main". Was this an earlier location of Hansell's Gateway Swim And Skate Rink? I wonder if the swimming school/club had a different address than the skating rink? I see an address of 8510 South Main St. Was this the same place as the Rolls-Away Roller Rink on South Main? Different name obviously. Possibly a change of ownership?
  14. I remember going to the bottom of the Crystal Pool and entering the air dome made by a B17 plastic canopy. The canopy was chained to the bottom of the pool and air was pumped in from the bottom. The canopy trapped the air and floated about 3 feet off the bottom. I know Liability Lawyers would be break dancing to get a shot at that now! Anyway, my question is "What is the name of the skating rink that was right next door on S. Main? ".
  15. I was researching Houston skating rinks and I noticed there was a skating rink called Almeda Skate Ranch located at 10750 Almeda Genoa Road. The rink was opened in 1970 and closed on July 26, 2015. J. Norman Malone was the owner. I found the information on a blog here below: http://southbelthouston.blogspot.com/2017/06/south-belt-spot-skate-ranches-almeda.html
  16. I was looking for old skating rinks in the Houston area and found a Facebook group of people who used to visit Carousel Skating Rink at 9190 Old Katy Rd. Regarding the Rainbow Roller Rink located at 925 Tidwell Rd. When did this open? The book program is dated 1978. When did this close? Any memories here? Any pictures other than a book?
  17. I was looking for old skating rinks in the Houston area and found a Facebook group of people who used to visit this place. When did the Carousel Skating Rink located at 9190 Old Katy Rd. open? When did the skating rink close? Any memories here? I assueme this was in the 1970s? The Facebook group had a lot more pictures if anyone wants to see more..
  18. I'm looking for photos,I know about the three that are part of the digitized Bob Bailey Collection at UT, but was wondering if any others exist. Would also like to hear from anyone who skated at the Polar Wave.
  19. Does anyone remember the Winterland Ice Skating Rink located at 2400 Norfolk? This is right off of Kirby kind of behind the Ninfas. The owners name was Charles or Chuck Rolland, I believe. If anyone has a pic to share that would be cool. I would really like to see what the place looked like. I am doing some research on the early 60s in Houston and that place plays a big part. Thanks a bunch!
  20. I was recently sent a blooper clip of a commercial being recorded for a place called the Ice House (possibly Haus) that was open during the 70's when we had the WHA Houston Aeros. It would have been in the Town & Country Village. It sounded like an indoor ice-themed amusement and activity park. Does anyone remember this place or have any info on it?
  21. We went to Tradewinds and won actual Silver Dollars for different skating games. Used to have lots of fun roller skating there, getting snacks, talking with friends and hanging out. Anybody else have memories of going there?
  22. I'm trying to find more information about an ice skating venue that was open in 1961. My grandmother used to skate there as an upcoming professional but got married and had children instead. She can no longer remember the name of the place but says it was "the only one in Houston at the time." I have a blurry photograph of her skating inside circa 1960, but no identifiable clues in the background. Though, it does kind of look more like a warehouse than a skating rink, with insulated pillows for walls. So far, I've found: -Polar Ice Skating Rink - opened 1920s and closed 1950s. Owned by Jolley family? -Coliseum seasonal ice rink skating --- Where? What was it called? Who owned it? When did it close? -Winterland Ice Arena - opened 1959, possibly owned by Ronnie Roberts (possible spouse Boots(?), daughter Rhonda Buchannon, and son Greg Roberts, possible son Rolland Roberts.) Possibly owned by Johnny Carson who's patrolman brother was Sonny Carson. Next owned by Rowland Charles Rolland "Chuck" from 1962-1964. Canadian figure skater Larry Ross / Rost used to practice and teach lessons there. It seems Winterland would be the most likely due the dates. But it's possible the warehouse feeling of the photograph points toward the temporary use of "the Coliseum". Anyone have any other clues?
  23. http://www.hcnonline...50c4ca9dab.html http://www.klotz.com/landdevelopment_projects.html
  24. houstonmacbro has added a photo to the pool: A couple waits for the skate park to open at Discovery Green. Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  25. I'm not sure if there is/was one there but I remember the one on Bellaire. I think it was called the Bellaire Skating Rink back in the 70's. I'm sure it's gone now.
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