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  1. Looking at The Bellaire Texan magazine dated July 8, 1964 and saw a few advertisements for Tidelands Marine Center located at 7414 Ashcroft St. / 6100 Bissonet St. I like the play on the famous TMC hotel Tidelands. Same family?
  2. Went to Houston Baptist University today to visit the Lee and Grant exhibit. http://www.hbu.edu/hbu/About_HBU.asp?SnID=141925366 http://www.hbu.edu/hbu/MOSH_Lee_Grant_Exhibit.asp To be honest, I was not aware that this campus even existed until I looked up where the exhibit was located. I'm not from here originally. They would not let me take any photos of the exhibit. Pissed me off because this was the reason why I took my camera. So, afterwards I walked around this small campus and took some photos of the buildings. (the campus is located in the middle of the triangle created by the intersections of Beechnut, Fondren and I-59) Here they are: Adios
  3. Per last week's Deal Sheet https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/deal-sheet/this-weeks-houston-deal-sheet-90506
  4. JLW, that place was Celebration Station. I think it is still there, it is totally seperate from the old Malibu Grand Prix that is now a used car dealership.
  5. County wants to buy Memorial Hermann SW Hospital district purchase could run to $185 million By PEGGY O'HARE HOUSTON CHRONICLE Aug. 6, 2009, 9:36PM The Harris County Hospital District has tentatively agreed to buy Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital this fall with hopes of expanding medical care access to the uninsured and underprivileged, hospital officials announced Thursday. The sale, if approved by Harris County Commissioners Court, would allow the county's hospital district to add 600 beds to its system to keep up with public demand. Officials with both hospital networks declined to release the cost of the move Thursday, saying a confidentiality agreement prohibits them from discussing that, but County Commissioner Steve Radack said he had heard a potential price tag ranging from $165 million to $185 million. The district entered into a non-binding letter of intent to buy the hospital. The acquisition, scheduled to close by late November, will not result in a tax increase, hospital district officials said. The hospital district said it plans to operate the facility as a full-service hospital serving privately insured patients, as well as those on Medicare, Medicaid and those without medical insurance, they said. Dan Wolterman, chief executive officer for the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, said his nonprofit network initially had no plans to sell the hospital at 7600 Beechnut, but noted the county hospital district's proposal to purchase the building “just made good sense” when further studied. Though Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital has remained profitable, its earnings have declined in recent years as the demographics of its patients have changed and other nearby hospitals have closed, Wolterman said. “Ideally, we would not have ventured out to do this, but this is the right thing to do,” Wolterman said Thursday night. “The southwest (Houston) market is a difficult market. Just going back seven or eight years ago, there were multiple hospitals serving that market — today the (Memorial Hermann) Southwest Hospital is the only one there. “The neighborhood surrounding (Memorial Hermann) Southwest Hospital has experienced significant demographic decline over the last 10-plus years. That has caused some difficulties in running this hospital efficiently as you are inundated with uninsured and underinsured patients and government patients from Medicare and Medicaid ... We have seen a slight deterioration in its profitability and in the volume of patients we treat on any given day. But it's not been significant — just a slow, steady erosion.” Wolterman said the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System's network is not overleveraged or overextended. He also said the proposed hospital sale was not driven by a need to “dump” some of its property. The entire Memorial Hermann system just experienced one of its most successful years ever, he said, with the nonprofit network's earnings exceeding its budgeted income by 62 percent. Actual earnings across the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System as a whole have exceeded budgeted income for nine consecutive years, he said. “This (proposed sale) was not done out of a position of weakness or problems,” Wolterman said Thursday night. “This was done out of a position of strength. We are very strong financially and have been.” County hospital district officials stressed they have no plans to close any of its other hospitals, such as LBJ Hospital. Besides adding more beds, the proposed purchase also will allow the county hospital district to pick up more Medicare and Medicaid patients, as well as privately insured patients, which will ultimately help subsidize the costs of its charity and indigent care, said David Lopez, chief executive officer of the Harris County Hospital District. “The demand for acute care is going to continue to grow,” Lopez said Thursday night. “This gives us an opportunity to take responsibility for the individuals that are considered gold-card members in our community. So there's a lot of reasons why this makes sense for us.” If the hospital sale is approved, Lopez said, he hopes to staff the facility with a mix of doctors already working there and physicians affiliated with the county hospital district. Memorial Hermann officials said they do not anticipate any layoffs will occur as a result of the proposed sale. If any jobs are eliminated, employees would be moved to other Memorial Hermann hospital campuses, Wolterman said. The county's proposed purchase encompasses the hospital building and four medical office buildings, a Heart and Vascular Institute, an accredited cancer center, a surgery center and an outpatient imaging center. The wellness center and the University Place Retirement Community on the hospital campus would not be included. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said more health care facilities are needed on Houston's southwest side and the deal could benefit both institutions by shifting patients who rely on Medicare or Medicaid to a public facility. Members of Commissioners Court were told recently that a deal was in the works, Emmett said, but hadn't been provided with details before Thursday's announcement. County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia said she is open to the proposal if the price is reasonable and no tax increase is required. “Anything the hospital district can do to enhance its delivery of services and increase the access to care is a positive thing,” Garcia said. But Radack was more skeptical. “Obviously, this is a huge potential expenditure,” he said Thursday. Radack said he is particularly concerned the hospital's location, near Fort Bend County, will make it a magnet for residents of other counties seeking free health care. “I've been very concerned, now more than ever, with all the free care we've been giving to people from other counties, which needs to stop,” Radack said. The Chronicle's Mike Snyder contributed to this report.
  6. Eternal Gandhi Museum Gets $100K from Elkins Foundation https://www.indoamerican-news.com/eternal-gandhi-museum-gets-100k-from-elkins-foundation/ https://egmh.org/ Houston: Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston (EGMH) is delighted to inform you that The Elkins Foundation, has provided a capital grant of $100,000 for the construction of the Museum. It is the second major foundation after Houston Endowment to offer support to EGMH in the early stages of its capital campaign. We are truly honored and sincerely express our gratitude to The Elkins Foundation for this magnanimous gesture to bring to life a unique civic asset to the culture landscape of Houston. Margaret Wiess Elkins and James A. Elkins, Jr. established The Elkins Foundation, https://www.theelkinsfoundation.org/, in 1956 as a way to help strengthen and enrich the community in which they lived. Today, their descendants continue that work. Under the stewardship of Elise Elkins Joseph, Leslie Elkins Sasser, Virginia Arnold Elkins and an Associate Board representing the next generation, The Elkins Foundation contributes each year to numerous organizations serving Houston and the Greater Gulf Coast. Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston (EGMH) is an initiative to preserve and continue the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum will be located in Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the United States. It will be the first ever museum dedicated to peace in the Americas. Its mission is to reinforce the universal values of Truth, Peace, Nonviolence, Love & Service. EGMH has acquired 3 acres of land in southwest Houston to house the museum and is launching a capital campaign. The proposed budget for construction is 6.5 million dollars as follows. The capital campaign has reached $ 2.9 million of the required $ 6.5 million. The EGMH Board of Trustees has committed $1.1 million and secured another $0.8 million in private donor commitments. The Houston Endowment Foundation recently awarded a capital grant of $500,000. A concerted fundraising campaign is underway through foundations, corporations and private donors to raise the remaining $3.6 million. https://egmh.org/faqs/
  7. Here's another ad from the 1989 Houston Post. I have no idea where this was exactly, no address given, and its all indoors, so there's no obvious signs of where it was. I've heard Jungle Jim's briefly operated at least the old Fame City at Memorial City Mall (and maybe the current Funplex). While trying to find out where this was, there seemed to be a large motel where Allen Samuels Chevrolet is now (torn down between 1989 and 1995), but I can't find what that was, either...
  8. $14M Gulfton apartment buyout to make way for flood project https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/environment/2021/03/11/14m-gulfton-apartment-buyout-to-make-way-for-flood-project/
  9. I recall watching all the stars that showed up at the old Gaylynn Theather when they premiered "Urban Cowboy". I saw Andy Warhol, Charlie Daniels, and of course John Travolta drive up. I knew the ushers and we walked the place afterwards.....bumped into the unknown Debra Winger and then tripped all over the empty wine and champagne bottles in all 3 theaters. It was a big night for that old theater. Does anyone also remember the old Sinclair gas station at the corner of Southwest Freeway and Bellaire? We always got our gas there and also a case of Cokes (in glass returnable bottles in wooden crates). I also recall when the "Super Slide" was across the street from the Gilman Pontiac dealer.....you would slide down on burlap sacks...lots of fun. Lastly....does anyone recall the Food Giant that use to be in the mall (where Penny's ended up being located) and does anyone recall the old Eckards (??) drug store in the shopping center on Bellaire Blvd. near Burning Tree where there use to be a Dairy Queen and where there use to be a Rice grocery store in the early 70's? That old drug store use to have a drug counter where you could get a meal and ice cream, etc. It is amazing that a fountain dining counter was in as new a neighborhood as Sharpstown!
  10. Ive always been curious about the developments on Bellaire blvd, and as much as I can see what they are now, im curious what kind of business's were there before. Specifically, the gessner and bellaire area, gessner area north of bellaire, etc. What kind of grocery store was in the Fiesta mart lot before Fiesta ? It looks like an old Krogers store from the 80's inside. When did Fiesta take over that space ? North of Bellaire, but south of Harwin, what kind of business's were in the strip shopping centers on the east and west sides ? Does anyone have any pictures of these areas in the 70's, 80's, etc ? Id love to hear others input, or stories, or photos about this area of Sharpstown, Bellaire. Cory
  11. I went to look at a couple of houses in the sharpstown area...they were north of 59, north of fondren and west of the mall...I keep seeing postings like this is a dangerous area? It looked really nice...is there something I dont know about...and maybe its just the point of reference. I currently live off the intersection of Lawndale and Telephone. I classify this as a iffy area, not sharpstown. I am sure there are crappy apts over there, but I am talking about the nieghborhoods. I do notice houses are really cheap, so please enlighten me on whats going on over there.
  12. METRO Considers Moving Transit Center From Bellaire to Gulfton http://realtynewsreport.com/2019/05/14/metro-considers-moving-transit-center-from-bellaire-to-gulfton/
  13. Can't really spill the beans quite yet but something big is in the works at KPRC. I suspect you'll hear about it and see it in the paper sometime in 2015. Btw, they have hired a new morning weather guy out of Oregon. Should see him on the air in January. Wish I could disclose more but I can't. In due time...
  14. http://www.streetwiseretail.com/public/Y-Shops-Bellaire-Property-Flyer_0.pdf Look like Plazamericas might be gone sooner than later!
  15. During the 70's my parents bought our family annual swimming pool memberships at the Royal Coach Inn. This continued for years. We brought family and friends there to play Marco Polo or whatever. The signs posted there said "no cut-offs" due to filter clogging, lol. We entered through a specific back door to enter the pool area. We were informed by posted signs if a famous person was staying there and we were not allowed there to swim that day(s). Elvis, The Osmonds, and more stars stayed there in order to play/act at the Houston Arena Theatre (down the street). I would love it if someone out there had some pics of the Royal Coach Inn, especially the pool area. Is anybody out there (no Pink Floyd intended)? Any information would be great! Thanks, Jules
  16. These at excerpts from my great memories from summer 1970 through summer 1977 when we lived in Sharpstown in Houston. I'm sure there are others who have the same memories. It was still a time when we played outside until dark, learned how to swim at the Sharpstown Country Club or got up at 4am to get the best free lessons from the Red Cross at Lansdale Pool. Getting your house wrapped meant your were popular, even if it was just for one night. Shopping was at the Kmart, Woolco, or at Montgomery Wards at the Mall. Service was walking into a store and havng someone greet you and help you find what you needed. Everyone would drive to the Mall and sit on top of their car to watch the 4th of July fireworks. We went door to door selling booster club chocolate to raise money for sports which was fun playing softball, eating Frito pies afterwards, and then singing bus songs on the way home. We used to play crochet every weekend in the late afternoons. We raced each other down Sandstone street to train for track and we sang all of Donny Osmonds songs to practice for choir. Summers included taking baby sitting classes, pep squad camp, and going to Astro World. We would ride our friend's mother's Lincoln Continental to go get ice cream at the Baskin Robins on the otherwise of 59 and Bellaire. Before 1974, Halloween and Christmas was awesome and more because every house decorated as if they were competing for bes t decorated house. I could go on..
  17. When my brother and I were about 5 and 7 years old, we spent summers at the YMCA on Post Oak, north of Westheimer. We used to go to Physical Whimsical in Sharpstown Mall quite a bit for day-trips, and my friends, brother, and I trade our memories of this sort of bizarre, but outrageously fun indoor play land for kids. They had a mirror maze that was scary as hell, a net, pole, or rope you could climb up to the second floor on (felt dangerous!), and among the "prizes" for winning skee-ball tickets were fake-puff cigarettes that emitted real-looking smoke and glowed at the tip when you blew through them; they looked extremely real.
  18. I haven't seen a thread on this tragedy. If there is, could someone direct me to one? If not, I seem to remember recalling that it started a restaurant...based on Google Maps, this looks like Rhojan, but I haven't seen mention it of it on news or the website?
  19. Looked at my 2002 Holiday Inn directory, doesn't mention it. It has the Holiday Inn Select (now Crowne Plaza) on 59, and the now-razed Holiday Inn on Interstate 10 (which I think replaced a smaller, motel-style HI near Memorial City) but not the one you mentioned. It hasn't been a Holiday Inn in a while, apparently.
  20. It's a pair of ragged 6 or so story buildings on the the Southwest Freeway - between the frontage road and Westpark. Next to the City of Houston Recycling center. For years, it looked derelict, but over the last year or so, someone has slowly been fixing it up. Wondering if anybody knew what it was and what it is going to be? http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ll=29.725365,-95.481942&spn=0.000037,0.015557&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=29.72537,-95.481844&panoid=lLJTnh17jIXHID8MtvQbXg&cbp=12,270,,0,0
  21. Hi there fellow Houstonians, I am a first time buyer looking to purchase a home soon. I am 25 years old and do not have any kids so I am not very concerned about the school district, my price range is up to $150k and am only looking to buy a single-family 1900+ sq/ft I am specifically looking to purchase a home in West Houston (between 610 West and Beltway 8). It looks like the areas that can fit my criteria are Sharpstown and Fondren SW. Everybody has been telling me to stay away from Sharpstown because of the high crime rate but I have a notion that for these prices any home will be in a high crime rate area. Is Sharpstown really that bad? Is it worse than Fondren SW - Braeswood & Fondren area? I used to live on Westheimer and Fondren and would take long walks at night - I always felt secure and never had any problems. One thing that is probably important to add, I am planning to live there for a few years and sell or turn it into an investment property after then. Does anyone have any experience with that area or any suggestions about other locations that will fir my search criteria?
  22. I don't know how many of you know of the hispanic night club called Carnival on Beechnut and 59 in the old K-Mart building. The place is a $#!*hole that is regularly packed beyond capacity only to have crime, drugs, drunk driving and prostitution spill in to the parking lot and streets surrounding it (which happen to be where I live). The stack for criminal complaints from HPD for the past three months at this place is about 5 inches thick. Every night it is open, you will hear gun shots, assaults take place, people get robbed, drunk drivers go flying down neighborhood streets, cars and property in the area get vandalized (likely by the drunk drivers occupying themselves on their way home). In short, the place is hell. To make matters worse, the owner, a known drug dealer and purveyor of carnal pleasures, has purchased, in cash, the old Gillman lot at the corner of Fondren and Bellaire. This corner is/was vital to the renewal of Sharpstown and would have been an ideal spot for a grocery store/strip with pad sites for restaurants/starbucks/etc. The new owner plans to build a larger club there. There have been public hearings and it looks as if he might not get the liquor license, and might not even get his other one renewed, which is excellent news. But this will not stop him from building it and opening it under someone elses name. I need help from all of you on how to make sure this does not happen. This corner is vital to the future of Sharpstown and the TIRZ is about to start construction on Phase I of the SW Corridor project here too. Please help with any ideas or assistance you can provide.
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