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Found 17 results

  1. I just discovered another restaurant of the Shamrock Hotel back in the 1960s. Shamrock Hilton Charcoal Terrace Restaurant. Sometimes written as Charcoal Terrace Restaurant & Pavilion. I wonder why this restaurant wasn't as famous as Trader Vic's Restaurant? Maybe Trader Vic's was more of an unusual niche restaurant so it got the fame? Charcoal Terrace sounds like a steak house, which were on ever other street corner. Trader Vic's was Polynesian and was probably more unique than your average steak house. Photo from May 1967, showing The Towers at 2130 W. Holcombe Blvd. with street signage for both of the Shamrock's restaurants. Interesting advertising as that's not exactly Main & Holcombe, where the Shamrock hotel was.
  2. I've searched quite a bit and have come up with little to nothing on the former estate of Glenn McCarthy - it sat where the Brentwood and 7575 Kirby condominiums currently are (northeast corner of Kirby and North Braeswood, right across from Jenkins' 2530 Underwood house). It was designed by Milton McGinty and completed by 1938. McCarthy bought the land from Rice Institute in 1935 and later sold it to Harold Farb in 1972. It was demolished some time between 1972 and 1977. Other than some newspaper articles about its construction and a mention of it in the Anchorage Foundation's Braeswood: An Architectural History, there doesn't seem to be much else out there. Anyone have any information or memories?
  3. Anyone remember the "Shamrock 6" a six screen theater on South Main across from the Shamrock Hotel. First movie I saw there was "The Andromeda Strain" in 1971. I seem to recall them advertising themselves as Houston's first multiplex. Early on, it was quite easy to see two or three movies with one ticket--go to the bathroom and return to another screen. Eventually, they started checking tickets to crack down on the practice. Googled around, one site claimed they closed down in 85, not sure that's accurate. Compared to today's stadium seating, it was kind of cheezy, and so were some of the movies. "The Stewardesses" in 3D. Which I can't remember if I saw or not. Just remember the ads.
  4. I think you are giving the theater 2 more screens than they actually had. The Shamrock may have been the first theater to have more than two screens. I remember the theater. It didn't take it long to go down hill. Now the space is a parking lot for the Medical Center.
  5. I was browsing the publication Orthopaedic MRI: A Teaching File Approach dated in 1990 and saw a business advertisement for Shamrock Magnetic Imaging located at 7311 South Main Street. Looking on Google Earth Desktop, there appears to have been a set of office buildings located where the vacant 7200 Main plot currently is. I assume this business was located in one of those (now demolished) office/medical buildings. Anyone have a picture of the old office buildings? Looks to have been demolished some time in between 2002 - 2009. In 2009 the buildings were not there and only the St. Nicholas School located at 1920 North Braeswood was left standing.
  6. Another unusual Transwestern listing. Transwestern is listing this as a 4-story office at 2151-2157 Holcombe Blvd. I couldn't locate that building on Google maps. I did notice 2151 Holcombe Blvd is the Texas Medical Center Parking Garage 8. https://transwestern.com/property/2151-2157-holcombe-blvd https://www.tmc.edu/parking/visitor-parking/ Wyatt C. Hedrick (often misspelled as Wyatt C. Hendrick)
  7. My very first science fiction convention happened at this place back in 81 and it was such a blast. I met every player in Star Trek there as well as a slew of writers I always looked up to. I was 11 at the time and shortly after I heard the hotel was knocked to the ground. I remember liking the inside but all I can really remember was the roof was green. Anyone have any pics that'd like to share? Wyatt C. Hedrick (often misspelled as Wyatt C. Hendrick)
  8. I was browsing a random TMC map and saw a weird thing. When the Shamrock was built, there was a street built, or renamed, in honor. The official Shamrock Hotel address was 6900 South Main Street. I wonder where Shamrock Drive came into play? Shamrock Drive no longer exists and was changed to Pressler Street.
  9. So recently I've picked up an interest in the late Shamrock Hotel, but this especially caught my eye: Glenn McCarthy. I'm curious as to whether there are any renderings of this--an indoor shopping complex seems very forward thinking and probably would be the first true indoor regional mall if built. Anyone have more details on this? Wyatt C. Hedrick (often misspelled as Wyatt C. Hendrick)
  10. I never knew about this! I was browsing the newspaper June 11, 1986 and came across a business ad for Texas Medical Center YMCA Swim & Tennis Center located at 6900 South Main St. I read the Shamrock Hilton Hotel closed, and the YMCA leased (or was donated by the TMC) for a spring/summer season. It was a seasonal YMCA that eventually went away. Here's the article that was released a few months earlier.
  11. Found this ad in the October 3, 1947 issue of The Southwest Citizen. Very cool to see Glenn McCarthy's business. I believe he actually had several companies.
  12. I was browsing The Texan, a local Bellaire newspaper dated September 7, 1983 and noticed this listing for Shamrock Professional Building At 2210 Maroneal St. Shamrock Prof. Bldg. 2210 Maroneal (Behind Shamrock Hilton) Looks like the professional building was demolished and The Maroneal multifamily complex was built at 2222 Maroneal St. Any pictures of the old building?
  13. I was looking at the Houston Public Library Digital Archives this week. I've never seen some of those old photographs before! I found this interesting picture of a city bus going through the Holmes at Scott intersection. I know there was a big Shamrock craze back in the day. Anyone ever heard of this place? The aforementioned date is 1961 and the Shamrock apartments have an address of 7006 Scott St. https://cdm17006.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p17006coll11/id/67/rec/1
  14. The Shamrock Tower project on Main Street has been in the works for quite some time. Last I heard, groundbreaking was supposed to be mid to late August, 2004. Anyone see any dirt moved? Any updates on this project?
  15. I hung out at The Deputy. Great burgers. Great car hops! It was just down the street from The Jester, Byron's BBQ, Sin Alley. 2Ks was across the street from the Galleria. Heading toward Sage was the Luau with their flaming fountain and pretty good Polynesian food - right across the street from the funeral home. Sonny Looks Sir Loin Steakhouse on Westheimer (and downtown) with the knight who used to greet the customers on horseback in full knight's regalia holding a lance. I see that Brenners has taken over the restaurant Rainbow Lodge in Memorial Park. Brenners was a really good place for beef. Ye Olde College Inn on Main, Kellys on South Main. Gaidos on S. Main, Red Lion. Clubs having good food - Lakeside Country Club, Glen McCarthy's The Cork Club(and wild game dinners), The Petroleum Club, The Roundtable. The restaurant that was poolside at the Shamrock(Eggs Benedict and Mimosas @ Sunday Brunch) Thanks Glen. So many clubs and restaurants!
  16. Trader Vic's Shamrock Hilton 6900 Main at Holcombe 1969 Menu 1970 Menu Undated Menu
  17. Scattered Comments: The photograph of The Emerald Room appears to be the correct configuration, but what of the colors? The Emerald Room was Emerald Green, thus its name and my love for it. Those of us growing up in nearby neighborhoods spent many hours and years at The Shamrock, we simply loved it. We went to shows, like Edgar Bergan and Conway Twitty, hung out at the pool, lots of going to eat in the restaurants and fooling around. Often on a blah Saturday, we'll head down there to stroll the lobby and shops, then have races up and down the stairs (which nobody really used, at least we never got caught). Later there were many frat dances for U of H kids held in The Emerald Room. Beyond that in adulthood, I stayed there as a guest a few times, truly posh and wonderful. Royal Coach Inn - my gosh, wouldn't you know my old buddy 57Tbird would be the one who attended Lisa Hartmann's debut. I've been tempted to mention it before. I was almost there. My daughter was taking ballet at a nearby school with Lisa's niece. Her sister and I did the waiting for class to end every week and one time she sprung an invitation on me. The headliner at the Royal Coach was either ill or skipped out and Lisa was tapped to go on. Her sister was trying to drum up an audience to "fill the house" for this unknown, 17 year old singer and asked my husband and I to go 'on the house.' Alas, we could not that night, but I have always remembered and wished we'd made it. Of course, both girls were the daughters of Johnnie and Howard Hartmann, of some Broadway and local fame. I believe the year was 1974. We all remember Fred Nahas and has anyone mentioned Dick Gottlieb around here?
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