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  1. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated October 30, 1921 and noticed a public school on Westheimer Road called John Smith School. I then found a library item that has more details. 2503 Westheimer Houston Forum of Civics of River Oaks Garden Club. Built about 1880 until 1920 The John Smith School. Restored in 1927 by Will Hogg. A memorial since 1942 to Will and Mike Hogg. Gardens added in 1955. Open to public. I just looked on Google satellite. The River Oaks Garden Club Forum is still there! Do they own that whole parcel? Can't even imagine how much that RO parcel is worth!! I bet Hines or Hanover could build something tall here
  2. Interesting! I found a teacher (later owner/principal) over the years. Maud (or Maude) Mitchell. From the newspaper The Houston Post dated September 17, 1922. Mrs. Douglas' Kindergarten and Primary School will open Sept. 18, 2910 Smith St., assisted by Mrs. Maud Mitchell. For terms phone Hadley 4906. Years later, in September 18, 1930, there was the Maude Mitchell School located at 4720 Montrose Blvd.
  3. Old Braeswood POA sent out a notice for a meeting regarding construction of the new DeBakey High School in the medical center. Per the notice it will be built "on the site of the Hornberger Conference Center." I guess this means the last piece of the Shamrock is coming down? Construction is to begin later this year I looked around for some renderings and could only find something on the HISD blog: http://blogs.houstonisd.org/news/2014/06/03/video-highlights-how-design-is-shaping-up-for-new-debakey-high-school/
  4. The people who claim they moved to the burbs for "better schools" need a reality check. Many of the best schools in the Houston are located inside the Beltway and many Inside the Loop. Public- HSPVA, Vanguard, Lamar, Bellaire, Health Professions, Criminal Justice, Memorial, Westside, and Stratford come to mind. Prviate- St John's, Kinkaid, Episcopal, Awty, Emery-Wiener, Duchesne, St Thomas, Strake, St Agnes, etc...
  5. Here is something recently mentioned on Swamplot. Does anyone know anything about this project? http://www.kirksey.com/project/buffalo_lakes_master_plan Page 10 of this PDF http://www.ridemetro.org/ProjectsPrograms/PDFs/90A_Media_Briefing_020711.pdf shows rail going through the project.
  6. Lockmat discovered this development from a link that TheNiche posted in the "Dome over Houston" thread. Europa at Houstonian Lakes, a 500-acre master planned community. LandQuest development group (or L Star, they've recently partnered with Starwood development) is the developer. http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm99/YahTrickYah57/22.jpg http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm99/YahTrickYah57/23.jpg http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm99/YahTrickYah57/25.jpg http://www.enzoinv.com/brochure/brochure.htm (pg. 20-23) Edit: TMC BioPort:
  7. Edit: The DePelcin Faith Home would have had multiple city addresses? There was many buildings, or it was that large? One address was 4950 Memorial Drive. Are there any campus kids {now adults} that lved @ and remember the wonderfull life a kid had while living there during the late 40's to mid 50's @ the Sandman {12 acre} campus. It was located along Shepherd Dr. back when it was a 2 way str. and across the street was Geo. Washing Jr, HS which I thank now has some connection w/HPD and also St. Thomas School for boys. Across the str. from Sandman admin Bldg. was the Florence Crittenten Home for what in those days were termed unwed mothers. Faith Home had a 25 bed Hosp./clinic for the new borns to be adopted. BTW the Home is 112 years old. Yep been around a very long time. The Shepherd campus was build during the '39-'41 time period I believe. Also Pine Tree Camp was a really kool place they would take kids for 3 weeks during the summer. Itz history I heard was that it once was a farm. Anyway over the intervening years the Harris Cnty YMCA took possesion of it. It is still there {709 Riley Fuzzell} in Spring just as I remembered it sum 50+ years ago. Respectfully Danny Mac
  8. I am just curious about something.......Growing up in the 70's I had an older brother who was a bit of a juvenile delinquent ( At least that's what they called out of control kids back then) After breaking the law a few to many times, they sentenced him to a boys home. I am trying to remember a certain one. I believe it was located out in Clear Lake, and I remember on family visits, that they had horses, canoes and it was like a summer camp. I guess the juvenile justice system sure has changed. Just wondering if any one has any information on the place. Back then it was all under The Harris county youth authority, and I know they had several other places in Texas.
  9. The Kipling School seems to be expanding again. The old warehouse-like retail building at 518 Shepherd was demolished about a week or so ago. The school's website suggests this addition is coming to the SE corner of Blossom/Shepherd:
  10. I have been reading the Booj Houston, The Forgotten City and trying to locate the location for the first campus of ASJ Jr. High which bcame Miller Jr. High.
  11. Very cool! An old school in Montrose! Never even heard of it. Here's the business advertisement from the newspaper The Jewish Herald dated September 18, 1930. Does anyone recall this school? Any pictures? I'm sure the school was housed in a residential home? So a "school house" maybe? I'm assuming the superintendent/head instructor/owner was Maude Mitchell. Maude Mitchell School Fall Term Starting Sept. 15 Board and Day School Kindergarten and up to Tenth Grade French, Music and Expression Dancing / Transportation 4720 Montrose Blvd. / Lehigh 8405
  12. The Cascara School opened as a small schoolhouse in 1893 and was renamed in 1906 for Sidney Sherman. The school building was the second oldest in the city, but the original structure was destroyed and rebuilt. Now the site of Sherman Elementary School. The architect for this beautiful building is Nicholas J. Clayton. From the book The Houston Buildings of N.J. Clayton by Stephen Fox. Cascara School (1893), subsequently known as Sidney Sherman School, stood on the far north edge of Houston when first built. / Art work of Houston, 1894.
  13. Weirdly enough, I've never seen the (2nd) original The Post Oak School talked about on HAIF. Thought I would create a thread. Did anyone ever go to this school? That block has a historical location! The school campus next door, Episcopal High School, is one of the most expensive schools in Houston! I know of 3 different The Post Oak Schools 1 - The original on Westheimer & Post Oak in the early 1900s. 2 - 4600 Bissonnet Street in Bellaire. 3 - Their new high school, located at 1010 Autrey Street in Montrose. https://www.postoakschool.org/
  14. I just noticed this when walking around my neighborhood this evening. Does anybody know the details? I didn't realize there was a school on that block before.
  15. I grew up in Sharpstown (apparently near an orphanage) and over the years from attending Sutton Elem., Jane Long JH, and SHS, I met quite a few aqaintenances. It sucks that they could not contact me after they were gone. Does anyone know what orphanage that might be? And by the way..........we ARE in the next century.....why haven't WE, (As The People) given this type of hopeful place a more respectable name? ~global
  16. Hi, does anyone remember the following schools near the Heights? Cleveland Elementary, that was formerly on Jackson Hill. The original Ben Milam Elementary was on Center Street. Cleveland Elementary had a prime spot off of Memorial Parkway. After it was closed, it was part of HCC. It's been since torn down for apartments/condos. I attended there around 1965-1970. The architecture of the original Ben Milam struck me as kind of creepy as a kid. It was brick painted green, I believe and had a long series of steps on at least 3 sides of the school. Reminded me of a Mexican pyramid. The school was dark and creepy with wooden floors. The "basement" of the school was actually the ground floor. I believe the school was built around 1915. I think it was torn down in the '80s and rebuilt. Last year, it was closed down when HISD decided to merge it with Memorial Elementary. I attended this school around 1972-1976,
  17. This is a great link. I've scrolded through it quickly and I think I see the old Grady School house in there. It was a single story and located on the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak Rd. were Neiman Marcus now stands. For years before the Galleria was built it was used as a Purina Feed Store (that's the part I remember). The new Grady School on Sage Rd. was built in the 50's. All the snooty Tanglewood kids went there.
  18. wow!! I happen to stumble on the original Kinkaid School when it was located in Margaret Kinkaid's home! This is history right here. I wonder if anyone on HAIF has any grandparents who went here? Or maybe great, great grandparents? Edit: From a Houston City Directory dated 1919. Kinkaid Primary School - 3119 San Jacinto. Miss Margt Kinkad, prin.
  19. Finally found an address for this old school house! Sometimes, they only give the streets, and not the direct address. These old "school houses" are really neat. This is an HISD school that was active in the 1910s to the 1920s. I think. Booker T. Washington School, corner Bingham and Colorado Sts. Washing (Booker T.) School - 1707 Bingham. E.O. Smith, prin; R. T. Green, Narciss Hill, Esther S. Kennard, Bessie H. Love, Mamie B. Milligan, Lillie B. Mosely, Maggie Overton and Carrie Washington, tchrs; Irwin Cheeseborough, janitor.
  20. I found a rare school!! I've never even heard of this one. From the publication The Red Book of Houston dated 1915. Where exactly was this school located? Looking on Google Maps I don't see anything. Third Ward or Fourth Ward perhaps?
  21. A buddy on HAIF referred me to the publication The Red Book which was dated in the 1910s. I believe 1915 to be exact? Within the book I came across something interesting. Gregory School was once located at 1509 Wilson Street. Was this the first location? I know of the following schools and locations: Gregory Elementary School at 1300 Victor Street Gregory-Lincoln Education Center at 1101 Taft Street
  22. I was wondering if HAIF knew more information about this school. Who was the principal/director? Who just was B.K. Bruce? Found this in the publication The Red Book of Houston dated 1915. B.K. Bruce School at 1205 Bremond Street.
  23. I noticed this advertisement for Playland Play School in a local newspaper called The Bellaire Texan dated April 20, 1960. Did anyone ever go here as a child? Who was the owner/caretaker? Obviously, cool name!! Definitely word-playing on Playland Park. I wonder where this was located? It childcare was probably located in someone's home? I'd say somewhere in Southwest Houston, given the newspaper source. Bellaire, Meyerland, Westbury, or Willowbend? Playland Play School Now Open We Keep Children While Mother's Work or Play Call MO 6-1313 After 5 o'clock call MO 5-5226 or MA 3-7202
  24. First Ward warehouses went on the market. This is located on the Heights Bike Trail, two blocks west of Spring St Beer Garden on Houston Ave, and one block east of Winter Street Studios and Sabine Street Studios. 1611Ovid-0HoustonAve_Sale.pdf
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