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  1. I saw this album cover on Facebook and immediately recognized the house as being a home on N. MacGregor near Burkett. Makes sense as Little Junior Parker was on Don Robey's Duke Label. Duke was a subsidiary of 5th Ward based Peacock Records, and from what I've been told, Don Robey lived in a home not far away from the home pictured here at the corner of Southmore and Hancock. As for the N. MacGregor home, it's still standing. It was almost lost to a fire about 4-5 years ago, but it was repaired. Some of the original mod touch is gone as a result of the repairs, but I believe the original bricks still remain on the house, and you can still tell that it's a 1950s design. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.71056,-95.365294,3a,75y,354.33h,68.87t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sY7CM2K5YfwHYeAD1PUdnsA!2e0
  2. There's a proposal for Riverside Terrace to become a Historic district, but some residents are not happy with that idea. I thought this proposal would help preserve the area while also slowing gentrification. https://abc13.com/riverside-terrace-third-ward-historic-district-proposal-civic-association/11842455/
  3. According to Slotboom's Houston Freeways, "In the late 1960s right-of-clearance for the wide South Freeway corridor was underway. Jack Caesar’s house was relocated to south Houston and occupied by another owner." Does anyone know where it went? Does anyone know where Caesar went? (There is a small amount of background information about Caesar and Riverside Terrace here). This is the warranty deed with the State of Texas for the property: File No: C831056 Grantor:CAESAR JACK ETAL Grantee:STATE OF TEX FC: 100292481 Date:19681217 Type:W/D Desc:RIVERSIDE TER 01L0011B0001PT/LT Vol-Page:7444379 And this is the only other Riverside Terrace entry for Caesar - a deed of trust - so maybe JW Robinson is the one who got the house? File No: C697236 Grantor:CAESAR JACK JR Grantee:ROBINSON J W FC: 092331699 Date:19680425 Type:D/T Desc:RIVERSIDE TER L0001B0011 Vol-Page:6339454 Then, the next year there was a lis pendens on the property: File No: D000320 Grantee:CAESAR JACK JR ETAL Grantor:HARRIS CTY ETAL FC: 110252446 Date:19691014 Type:L/P Desc:RIVERSIDE TER Section:01 Lot:L0001 Block:B0011 Vol-Page:0037083 and here's the civil case against Caesar: Docket number: 178391 Defendant: CAESAR JACK JR ETAL Plaintiff: STATE OF TEX ETAL Nature of proceedings: CONDEMN Date opened: 01-22-1970 Docket number: 178391 Defendant: CAESAR JACK JR ETAL Plaintiff: COUNTY OF HARRIS ETAL Nature of proceedings: CONDEMN Date opened: 01-22-1970
  4. Hey, everyone! My name is Alan and I'm new to the forum! I'm not an architect, but I am a huge Houston history buff. It's nice to finally meet some folks who are insanely fasinated with our city's history. I especially love Houston's old movie theaters. My wife and I recently took a drive through Riverside Terrace. We love the houses there and the history. Especially the uber contemporary 1940's split-level case study house on Del Rio and N. Parkwood, right off of MacGreggor. It was built in 1948 and its the ultimate 40's/50's contemporary. Whats especially interesting is going to the HCAD web page and entering the street address for houses that are interesting. HCAD lists when the house was built, number of room, square footage, etc. Speaking of which, does anyone know where the Fingers house was, the Sakowitz's house, the Weingarten's or the Battlestein's were located? They may have been torn down to put 288 thru. Alan
  5. Over the past nearly 20 years, I have watched Riverside Terrace return from a very bleak period in its history. The neighborhood is pulling itself out of the seedy area it had been allowed to become. There is still much to do. Every time we lose a house to demolition, it reminds one of the fact that so much has been disregarded and disrespected in this neighborhood for far too long. http://vimeo.com/41671048 As I can, I will post photos of houses we've lost recently, and ones that are in danger of being lost. Hopefully, we can bring more attention to the neighborhood, and help to save some of these magnificent homes. This first house was demolished about a year ago, and was located at 2507 Calumet.
  6. In my younger days (1960's), my mom's boss lived on Laurel Drive. His best friends lived across the street - two houses, two different families, and they were both gorgeous homes. I would like to go there to see what everything looks like. I wonder how much it has changed. Anyone else remember the "This House Is Not For Sale" signs? In the 60's, the neighborhood was full of them.
  7. December Mod of the Month Houston Mod invites you to join us this Sunday, December 7, 2014 for a Mod of the Month open house event from 2 - 4 PM. A vintage 1950s modern/contemporary style house situated just east of Hermann Park and two miles south of downtown Houston is featured. The house is in need of new preservation-minded owners. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event. 3226 North MacGregor Way, North MacGregor Oaks, Houston, TX 77004 The nationally acclaimed architecture firm of MacKie & Kamrath designed this one and two story house in 1951, about five years after principal designer Karl Kamrath developed a firindship with Frank Lloyd Wright, who's concepts greatly influenced his work. Contrasting horizontal and vertical elements of the design are reinforced with bands of ribbon windows and a dramatic double volume corner window siding the open tread stairs. The house is prominately situated on an almost half acre corner near a picturesque bend in Brays Bayou where recent landscaped trails connect to Hermann Park. The firm of MacKie & Kamrath was established in Houston in 1937 by Frederick MacKie, Jr. (1905-1984) and Karl Kamrath (1911-1988), both architects and graduates of the University of Texas. They were among the first Houston architects to design modernist buildings. Visit the Houston Mod website for examples of their work. HAR Link Discuss this house and over 800 other mod topics at the Houston Mod Discussion Forum. Support future Mod events by becoming a member of Houston Mod. Houston Mod is planning several members-only and members get-in-free events. If you need to check your membership status, please e-mail info@houstonmod.org Houston Mod publications make excellent gifts and will be sold at Sunday's event. We hope to see you Sunday at Mod of the Month!
  8. Back when I was single and broke, I would spend my days and nights driving around the old neighborhoods of Houston (the only entertainment I could afford at the time). Riverside Terrace was my favorite Houston neighborhood. Does anyone have a favorite house or houses that they fell in love with? Here are a few of mine on North and South Parkwood Drive in Riverside Terrace:
  9. At approximately 5:45 pm on June 30, 2014, the front door was kicked in at my parents' place at S. MacGregor and Ardmore. My mom and I were in the house at the time. The perp ran when my mom yelled for me to go get the gun. Nothing was stolen, but about 5-10 minutes prior, there was a light knock at the door, so light that I could barely hear it. By the time I got to the door, the man was walking away and I saw him walk onto the Columbia Tap Hike and Bike and start heading south. We think he was scoping out the place and thought nobody was home. I don't open the door for strangers. I usually say "who is it?" or something similar through the door when strangers come to the door to let them know there's somebody in the building per the prior advice of an HPD officer, but he walked away before I could do so. He was a black male, about 5' 8"- 5' 10", medium build, dark complexion wearing a horizontal striped blue polo shirt, knee length light colored shorts, and had a large white towel draped over his shoulder. This is just the latest concerning break-ins and robberies in the area. About a month ago, the residents on S. MacGregor at Oakmont were robbed in their yard, and the home across from them has been broken into at least twice during the daytime in the past year. Then, about 2 weeks ago, there was the story that made national news about the man and his daughter who drove up to their Riverside home after a trip to find thieves leaving in a truck, and chased them down until the thieves rammed them trying to run them off of the road, but caused the thieves themselves to crash into a ditch instead.
  10. Why does it take so long for the city of Houston to raze dangerous buildings. This eyesore surrounded by some of the most beautiful homes along South Macgregor has sit for years, racking up citation after citation. The city need to step in and tear it down, its is unsafe and beyond the stage where it could be renovated.
  11. I'm currently working on an article about Riverside Terrace (you know, the neighborhood of stately homes on MacGregor, just off 288, that faces Braes Bayou...) and I want to do it justice. This has long been my favorite neighborhood in the entire city, not just because of the homes themselves but because of the history. I feel like so many people don't realize how or why Riverside Terrace was founded (wealthy Jewish families that weren't allowed to build/live in River Oaks in the 1930s) and it's very sad that many of the homes have fallen into disrepair. I go there to drive around all the time, just to look at the houses and appreciate the view: the bayou, with downtown's skyline in the background, is fan-freaking-tastic. Could anyone point me to some resources for doing more research into the architects who built the homes and which homes were occupied by which families (i.e. the Finger family, the Sakowitz family, etc.)? I'm entirely unfamiliar with doing this kind of research and thought I'd ask the experts...
  12. Behind the stately old Weingarten Mansion and Estate on S MacGregor there is a large wooded area facing Roseneath that is listed as a Cemetery by HCAD. Do anyone have any information on this.
  13. Thought you guys might like this one if you haven't seen it already. http://search.har.com/engine/3811-Charleston-St-Houston-TX-77021_HAR30441524.htm
  14. We are seriously looking at homes in both Eastwood and Riverside Terrace that we can renovate (to live in, not flip). We found a home in each 'hood we are interested in, and have put together a renovation budget for each. The homes are priced similarly, are about the same size, though the Eastwood one is a tudor revival 2/1.5 two-level with large living spaces and the RT house (couple blocks off 288) is a more typical cozy-room 3/1 all-brick single-level. Both need nearly everything redone, but appear to have good bones, nice potential, and well-maintained surrounding homes. The thing that makes me nervous is that each house really does need about $100k to make a showplace. We *think* that each neighborhood can support that type of investment, but given their transitional nature, we are not sure. We have lived in old homes before (Idylwood bungalow, mid-century Willow Meadows), but never in a home that needed so much work. As you old-house types can understand, there isn't much room for error. We have friends in each area, who are completely partisan and of absolutely no help, LOL. So, all things being equal, which area is the better investment and why?
  15. Philosopher George Santayana once wrote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Two years ago my wife and I moved to the Riverside neighborhood of Houston, TX ignorant to the colorful history that some of my neighbors have witnessed over the years. Since then I have been researching the historical events that surround the Riverside neighborhood and have uncovered countless stories of racism, blockbusting, integration, "white flight", and regentrification. Riverside is a neighborhood in transition. Several of my neighbors are elderly widows who struggle to maintain the exquisite homes of our neighborhood, while other vacant homes are surrounded by drug deals and prostitution. I have been blessed to be able to help those immediately around me, but see the need larger than one man. This is my plea: Let's bring back the Riverside Neighborhood. Let us continue the legacy of community pride that others before us pioneered. Let us learn from our history to avoid repeating the same mistakes. My wife and I are hosting a private viewing of "This Is Our Home, It Is Not For Sale" directed and produced by Jon Schwartz in our back yard on Saturday, May 30th at 6:30pm. This documentary composes of several interviews that tell the history of my/our Riverside neighborhood. This is a story that you don't want to miss. For more information about the movie, please go to www.thisisourhomeitisnotforsale.com. We will be serving popcorn to all that can come, and having a 15 minute intermission for discussion during the movie. Please join us with your lawn chairs, picnic baskets, and blankets for a great movie under the stars. Space is limited, so please R.S.V.P. as soon as possible by sending me a message to matthewshawnmurphy@yahoo.com.
  16. I saw footage of it in "This Is Our Home, It Is Not For Sale". I can't imagine where it would be located, I've never seen it in real life around here, leading me to believe it was demolished years back. Any of you more "seasoned" folks around here remember the house with the bridge driveway?
  17. An article in the Houston Business Journal state that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a home in the Riverside Terrace area. Do anyone know if this is true, and if so where is the home?
  18. Just some photos of some mods in Riverside Terrace that I really like. This one here's on N. Roseneath, built in 1947. And this one is on S. Parkwood, built in 1950.
  19. My wife and I were driving home from a function at Hermann Park yesterday when I suggested a detour down MacGregor and through Riverside Terrace as I have always read about the neighborhood here on HAIF but had never actually seen it for myself. So we did and we drove around a bit and I was quite impressed by some of the terrain and landscaping and some of the big beautiful houses over there. After about 15 minutes we turned a corner onto Parkwood Drive and came up on an older black lady standing next to her car (a beat up late 80's Nissan Z, it looked like, with old faded Lee Brown bumper stickers on it) in the street talking to a letter carrier. We drove around them and kept driving, kind of slow to check out the scenery, and then about 3-4 blocks after we passed the lady and the mail carrier, I pulled over at the side of the road to look at my key map to figure out how to get out and back to the freeway. When I looked up again, I realized that the lady in the Nissan had pulled up beside me and pinned my pickup in behind a parked car and was sitting there with her window down. I rolled down my window and asked, "Can I help you?" "Can I help YOU?" "Um, no. We're just driving around admiring the houses and the neighborhood." "If you're driving, then home come you're stopped?" "Uh, because I'm looking at a map?" (I flashed her my key map) "How come you're driving through this neighborhood?" (by this time I realized that she wasn't being friendly) "Because I've always heard this was a pretty neighborhood?" "How about I show you the way out?" "No thanks." (and I rolled up my window) She sat there for a while with her window down, then she pulled forward and drove slowly before she pulled over and started following me again. She followed us about two more blocks until we came to Bowling Green, where we could see MacGregor on the right, and my wife was sufficiently freaked out enough to beg me to go back to the freeway, so we did. And yes, I'm sure this topic will generate the obligatory, "how does it feel to be reverse-racially profiled?" responses and I suppose that's fair, but for the life of me I can't figure out what she would have thought we were doing at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon with my wife and kid in his car seat in the car with me and clearly visible to her. Jeez. I am self-aware enough to guess that she figured a large white man in a pickup must be suspicious, but with my wife and kid in the car? What are we going to do, throw a dirty diaper onto someone's lawn?
  20. My husband and I are moving to Houston this summer. We don't know much about Houston but will be transfering because he was accepted to a Ph.D program at Rice. U. (never visited, I'm from Boston, he's from S. Oregon) I will be teaching high school, probably HISD. We don't have any children yet but have an active dog and we're tired of apartment life so would like to buy a house at least a few months after we move to Houston. It seems like most of the homes we could afford (we will have about 20k for a down payment) and are close to Rice (under 2 miles) are across 288 in Riverside terrace, Wilmoth subd., etc. Mostly zip codes 77004 or 77021. Just by looking at HAR.com and ziprealty (etc.) I've noticed that there seems to be (at least on paper) a huge increase in crime stats. For example, on ziprealty they show a graph that shows these areas to have crime rates that are near 400, with 100 being the national average. Is it possible that the SFR areas I'm looking at have a lower crime rate and the apt/town-home areas have higher rates? I'm living in Tokyo now where I feel safe walking my dog past midnight so safety is important. However, I know we will have to make some sacrifices by choosing to live inside the loop near rice and not being able to afford places west of Rice (like West U.) Any opinions? Are there any other safer neighborhoods that sometime sell for under 140k that are about 2m or less from Rice? Also, if financing goes smoothly what is the avg time it takes to close a house deal? Here are the MLS numbers of some homes I'm interested in so far (though I think they will be gone by August...) 8855715 3205 CHARLESTON 1913058 2605 ARBOR ST 6948117 3010 SOUTHMORE BLVD 4871043 2619 ROSEWOOD ST {{{Also, from the other posts about these areas I've noticed that some people think race makes a difference in what kind of opinion they give soo... I'm half Japanese/half caucasian, my husband is caucasian. }}} Thank you! (((ps. If anyone knows anything about how prevalent dog stealing is in Houston (from backyards) can you tell me??)))
  21. I have been a native Houstonian all of my life. I LOVE this city. Having traveled all over the Americas, I have been to no other city I enjoy more. That being said, I have decided to take the 'plunge' and BUY my own piece of Houston. Recently on my search for the right home, I discovered an area called Riverside Terrace. I am wondering from a financial investment standpoint, what the future of this neighborhood is? Is buying in this area good or bad? Is it a bad idea to move in this neighborhood? I should preface that with the fact that I am a young, white, Gay male and would be living in this House alone, possibly with a roommate, or eventually a partner. From what I have seen so far in talking to neighborhood home owners, they love this area and seem to think I would have no problems in the area being white - however, I did not explain my sexual orientation. Any feedback or thoughts are appreciated. I am a first time home buyer, in love with this area - seeking the help of other Houstonians - looking to make an informed buying decision. I am fascinated with this area because it is only 8 minutes from down town - and seems decently maintained. Like it's protected by a bubble. The landscapes are not professionally maintained, as in River Oaks - but lovingly maintained to home owners trying to hold on to what seems to be their pride and joy. The home in particular that I am looking at is not in the flood plain, and the demographics for 77021 are 82% black, 8% white, and misc. the rest of the way... your thoughts, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated! Thanks, Chris
  22. I would be interested to see some old photos of the Riverside Terrace/Riverside area from its beginnings up through the 60's or 70's if anyone has them. I have done a search and my results have been quite minimal at best. Also, I heard that the land these houses sit on was once owned by the Kuhlman family. It was farmland for their dairy farm that was along the banks of Brays Bayou, not sure if it was on the north banks (Riverside Terrace) or south banks (Riverside) of the bayou. There is a Kuhlman St. and Kuhlman Gully in the area so I imagine there is some truth to that.
  23. I've been in Riverside all my life, and my parents have lived in the neighborhood since 1979. My mom is a native Houstonian (from Studewood), but I've never heard her, or anyone for that matter refer to any part of the area as "Sugar Hill". I came across that while reading a portion of the Winter 1981 edition of a journal published about the desegregation of the Riverside/Riverside Terrace/Washington Terrace areas. So, where exactly is "Sugar Hill" in Riverside?
  24. A great town home that has an usually large private green space, great for someone who prefers a town house but needs a little more yard for a pet. $224,900 2605 Calumet
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