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  1. There's been some discussion about what appears to be a pony ride track with some small carousels on the corner of Main and University across from the old Rice Stadium. It's there in 1940's aerials until the 1957 aerial on historic aerials.com. After that, it became the site of the Tidelands. Sanborn maps also show a filling station right at the corner c. 1950. So, what was there? Was this an earlier location of Kiddie Wonderland? Or a smaller competitor in the crowded pony ride market?
  2. Very cool find! I found this while browsing The Age. magazine dated February 25, 1876. I did not know Mitchell Louis Westheimer had stables.
  3. I was a student at Rice University in the mid eighties, and lived near Westheimer Stables. I would be there every weekend, and most weekday evenings helping out...giving riding lessons, and taking out groups of riders. It was a fantastic place, run by a feisty old redhead named Miss Avis, and her crusty old cowboy husband, John Willoughby. The latter introduced me to team penning, and we went on to win prize money at rodeos all over the state. It was a really happy time in my life...simple and carefree. Needless to say, property developers were always sniffing around the large and perfectly situated site, and it was only a matter of time before Miss Avis was forced to move on. My fondest memory is riding down Westheimer Boulevard to the local Circle K with John W, to pick up his beer...and him insisting that as a rancher, he didn't have to pay tax on the purchase! There would often be a black and white police car parked on a obscured edge of the property, waiting to pounce on any speedsters...and John took great delight in running the cops off his land!
  4. I was reading the newspaper The Texas Jewish Herald dated June 12, 1930 and came across a business advertisement for Palace Riding Stables located at 5708 Almeda Road. Palace Riding Stables. P.B. Borden, Owner. Riding and Training Stables. Horses Rented by the Hour. 5708 Almeda Road - Lehigh 9303.
  5. I was reading the newspaper The Texas Jewish Herald dated October 9, 1930 and came across a business advertisement for Houston Riding Academy located at 6503 Almeda Road. Houston Riding Academy Gaited Horses for Rent by the Hour Gaited Saddle Horses For Sale Horses Boarded by The Month Expert Instructions for Beginners Hadley 7757 6503 Almeda Road C.D. Erwin
  6. I was reading the magazine The Cattleman dated September 1950 and came across a full-page business ad for Joe D. Hughes Race Horses and Brahman Cattle located at 7224 Old Main Street Road. Looks like the present-day location is that of Scrubs & Beyond At 7205 Fannin Street. Across from the Lanesborough Apartments. These winners are representative of 20 horses that I have for sale. They are all top performers on the track, where they combine the getaway speed of their Quarter Horse blood with the stamina of their Thoroughbred ancestors. Come by the stables and see these outstanding horses at 7224 Old Main Street Road and see them run at near-by Arrowhead Park Track on any Sunday afternoon.
  7. I was reading the newspaper The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated August 10, 1966 and came across an awesome classified regarding Party Hay Rides. Party Hay Rides- Horses stabled, bought, sold, commercial moving. Loma Linda Stables, off 1400 Block South Post Oak. PA 9-9347. A classified ad dated June 30, 1971 featured, what looks like, the owner of the stables. Jo Hargrove. Riding Lessons, $40 per week, or $5 per lesson. 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Loma Linda Stables. Did anyone ever ride here? Or know about the place? I wonder if anyone knows Jo Hargrove? Looks like this was located on South Post Oak Road at Loma Linda Street, close to West Orem Drive. The motel Post Oak Inn is located on the corner of SPOR and LL, with an address of 14702 South Post Oak Road. Might have been around there.
  8. I remember going to Playland Park in Houston in the 1950s as a kid,fond memories!. My step-dad operated the motor boats,my brother and I would operate all of the lock levers to let boats out and in,that wouldn't have happened these days!. Please share your memories. We lived on the old Chocolate Bayou Road,and now I've heard it is "Cullen Blvd." We were close to Pearland,8 miles south of Holmes Rd.,near the Brazoria/Harris county line. What is out there now??. I remember there were cemeteries around us and not much else!. Thanks, Ron Hoover Denver Co.
  9. I was browsing the newspaper Jewish Herald-Voice dated 1948 and noticed a business ad for Main Riding Stables located at 7034 Old Main Rd. Hadley 5288 Riding Lessons, Hay Ride Wagon. Rentals. Main Riding Academy Under New Management Mr. Ira L. Nix wishes to announce that he has recently purchased the Main Riding Academy and is now ready to supply Houston's horseback riders with give gaited horses and an hour's ride through Houston's beautiful Hermann Park. Mr. Nix also has the Gulf Coast Stables and has supplied Houston rent horses for the past thee years and found it necessary to expand his business. At the Main Riding Stables special attention is paid to both pleasure and show horses, each stall has tail rails and are completely wires so that all tomes the horses cannot get their heads into the hall to bite the other horses as they are being led by the barn staff as screened to lessen the flies in the summer. Eddie Nix has charge of the training and riding instructions.
  10. While reading The Thresher dated November 14, 1952 I noticed an article with the term Post Oak Stables. I did some research and found out there used to be both a Polo Association and a stables in a Post Oak Field. I'd love to hear more about this. I know the HPD has their (old) stables on North Post Oak Road. Would that general area be the old Post Oak Stables (and fields)? I believe Jim Abercrombie and Leopold Meyer's Pin Oak Stables was originally located on Post Oak Road? I'll have to find that article again. This might be the original location of Pin Oak Stables. A decade later and the Pin Oak Stables was listed as being on 610/Westpark in Bellaire where the current Pin Oak Middle School, Houston Community College, and Home Depot are.. 5601 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77081. The book "Houston, a history and guide" published in 1942 has this blurb about the fields in Uptown: Polo: Houston Riding and Polo Club, 8M. SW. On Westheimer Rd., Adm. 50c. Post Oak Road Field, across Post Oak Rd. From Memorial Park, Adm. Free. Rice Thresher ad:
  11. I was browsing the newspaper The South Belt Press dated June 28, 1978 and came across a business ad for Kings Hall Stables located at 9655 Hall Road (behind Kirkmont.) Instruction under Capt. Harry E. Whittaker. The current site looks to be a vacant field for water retention? There is also a Private Mini Storage near the area. Are there several types of horse riding? As I am researching the numerous Houston stables I am seeing "English Riding" and "Western Riding." Does anyone remember this place? Share your memories!!
  12. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated May 13, 1959 and came across this business ad for Parish Stables located at 9825 Old Richmond Road (now Bissonnet Street.) Bellaire had two stables? That's incredible. I guess it really was vacant land back then.
  13. While browsing the The Bellaire Texan magazine dated April 3, 1957 I found a business ad for Whitehill Stables at 5418 Dashwood Dr. "One block off Chimney Rock Road Behind Chimney Rock Nursery" Recently under new management, Whitehill Stables & School of Riding (formally the Bellaire Stables.) Sandy Whitehall proprietor and instructor. J. Jones resident farrier. Horace Alley trainer & instructor.
  14. Looking at The Bellaire Texan magazine dated July 8, 1964 and saw a few advertisements for Spring Branch Stables. Wild West Rodeo Saturday 8:00 P.M. Spring Branch Stables Rodeo Arena At 1961 Ojeman Road (One block west of Bingle Rd. off Long Point Rd.)
  15. Noticed the widening of the dirt road a long with a new fence and CenterPoint sign. What's the deal with the independent horse stables way down there? Thought I read years ago that there was a lease agreement between the original landowners and CenterPoint Energy. The family was able to keep their horses on a patch of the land. Is there a name for the stables? I looked on satellite, to find a oval track and a few old buildings/shacks. The oval track is to give the horses exercise? Didn't think there was a racing track here?
  16. Does anyone re member when the POS opened and closed (years)? They were located @ the SEC of today's 610 and 59, just north of Bellaire. When they were demolished, I retrieved a metal post from a railing surrounding the horse ring. Also, in the late 1970's, Ranch 74 Beef had an outlet there (the stables were already gone). Thanks for responding!
  17. I don't know if anyone still reads this, but I will give it a shot. I am not old enough to remember playland park, or most of these places, but I do know about the kiddie park with the "tired old ponies" that was over by Braeswood. Kiddie Wonderland was off S. Main and Kirby. I think the actual location was 7800 S. Main, if my memory is correct. In the 80's and early 90's there was a carousel, a train that went around the park, a boat ride, airplane ride, car ride (had all the bases covered), a petting zoo, and the ring on the side for the ponies, who were actually more ornery than tired. There was also one donkey named Jack who pulled a wagon. My favorite horse was Tippy, a brown and white shetland pony who always refused to trot. In about 1989, the carousel got smaller. This is because they sold the one they had to the Texas Renaissance Festival. TRF still uses this carousel, though the horses have been replaced. Kiddie Wonderland had this cute multicolored wooden fence around the front and a little shack where you bought tickets for the rides. Often, 2 adorable little girls could be seen "working" the ticket booth. That place held great memories for me. If anyone is looking for pictures of the place, I have some. I would have to scan them in because they are in a photo album right now, but I can do so easily. Just send me a note and let me know.
  18. The pony rides at the stables on Almeda next to Herman Park...... Edit: Hay Rides - Horse Rentals Almeda Stables - 5716 Almeda - JA 2-2721.
  19. A little history for HAIF, Back in 1911 there were stables located in Downtown called Bowser & Towles Stables located at 405-417 Preston Ave. Here's a photo I found online:
  20. 1029 Kirby is correct, but I have no memory of the house from the 60s. They mention that Joan operated Chastworth Farm on Riceville Road. Riceville Road became S. Gessner. I don't know what year the name changed. The Chatsworth Farm became Cyandy Stables. I think part of that land is still vacant, but probably not for long. Edit: October 23, 1968 Chatsworth Riding School Chatsworth Farms, Inc. Joan R. Hill, owner
  21. Question for HAIF, I once heard about some stables in Downtown in the early 1900s called Standard Stables located at 1211 Preston Avenue. The manager was W.J. Settegast. Does anyone here have information about the riding stables? Thanks
  22. So lets start an official thread for all the Historic Houston Horse Riding Stables. Horse Riding and stables have been around for ever. Did you ever go horseback riding in your life? Share your old memories of riding! I remember the Hermann Park Stables (often refereed to the Almeda Stables). Good memories! I believe there was also stables in Bellaire off Bissonnet somewhere?
  23. Who has the history of the old riding stables P.H. Garrigan Stables located at 412 Smith Street? This would have been in the 1897-1898 time frame. Thanks!
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