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Found 21 results

  1. I was walking around Rice Village recently (pushing a stroller) and noted how poor some of the streets/curbs and infrastructure appeared. There are numerous areas where the curbs have no ramps and you are literally forced to walk in the street or through parking lots. This is really surprising to me given the number of young families with children in the immediate area, and the proximity to the medical center (and thus likely use by people in wheelchairs.) The village is really one of the major 'public faces' of Houston to the outside world, likely to be visited by out of town families of
  2. Anyone ever had their hazys? Might stop by once I'm vaccinated. https://www.bailesonbrewing.com/
  3. 13 just had a story about a proposed 23 story high rise and how southhampton and boulevard oaks are complaining about the increased density/traffic etc that will result. they will be tearing down some older apartments to create this project. story
  4. Boutique condo project. https://www.facebook.com/miradorgroup/timeline And I think this was the second design they were considering: Our Second Concept for a new Boutique Condo project: ORIGIN: With roots anchored in Houston’s history the Origin represents the melting pot of history and evolution that is the modern city of Houston we all know.
  5. New multifamily building proposed at the corner of Shakespeare and Morningside. Previous complex was demolished sometime in 2017. Unable to attach subdivision plat unfortunately. Site: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Morningside+Dr+%26+Shakespeare+St,+Houston,+TX+77030/@29.7142126,-95.4148851,3a,75y,227.84h,89.29t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1szhX16iMOCP0s9vHTY6OXYA!2e0!5s20170801T000000!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640c067f61e19eb:0xd1292a79ebde6a23!8m2!3d29.714225!4d-95.414898
  6. Noticed this on Loopnet. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/5333-Kirby-Dr-Houston-TX/21788420/
  7. Does anyone have a good idea of what Rice Village used to be like before its current incarnation as a more upscale place with chains and quirky boutiques? The closest I've found is a long-standing bead shop that closed a few years back (along with the late Variety Fair, and a head shop called "The Rat Hole"). Was it more of a counter-cultural store collection, or more of just a ramshackle bunch of businesses that congregate around universities and aim for the college student demographic? Or both?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/www.houstonchronicle.com/business/amp/17-floors-of-senior-living-planned-near-Rice-10925074.php?client=safari
  9. So, next door to the new Hanover 12 story going up on Morningside in Rice Village, there's been an impressive concrete building under construction. I walk by it daily and have asked about it but no worker seemed to know anything about it. So, I assumed maybe Hanover was doing a smaller brownstone type rental across the street. However, today I found out what it will be... Morningside Mansion Flats. 7 stories. 1 level of parking 6 levels of condos 1 condo per floor There are some rough images to be found at Tourell Ventures. I LOVE this type o
  10. This thread was originally created September 20, 2019. I'm reposting this because this post and other content from me are no longer available on the forum. 2301 University Boulevard in the Rice Village area. This is on the corner of Greenbriar Dr near the University Place neighborhood and Rice University in Houston. Aerial view Street View images from January 2019: Corner of University Blvd and Greenbriar Dr. University Blvd Greenbriar Dr
  11. Wow, this is impressive what is going on. When is 1717 going to break ground?! http://swamplot.com/...ing/2013-01-11/ Map location: https://www.google.c...06bfc34b5bf012f Does anyone have a copy of that newsletter?
  12. Not sure what part of town this is actually located, so this is my best guess. http://www.mainstreettheater.com/info/capitalcampaign.html http://www.mainstreettheater.com/info/images/BuildingRendering_f.jpg
  13. BW3'S My goodness this place has none of the flavor of past BW3'S I used to frequent like Rice Village, etc. It has been suburbanized. Love their wings, etc but so far the service is still bad and the screaming children noise level was out the box this afternoon. Course that falls on the parents as it seems to be the same type of crowd that frequent's the Chili's, etc. Sit an watch as your children run around insane and throw food all over the place then calmly get up and leave with the attitude of they get paid to clean up my kids mess (Parents watched as their kid littered the floor with fo
  14. I just arrived in Houston this weekend and have been searching for a new apartment for my husband and 9 month old. It's been a grueling process, but I think we've narrowed our search down to 2 complexes: The Village at West University (at 5151 Edloe near the 59) and The Amalfi at Hermann Park. I've read all the reviews of The Village on apartmentratings.com but for some reason can't find a single review of The Amalfi anywhere on the internet (they opened in May 2008 I believe). Does anyone have any experience or feedback regarding either of these 2 complexes? The Village seems to be in a prime
  15. I got this notification this morning from Rice's emergency notification system this morning (they send all students SMS/email/automated phone calls whenever something bad happens). The scary part is that I got a similar notification on Jan 28 about two muggings on Bissonnet on the same day, and a similar one a few weeks before that about a mugging on Cherokee. And some students were mugged on campus in December, and in November a student was mugged near Rice Village (a block from University). I think the residents of Southampton need to worry less about the Ashby Highrise and more about crime.
  16. I noticed yesterday when I was driving that there was some construction on Kirby between the 59 and Bissonnet (closer to Bissonnet). As I drove towards the Village, it was on my left side, but I wasn't able to make out the signs. I was wondering if anybody knows what's going on over there.
  17. Does anyone know anything about this project conversion. Other than what is on the website?
  18. I suppose West U is close enough. Jan. 15, 2005, 8:49PM Developer calls off high-rise project Residential units near Rice Village no longer planned By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle After months of opposition from neighborhood residents, an Atlanta-based apartment and condominium developer has canceled plans for a 28-story high-rise near Rice Village. Patrick Trask, a principal with Wood Partners, said his firm is no longer pursuing the project and will focus on other opportunities. The residential tower was proposed for a small site on Shakespeare Street in Wessex, a residen
  19. Yesterday, I was driving by Rice Village and noticed new construction at Rice Blvd and Morningside, right next to Rice Village. For a moment, I was excited as I thought this would be a new restaurant or cafe. It looks like a prime spot for that kind of a place. Unfortunately, it looks like the structure is going to contain some auto shops for tires, batteries etc. I hope I am wrong. On the positive side, the structure is not too big and the parking lot is quite small. And I hope at least they don
  20. I am currently researching different schools in the general Rice Village area. Basically, I need a school for pre-K and Kindergarten that also has daycare? I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old that I am trying to place in the same facility. Someplace with a lesson plan versus glorified babysitting. Somewhere convenient to both Greenway Plaza and The Medical Center. Any assistence is appreciated. Sean
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