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Found 10 results

  1. Its your day guys, and remember, everything in moderation, including moderation.
  2. Well just to restart the topic, maybe one of you kind people could show me how to put mine up! Mancuso, will you and Bambi please light the way?
  3. Just curious, just to bring out the music in our lives... Whats your favorite genre? band? particular song? My favorite Genres: Metal, New Age, Indie Rock, Rock, Alternative (So Cliche` I know) Techno, Dance, Rave, Trance, etc... Some mentional bands + Good songs: Splashdown - "Ironspy", "Presumed Lost", "Thunder", "Halfworld", "Pandora" Kittie - "Charlotte", "Untile the End", "Get off", "Into the Darkness", "Loveless", "In Dreams", "Safe", "Pain", "In Winter", "Raven", "Career Suicide", "Brackish" Chevelle - "Closure", "Wonder What's Next", "Don't Fake this", "Forfeit", "The Red". Audioslave - "Cochise", "Show me how to Live", "Gasoline", "Shawdow on the Sun" Norah Jones - "Seven Years", "Cold, Cold Heart", "Turn me on", "One flight down", "Nightengale", "The long Day is over", "The Nearness of you", "Sunrise". Darude - "Sandstorm" Benni Bennasi - "Satisfaction FC Kauhana - "Hayling" Jonathan Peterson - Sound Factory Club Mix/s Cirrus - "Boomerang", "Straight Laid out", "half a Cell", TLC! - "No Scrubs", "I'm good at being bad", "Fanmail" Incubus - "Warning", "Talk Show on Mute", "11am", "Megalomaniac" Alice in Chains - "Brother", "Got Me Wrong", "Am I inside" Nelly Furtado - "Hey Man", "Sh** on the radio", "Legend", "Party", "I will make you cry", "Scared of you". The Verve - "Bittersweet symphony" 30 Seconds to Mars - "Edge of the Earth" Madonna - "Frozen" Kylie Minogue - "Red Blooded Woman", "Chocolate", "Promises" Those are just off the top of my head... So anyone else want to share there fav.s?
  4. I'm just trying to get as much knowledge as I can on planning, transit, sprawl and anything related. These are the books I've checked out so far: The Creative City Home From Nowhere Creating Successful Communities; A Guidebook to Growth Managment Strategies Breaking the Gridlock; Moving Toward Transportation That Works I've been referred to a few others, but wanted to know if anyone has more. Thanks
  5. Because I've had trouble with Verizon in the recent past, this is my new favorite: It's in "Way off topic" because of the memo line.
  6. Sheryl Crow played the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion last night. Thank you, thank you to whomever was responsible from the Woodlands Operating machine for not completely shutting down Six Pines on the day of the concert for road repairs. I heard that this was the plan, but the folks had the Pavilion found out about it, and made some last minute phone calls to stop this insane plan on the weekend of three big concerts back-to-back: Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt & Buzzfest. The opening act, John Mayer, was very good, and he looked all of 19 years old. How old is he? He reminded some of us older folks of a young James Taylor, the way he sang. Really liked him. Whoever did Sheryl Crow's make-up needs to be slapped. "Skanky ho" is not a good look on her. Blue eyeshadow, dark pink rouge all OVER her cheeks, and dark pinky red lipstick, come on? Sheryl is a gorgeous woman, but her poorly done make-up job detracted and distracted her audience. When you're on two Jumbotron screens on either side of the stage like that, a more subtle approach is needed. Sheryl is tan and fit, and really just a natural look would have been a lot better. This was the first time I'd been to one of her concerts, so I don't know is this is the norm, but I did not understand the lighting techniques used. Who lights a person from underneath, like with a flashlight? She looked like "Two-Face" from that Jerry Seinfeld episode at times, who does that? Hint: Find out who did the lighting at the last Neil Young concert. That guy is NOT good-looking at all; and yet, the lighting made him look really good. Also, the technique whereby floodlights are shown directly into the audience's faces was annoying; cut it out. I have been to many other concerts at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion though, and I don't recall having such poor sound quality. Too much of the thumping bass muddied up her vocals to the point where you were happy you knew the words already, because you couldn't really hear her singing them clearly. She does have a fantastic band, but the instrumentation overshadowed her vocals way too much. She ended the concert with a surprising number: Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin, and she was note and pitch perfect, proving she is one great rock & roller herself. Great job, Sheryl! Finally, one last thought, one that was echoed by some in the audience we spoke with: Lance, you're an idiot!
  7. In the course of an average month I take about 2,000 photographs. While most are done for clients, some I are things I just happen to see that I think are cool. For one reason or another, I end up with a lot of pictures that have no commercial value, but that I still like. So I thought I'd post them here so that maybe some other people might get some joy out of them and they won't be wasted sitting on a hard drive in the cabinet for eternity. Here's the first: Just a bird in Atlanta. But I like it.
  8. I'm goin with the 50 wing party pack from bw3 ($30), 3 heineken draught kegs, chips, dips, and LOTS of DRUGS!
  9. I thought I would start a thread where people could just ask random questions and hope someone can answer them. I couldn't really think of a place to ask this particular question, so I decided to create a place. Here goes. What exactly are the alcohol laws in Houston with regard to public consumption? If a friend and I wanted to have a picnic in Hermann Park and we wanted to pack wine glasses and a bottle of wine to go along with our lunch, could we do so? The last thing I would want is to have a police officer ruin a great picnic. That would be worse than ants . Would anyone happen to know the answer to this? On another note, can anyone recommend a really good mayonnaise other than the typical Helmann's/Miracle Whip, and where could I find it in Houston?
  10. Any recommendations for Best Bar? I like those with good jazz in the background that can make a stiff drink. Warren's Inn on Travis is my favorite. Kind of like the Cheers of Houston. NORM!
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