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Found 21 results

  1. Whats the price range for rent on , say, a 600 sq ft apt at Rice hotel?
  2. Proposed plat. Looks like Randall Davis owns it.
  3. Here is the JLL listing. Outdated, as it was sold, not leased. https://powersearch.jll.com/us-en/property/24184/3723-westheimer-road-houston
  4. I heard from a realtor friend that Randall has secured a site near Discovery Green for a 20+- story condo tower. Supposedly it is "sexy". We shall see. Anyone heard anything?
  5. Doesn't look like he is flipping it. This flyer says it will be a 125-unit tower https://www.hfflp.com/GetDocument.aspx?ID=102795&FN=Midway+Walmart+Flyer.pdf&DT=1
  6. From the today's edition of the Houston Business Journal (Jan. 27th) I wrote a story in the Jan. 27 edition of the Houston Business Journal that details plans by Randall Davis and Roberto Contreras to build a new condominium tower in the Galleria area using $40 million from foreign investors through a federal immigration program. We ran a rendering of the 23-story Astoria, which is designed to have 55 condos, but did not have room to show other projects developed by Davis. The owner of Houston-based Randall Davis Co. has developed and redeveloped numerous residential buildings over the last two decades in the Houston area. Click on the slideshow to the right to see some of his other projects. Webcam: http://oxblue.com/open/transwestern/5oaks Latest rendering and info: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Galleria-area-tower-has-global-backing-5373796.php
  7. Randall Davis Plans to Build Third Chateau-Ten Branded Condo in WestU
  8. EXCLUSIVE REPORTS From the August 12, 2005 print edition Cosmopolitan condos to replace coney islands Jennifer Dawson Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal Developer Randall Davis is cooking up plans for a high-rise residential development on the site of the James Coney Island restaurant near the Galleria. After serving up hot dogs and chili at the Post Oak Boulevard location for more than 30 years, the restaurant owners are branching out from cuisine to condos by entering into a joint venture with Davis on the project. Initial plans call for the frankfurter fixture to be demolished and replaced by a 20-story tower with 90 residential units. The building would be located on the half-acre tract nestled between a 24-Hour Fitness and the Dessert Gallery on Post Oak near the intersection of San Felipe. Sources say the high-rise will be named "Cosmopolitan," and details could be released as early as September. Read More...
  9. Another Chateau 10 planned for Ashby and Sunset: http://swamplot.com/chateau-ten-part-deux-the-ashby-midrise/2013-06-17/
  10. absolut_purvis has added a photo to the pool: Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  11. I received this email yesterday - I have no idea how I'm even on the list but... Apparently Randall Davis is building a new property behind the Carraba's on Kirby, starting in April 2012. It looks to be about six stories (five residential and probably one lobby/garage). The details, per the email, are below. I've also attached a rendering, which was sent with the email. I have no interest in violating their intellectual property by posting this here, but since the email was sent as an advertisement, I imagine they wouldn't mind the publicity. Here's the body of the email. It came from an email advertisement, so a warning up front that it's marketing-speak. Randall Davis here, wanting to capture a little of your time to discuss a new vision inspired by a recent trip to NYC. Visiting a friend in Soho, I was mesmerized by a design and style of living not found in Houston. I'm putting the finishing touches on a new development on W Main; right behind Carraba's new restaurant on Kirby. Living here, you can walk to Whole Foods or West Avenue, or order food from Johnny Carrabba's three new restaurants. It will house ONLY 10, 3 bedroom - 3 1/2 bath residences, each with 3,000 square feet including a large terrace. I believe there are Houstonians who want mid-rise living in a small exclusive building with low maintenance fees. I estimate maintenance fees will be $450 monthly ($.15 per sq ft). How? This is a finely designed home for ONLY 10 residents. An elevator splits the building and opens directly into your residence (2 units per floor), no hallways, excellent privacy and access by code or reader. Parking is underneath the mid-rise tower. There is no concierge or guard, but this type of living requires none in my opinion. The property named Chateau 10 will have an urban European design; this is not a glass box high rise. Living room views are pointed west at the Galleria area. Ceiling heights are 10 feet, 11 feet on the top penthouse floor. I'm working toward the following amenities but admittedly they are a work in progress. I want feedback from my first 3-4 buyers: here is the starting point amenity list: Top of the line appliance package Wood Floors – Choice of style and stain Marble, Granite – Kitchen, Baths – Custom Selections Floor Tile Kitchens – Custom Selections Cabinets – Choices of styles and color Carpet in secondary bedrooms – Selections Kitchen Sink – Choose farm house or other Interior Doors – Choose style and finish Fireplace (electric) optional with mantel selections Fireplace (gas) optional for penthouses only with mantel selections Crown Molding – Living area and master bedroom with 8" base boards Custom Closet Allowance for master bedrooms Apple Airport Express and everything else Apple Flat Screen TV in master bath and home speaker system Built-in makeup mirror Island pendant selections All homes come paint-ready with a coat of white primer I plan to start construction in April 2012, with one year delivery time. Early pricing target ranges from the high $700,000 to just under $1,000,000. If you are sincerely interested in acquiring a residence, call me at 713.526.3222 to set up a private appointment with me in my office. I am excited about this new prototype residential opportunity. I would like to show you images, floor plans and discuss your level of interest in being one of the exclusive few who will reside in this finely tuned mid-rise. Looking forward to seeing you for your private presentation.
  12. Grapevine News: I hear that McD's on Post Oak is selling off part of its land for a hirise and will stay in place. If i'm wrong, sorry. Pretty sure it's real.
  13. They just put up a sign on the front of the St. Germain saying that there will be a special auction on March 12th...and some info about financing contacts...interesting. I saw them put up the sign an hour ago...
  14. I guess Randall Davis isn't getting the hang of this newfangled internet thang. If you try to sign up for the company's mailing list on its web site, you'll get a nice error bounced into your e-mail about how the Randall Davis mailbox is full. I wonder how many messages are backed up in there, and for how long. Hundreds? Thousands? You can't even send mail to the general e-mail address (info@randalldavis.com). Note to RD folk: Splashing out on a very slow, very loud Flash web site does not an internet presence make. (Disclosure: I'm a former RD renter)
  15. Nov. 10, 2004, 12:42AM ANOTHER VERSE Project takes second bite at Galleria housing apple Manhattan units did so well, new condos keep theme By NANCY SARNOFF ------------------- This message has been edited to remove copyrighted material. -------------------
  16. I thought that 500.00 was to much for fees for places like the Manhattan and the Metropolis condos. 1200. is tottaly out of the question.
  17. Be happy they have a website. The Manhatten and Empire Condos' didn't get a website until construction started and most of the units were alread sold. Randal Davis has been shown to be much more reliable than other developers. He would put that much work into a website unless he was commited to the project. This doesn't mean delays and other red tape issues won't slow it down also. The Pavilions was going to start construction this fall according to the developer, but right now they are just starting permitting and other procedures. Definite timelines are rare unless it is currently being constructed.
  18. Clarke and Courts Printing and Lithography Co. Currently "TriBeca Lofts" office/loft space. I am looking for commercial loft space for a business I will be opening next year. I would like something with some character. I'm open in terms of location. Any suggestions?
  19. It's bad enough ten blocks away at Dakota Lofts. It would be horrible right next to the Pierce Elevated.
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